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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Can anyone tell me how to solve puzzle 11 in the new Professor Layton game? Its the one about the future. Open 2
Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth Plotting a better way puzzle? Open 1
Dont know how to solve #040 the tiled box ? Open 1
Hey um im getting kinda pissed of at not being able to find any lover snapper , can some one help me ? Open 1
Hotel Dusk chapter 2 what to do next after reciving fountain pen from Louis? Open 1
How do I complete a perfect spin on the deluxe halfpipe? Open 2
How do I get into Loo Sing's house Indiana Jones Staff of Kings? Open 1
How do I get out of the sewer in ghostbuster DS? Open 1
How do I get past story 5 level 5-10 in Jewel Quest Expeditioms? Open 1
How do I get past the room with all the transposrting holes in Orellana's Tomb? Lego Indianna Jones 2 Open 1
How do i get through the tower of light on sands of destruction? Open 1
How do I get to the sand temple with the twisted tunnels in the way? Open 1
How do I solve (pandoras box)? Open 1
How do I solve game405 in rooms the main building extra mansions? Open 1
How do I solve the curcuit game in Dr Who Evacuation Earth? Open 1
how do I solve the latch puzzle on broken sword the directos uncut under the concierge? Open 2
How do I solve the second puzzle in the new Sherlock Holmes DS adventure? Open 1
How do I trigger side quest 3-6 (Ragnarok DS)? Open 1
How do i unlock the button in the elevator? Open 1
How do i unlock the goron game on dee ess island? Open 1
How do u get past the piano? in the Again game Open 1
How do you find lake baikal? Open 1
How does Scrooge get through joe's rag and bottle maze? Open 1
How to complete Mahjong Quest Expeditions by GSP ? Open 1
How to dress Snowman in Animal Crossing wild world? Open 1
How to solve Professor Layton Diabolical Box puzzel no.136 ? Open 1
I need a vullaby to finish my pokedex? Open 2
I need help in the panama jungle,find the mayan key,and i cant go any further,please help? Open 1
I need help with the symbol floor thing to get the last Rail Map I dont know what it is. Can Someone help me? Open 1
In Scooby-Doo and The Spooky Swamp: How do I get past the icicles to get into the ice caves? Open 1
Mah Jong Quest Expeditions - Wet - Dry any solutions? Open 1
Need help on luring suspect out? Open 2
Need help solving puzzle 57? Open 1
Need the color code for the game Club Penguin??? Open 1
Prof Leyton and the Spectres call.? Open 1
Puzzle 125 pandoras box??? Open 1
Rooms? Open 1
seven wonders 2 HELP ON LAST MAP PIECE PUZZLE ? Open 1
Stuck in the last room of Tower of Spirits LAST VISIT! HELP? Open 1
There's a door in avalon code depths of ice carvern 5 and it won't open? HELP! Open 1
what do i do after bowser beats the plant looking things on Peach's castle with Fawful? Open 1
what is the answer to puzzle 098 in Professor Laytons curious village? Open 1
Where do I find the sand gardien on Zelda:spirit tracks? Open 2
Year 4 , 2nd task, Match the symbols. What order? Open 1
Item Help status answers
DQ VI After defeat by Jamirus my wagon and 2 party members disappeared. How do I get them back? Open 1
Finding a shiny stone on pokemon soul silver? Open 2
For Harvest moon ds cute how do you get the stocking? Open 1
Furniture? Open 1
H.H. Ruthless Romans - I can't get out of the sewer or into the Colosseum Underworld - HELP? Open 1
How can i get the master vet certificate on imagine animal doctor game? Open 0
How can i insert my game a into my Action Replay? Open 3
How do I catch the dog that is stealing from Timmy's cart? Open 1
how do I find hidden bells in bedchamber? Open 1
How do I find the two pieces of armor at the marmoreal castle in the Alice in Wonderland game? Open 1
How do I get bil summon enma and st.corpse bones for Anbu?Please help me. Open 1
How do i get orchilium? Open 1
How do i get the airship? Open 1
How do I hold a dolphin show on Zoo Tycoon 2? Open 1
How do I set up my action replay? Open 4
How do I transfer a pokemon from the Pokewalker back to the Soulsilver game? Open 1
How do I upgrade my tools in Rune Factory -Harvest Moon? Open 1
How do you unlock the jet in transformers decepticon? Open 2
