Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
7 Wonders II? 1
Dont know how to solve #040 the tiled box ? 2
DS lite walk through a Christmas Carol ? 1
Hotel Dusk chapter 2 what to do next after reciving fountain pen from Louis? 2
How do I complete a perfect spin on the deluxe halfpipe? 2
How do I find puzzles 24, 25, 26 in the curious village.? 1
How do I find the Iron Giants cave in FFIII? 2
How do I get past story 5 level 5-10 in Jewel Quest Expeditioms? 1
How do i get scrooge to kiss bell ? 1
How do I get to Bombernanimon? 1
How do I play the song of discovery at th Trading Post - I cannot get the Regal Ring to appear? 1
How do I solve #74 in Professor Layton and the Diabo;ical Box? 1
How do I solve Game no 136 in challenge mode on Puzzler World 2011? 1
How do I solve puzzle 100 from Prof Layton and the Curious Village ? 1
How do i solve puzzle 30? 1
How do I solve puzzle 4 on Professor Layton the Diabolical Box? 3
How do I solve the russian dolls? 1
How do i unlock the button in the elevator? 1
How do u get past the piano? in the Again game 2
I still cannot find where the shell case is on broken sword shadow of the templars directors uncut? 1
Is there someone out there that wants to exchange a Friend Code in the DS game of Final Fantasy III? 1
OK Puzzle celebrity question (mission 11)? 1
Puzzle 12 again? 1
seven wonders 2 HELP ON LAST MAP PIECE PUZZLE ? 2
Where is Alvarna-falling star path? 1
Where is the shell case on the cross in broken swords directors uncut? 1
Why won't Canavon at the Ocean Sanctuary accept my song? 1
Year 4 , 2nd task, Match the symbols. What order? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
How to enable warp codes on pokemon emerald? 3

Technical Help Answers
3rd System? 2
Action replay dangerous? 4
Are there any ways to connect to Wi - Fi outside? 1
Back when I had my first DSi XL, it had a sleep mode problem. Any idea why? 1
Can 3DS play all ds games? Including ds lite and dsi games. 1
Can A DSI play Action Replay? 3
Can anyone help me diagnose my L-Button problems? 12
Can I still improve the battery life of my DS? What's wrong with the short battery life? 9
Can I transfer pictures from PC to DSi? 1
Can I use a standard USB cable to charge my DS Lite? 1
Can regular Gameboy games work on any Nintendo DS variation? 4
Can the DSi connect with another DS Lite? 2
Crackling Noises?. 1
Currupted data? 1
Dead pixel or not? 1
Do games that use the camera work for the reg. DS or DS lite? 1
Do headphones reduce battery usage? 3
Do I need the Nintendo USB for this problem? 2
Do sum 1 know how to change the language of dsi?? 1
Does "Transfer WiFi Settings" preserve friend codes and such? 3
Does anyone clean their DS regularly, and if so, how? 3
Does the DSi have a better D-Pad than the DS Lite? 11
Does the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector work with Windows 7? 1
Does the old ds(not the ds lite) have a place to plug in Wi-Fi? 2
DS can't obtain IP address? 2
DS download play? 4
DS lite top screen problem? 2
DS lite trouble? 1
DSi wifi help!? 1
Fake Hori screen protectors? 1
Hotspot Troubles? 2
Hotspots? 3
How can fake GBA games mess up my DS? 1
How can I connect to the internet on my DS? 1
How can i fix my touchscreen? (Gamestop worker found this unusual) 1
How can I get my DS to charge in South America? 4
How can i put music in my dsi? (read inside) 1
How come when I play a GBA game is freezes and erases the game? 3
How come when I put gba games in my original ds it says "no gba game inserted"? 1
How do I convert MP3 files so they'll work on the DSi? 1
How do I fix this...? 1
How do I get Nintendo to fix my DSi? 1
how do I play online games, like ragnarok? 4
How do I transfer DSiware? 1
How do I upload and download DS game saves from GameFAQs? 1
How do I use the wifi usb connector on my vista laptop? 4
How do you fix the sholder buttons on a DS/DSi? 1
How do you put AAC files on your SD card on your DSi? 1
How much mAh does a DS battery have? 5
How to fix right trigger bumper? 1
How to register DS/Wii game on Club Nintendo? 1
i can get online in web browsing, but not on Pokemon Platinum, why is this? 3
I lost my old DS, and bought a new one. Any way to play my DS games on Wi-Fi with my new DS? 1
I turn on my ds and the screens light up but nothing happens? 1
If PSP has a UMD.... what is the DS' "UMD" called????? 1
Is broadband required for WFC? 2
Is it possible to change the clock from 24 hours to 12 hours? 1
Is it worth it to Buy a new DS? 2
Is something wrong with my DSi? 3
Is the game saves on gamefaqs ALL compatible with the wii sd card? 1
Is there a place to get your DS Repaired without the BC? 6
Is there a way to freeze the rainbow color on Pictochat so that it stays on one color? 1
Is there a way to run a DS Lite on a WPA2 network? 1
Is there an App to upload pictures not taken with the DSi? 3
Is there any real reason why you should not take out a game while the DS is on? 4
Is there any way to check your battery charge level? 7
Is there any way to connect the DS to GameCube? 1
Is there any way to fill up the entire screen when playing a GBA game? 5
Is there any way to play flash on a DSi? 2
Is there anything I can do about a broken R button? 4
Lines help? 1
Multiplayer games between standard DS and DS Lite? 1
My D.S. wont Go onto WiFi. Any help? 1
My ds doesn't work at all.....? 3
My game sometimes quits? 1
My Headphones don't work right? 1
My R button doesn't work ? 2
My SoulSilver won't let me migrate from FireRed? 1
My Top screen is being bizarre? 2
Nintendo error code #5? 2
Nintendo Wi-Fi help? 2
No DS card inserted? 1
Online help? 5
Pokemon from GBA games to Daimond using DSi? 6
Saved games through dsi browser? 1
Sd card? 1
Should I be worried if I accidentally drop my DS? 10
Should i get a new ds lite if the screen wont stay up anymore? 1
So someone drew on my DS. How do i rub it out? 3
So, it is normal for the screens to turn off? (Details within.) 2
The DSi battery? 2
The top screen went black and Red all of the sudden help? 1
There's an air bubble lodged on my top screen. Is there any way to get it out? 6
Top Screen Trouble? 1
What are the "blocks" on the DSi equivalent to? 1
What is the closest possible analog for an original DS card? 2
What kind of peripheral would I need to take my DS online? 18
What kind of router do I need for WiFi? 1
What SD cards are supported by the DSi? 3
What should I do? 1
What's up with my touch screen? 4
When i start up my DS it freezes during the intro, is this normal? 3
Where can you...(dsi question)? 1
Why can I fix my DSi l button (it acts like it's always held down)? 1
Why do I keep having connection errors? 2
Why does my DSi keep turning itself off by itself? 1
Why does my dsi say a code error? 1
Why does my DSLite freeze? 1
Why does my top screen only work at a certain angle? 2
Why does the ds keep not leting me play ds games ? 1
Why does the game keep freezing up? 1
Why does the game keep telling me error connecting to wifi? 1
Why is it that when im playing a Dsi WIFI game it connects to WIFI but when im playing a DS game it doesnt? 1
Why is my 3DS XL Freezing? 1
Why won't my ds charge? 1
Why won't my DS Mini wifi? 2
Wi-fi secret button? 5
Will slightly broken screens affect gameplay? 1
Wireless connection? 2

Other Help Answers
? question about 3DS 1
A question about roms? 2
Accessing DSi Shop with Nintendo USB connector? 2
Advance Games on DS--Backlighting? 1
Any psychological thrillers games out there ? 1
Anyone try? 1
Are the action replay dsi codes the same as regular action replay codes? 2
Are there any ds games that can link up with the Wii counterpart? 1
Are these two games the same? 2
Battery question? 2
Best game ? 1
Birthday tune? 1
Can a sd card play games? 1
Can Anyone tell me any of their friend codes? 2
Can download play function work for all games? 3
Can DSi surf the web? 2
Can files be transfered from a Gba game from the Dsi shop to a Ds game? 1
Can I buy/download GB, GBC, or GBA titles? 2
can I download games here? 1
Can i play imported games on my DSI? 3
Can I play JAP GBA games on my EU DS Lite? 4
Can I play Japanese import games on a US DS? 1
Can I put my DS rom save onto my 3DS SD? 1
Can I transfer my DSiWare to a new DS if I buy a new one? 1
Can I transfer pictures taken with my DSi, to my PC? 1
Can someone give me his/her friend code? (white 2) 1
Can the DSi connect to routers that have WEP rasswords ? 1
Can the Dsi play music when closed? 2
Can you change your DS Lite from WEP to WPA? 1
Can you get rid of the DSiware titles you buy? 1
Can you have a pokemon farm in platnum? 1
Can you help me plz ?????????? 1
Can you put a movie on the ds? 1
Can you redownload DSi apps/games you've already downloaded but deleted? 1
Can you upload pics you take to the internet?? 3
Can you use speakers with the DS? 3
Can you watch Youtube videos on the DSi? 1
Change setting? 1
Cleaning Help? 6
Connecting DSi to TV? 5
Do american DS games work on a NZ DS? 3
Do I have to make any extra payments? 1
Do i need to earn points to get games on the DSi? and if i do,how do i earn them? 1
Do these affect my DS battery life? 5
Does action replay for dsi works on nds/ds lite? 1
Does action replay work on DSILL / DSIXL? 1
Does any type of charger (US, European, etc) work with any DS? 1
Does DSI LL support WPA encryption? 2
Does DSiWare Cartridges work on the DS/DS Lite? 1
Does Gamestop still have that deal where you trade your old DS or DSL for a new DSi and 70$? 2
Does Mari Kart DS work on Nintendo DSi? 2
Does the alarm use less battery than the games? 1
Does the dsi have internet? 2
Does the GBA Action Replay work in a DS Lite? 1
Does the Nintendo DS USB Wi-Fi Connector Improve Your Chances of online play? 4
Does the Nintendo DSi support languages other than English and Japanese? 3
Does the upcoming new Nintendo DSi reads old NDS game cards ? 2
Does using wireless connection in an plane interfere with the plane in any way? 5
DS Games? 2
DS top screen and shoulder button problems, help? 2
Dsi = ds? 1
Dsi Download Play? 1
Dsi Music? 1
Egg Genders? 1
Error Code= 52100? 2
Gba games? 1
GBA link with DSi? 1
Has the DSi WiFi been updated? 1
Has the time went off buying ds? 2
How can I connect to Nintendo WFC on my DS? 1
How can I fix a loose top screen? 1
How can I get new touchscreen? 1
How can i put music on my DSi? 1
How can you Delete you settings in the DS Lite? 2
How come some games don't work on the DSi? 1
How do I add cheats on my R4? 2
How do i find my way through team galactic hq to release uxie e.g.? 2
How do i fix my L bumper button? 5
How do I fix my Phat Touch Screen? 1
How do I get music to play on the DSi? 1
How do i get the battery cover off?? 2
How do i post cheats? 1
How do i put music on my SD card??? 2
How do I reset a DS game? 2
How do i see Nook in his pjs?? 2
How do I use the lego Batman DC cheat to get 1 million studs? 1
How do iknow or find out? 1
How do u use the wii so that it can be the wi-fi connection for the ds? 2
How do you capture Video from a DS? 1
How do you clean a DS that fell on a filthy surface? 1
How do you fix the L and R buttons? 2
How do you get wifi to work anywhere you go? 1
How do you register a DGamer account? 1
How do you soft reset? 3
How do you use the red highlighted moves when battling? 1
how does a USB connector work? and what is the price of a USB connector? 1
How long do DS cartridge batteries last? 1
How loud can the DSi play music through the speakers? 1
How many megapixels are the DSi cameras? 1
How much can I get? 1
How much is a ds lite? 3
How much will gamestop give me for my ds? 3
How much will gamestop give you for a ds lite? 9
How much will i get for an old DS Lite? 2
How Much Will I Get If I Trade An Old Ds For The Dsi? 5
How rare is my DSi? 1
How strong is the DSi touchscreen? 2
How to know my IP address? 1
How to put a save file into a ds game? 5
I can't decide on what to get? 1
I didn't get a thumb-strap in my DS Lite box. Was I supposed to? What is the thumb-strap for? 1
I got WEP key but can't connect to internet? 1
I have finished all my games and i need some advice for a new game to play? 10
I Need a Deoxys? 1
I turn on my DS and the bottom screen blinks on then the DS shuts off. Is there any way to fix that? 1
I won a DS Lite at the mall, how can I protect it and get more use of it? 1
I'm looking for a game for my cousin? 1
If i format my DSi XL, it will downgrade to a older version? 1
If you have dial-up internet can you still use the DS USB wi-fi connecter to play on the internet? 1
In Mystery Tales where do you find the sheet of paper in behind the gate level? 1
Is a Gamboy to GBA game adaptor compatible with a DS? 1
Is my AC Adapter okay to use? 2
Is the Dsi worth Getting? 2
Is the N64 game zelda Ocarina Of Time coming for DS? 4
Is the name 'capsule monsters' copyrighted? 1
Is there a cord that lets u connect a gameboy and ds? 2
Is there a difference between an AR DS and an AR DSi? 1
Is there a good game for what I need? 1
Is there a way of playing GBA games on a DSI? 2
Is there a way to change my Wi-Fi modem to WEP from WAP and not buy the DS Wi-Fi Cable? 1
Is there a way to get Nintendo Club Points (Coins) faster? 2
Is there a way to reprogram the DSi buttons so that A is cancel and B is ok, so that I can play games the right way? 2
Is there a way to self-repair a loose hinge? 6
Is there going to be games only for the dsi? 1
Is this feature/cheat known? 1
It only at me by search of games opens page with empty lines? 1
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 - DSi bad performance? 1
Latest yugioh game on ds? 1
Looking for a Groudon? 1
movies and pictures on the DSi? 2
Mulyiplayer game? 1
My ds broke in half...Can some place fix it? 1
my DS doesnt work!!?? 2
My DS fell on a hard floor, how should I fix it? 5
My DS is broken, how can I fix it? 3
My Nintendo DS lite touch screen isn't responding? 1
Need Jirachi Trade? 1
New DSi? 2
OMG, scratches? 3
On my DS lite, somehow, when I was playing Metroid Prime Hunters, my R button quit working. Can anyone help? 1
Pokemon Black Unused moves? 1
Pokemon daimond how do i get help in completing natinal pokedex? 1
Proper method for DS screen-cleaning? 10
Psp or DS? 3
Question about transferring DSiWare games? 1
RemoveDS touche screen scratches help? 1
RPG Games with some romance? please :) 1
Should I buy the DSi? 1
Skins? 1
Slot 2 Cover? 1
Still lookig for wi-fi connection, help plz? 1
This spot of ds is so geeky why does it feel so geeeeeeky? 1
Trying to remember the name of a certain game. Help? 5
Ultimate alliance?Scribble Naughts 3
USB Cord? 3
What are the best Strategy RPGs for the DS? 1
What do i do if i forgot the password, masterkey, secret question???? 1
What does DS stand for? 1
What does the photo clock do on the dsi and is it worth 200 nintendo points? 1
What does warranty mean, exactly? 1
What is an DSI? 1
What is the best handheld harvest moon game? 1
What is the first battery light on the DSi? 1
What is the purpose of sparkly pokemon? 1
What is the quickest way to meet 22 people in pokemon pearl? 1
What is wrong? 1
What NDS games offer voice chat, and how is the reception? 6
What other games would I like? 2
What's the place where you can draw and type? 1
Whats the dif? 2
whats the difference with a DS and a DS lite? 1
When does the nintendo 3ds come out? 1
when I surf to canalave city, I landed on the land and it suddenly lag. Why? What shoukd I do 1
Where can I buy a Screen Protector for my Touch Screen? 6
Where can I check what DSiWare apps are coming out? 1
where can I get a DPG converter? 2
Where do I get the friend code for Harvestmoon ds Island of Happiness? 1
Where should I sell my DS? 1
Where would you find a missing DS game in your house? 1
Which Is BETTER?? DS or DSi? 3
Which multiplayer games can be played on ONE DS? 3
Why can't the DS Download Play work? 2
Why is called a DS? 2
Why my action replay not opening on DS? 1
Will the DSI still use the same charging cord ad the DS lite? 2
Will there be classic games as dsi ware? 3
With the DSi,how can u download the games u want? 1
With the new DS having an sd card slot will we be able to download nes games from the wii to play on it? 3
Wont turn on? 1

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