How to fix the memory in NDS that cannot be read? Open 3
how to get numbers 22,79,95 and 98 to get duna and raptin ?HELP!!!!! Open 1
How to get tag mode in legend of zelda spirit tracks? Open 1
How to I use the hoe in John Deere Harvest in the Heartland? Open 1
How to retreve an item? Large Star in super mario brothers Open 1
I need help finding the sunken ship in Bottumsup Bay? Open 1
I need help using action replay? Open 1
In Lost in Blue 1 for the DS, how can I get access to frying? (Skye's mode) Open 1
In rune factory i have collected lots of branches but cannot put them down to chop them? Open 1
In scribblenauts, after you buy all of the costumes, why is one still unknown? Open 3
Is it possible to get more than one TM64-Explosion? Open 2
Littlest PetShop Winter? Open 1
On the DS game Imagine Fashion Designer u have to select 3 African hairstyles which ones r they? Open 1
Wendell stuff? Open 1
Where are the sunstones? Open 1
Where can I find (my friend code? Open 1
Where can I find (the house near the cemetery)? Open 1
Where can I find (the last secret star in the super mario 64 ds lite game)? Open 1
Where can I find the bowling game in mario party ds? Open 1
Where can I get 3 Ability Units? Open 2
Where do I find a bom bag for Zelda Spirt Tracks? Open 2
Where do i get the battlechip SmileCoin2? Open 1
Where do i go to get the branch for the final item for the florin caslte key? Open 1
Where do you find the villians in Villan Hunt stage 8, 9, 10? Open 1
Where is the basement key? Open 1
Where is the last hat in year 4 of harry potter lego (the prefect bathroom level)? Open 1
Where is the mineral seller at? Open 1
Where is the sweat stain in case #3 of crime scene? Open 1
Where will I find the key to the tower in Super Mario 64? Open 1
Level Help status answers
?On call of duty modern warfare mobilized (ds) on level 4 i cant find the device when you throw the camera in the hatch Open 2
Always starts from the begining? Open 1
Can anyone help with the Tinkerbell & the Great Fairy Rescue DS Game? Open 1
Cant find coin on super mario bro game W1-2, can i get help please? Open 2
Could someone please help me defeat the third priest in Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands? Open 1
Do you have a Ghostbusters walk through? Open 1
Do You Have A Walkthrough For One Piece Gigant Battle Zone 2? Open 1
G-Force: How do I pass Saber Mansion: Exfiltration? Open 1
Help on level 6 on cloudywith a chance of meat balls? Open 1
Help on Scribblenauts? Open 7
Help with Rabbids Go Home? Open 1
Hey, New Super Mario Bros, World 2-3, how do i get past that red bridge? Open 1
how can i entrance the charge stone cave..MR. Clay dosn't appears? Open 1
How do I beat the snowman on level 4-5 in Garfields Nightmare? Open 1
How do i beat this level stand tall on four pillars? Open 1
How do I disarm the nuke on Call of duty 4 maodern warfare? Open 3
How do I get both torches lit on the first level in the Ocean King's Temple? Open 1
How do I get past eposide 2 level 3 scooby doo first frights? Open 1
How do I get past Star Wars the Clone Wars - Republic Heroes - Juma 9, Mission 1, Check Point 3? Open 1
How do I get past the funnybone area? Open 1
How do i get past the second floor inthe Ocean Temple? Help me please thanks Open 1
How do I get past the slope on the pokemon diamond game on my DSI? Open 1
How do I get past the steam on oceania base level in Bolt DS game? Open 1
How do I get past the Underground Tunnel in Bowser's Inside Story? Open 1
How do I get started on Indiana Jones 2 for DS? Open 1
How do i get to duel jaden and bastion? Open 1
How do i get to world 4 and world 7 in (super mario bros.) DS? Open 2
How do i pass the first floor in the forest temple? Open 1
How do i pass tugley woods? Open 1
How do you beat the 6th visit on the legend of zelda spirit tracks? Open 1
How do you defeat the night spirit #6 in chapter 3? drawing lines doesn't reveal it, have hammer 2- what is this for? Open 1
How do you get ap3 bonus on tactics grimoire of the rift ? Open 1
How do you get the 5th. ruin in Magnetic cave 2 in Journey to the Centre of the Earth.? Open 1
How does Batman and Robin get past moving money bags? Open 1
How to level up quick when you only have 1 game in Digimon World Dusk? Open 1
How to level up quick when you only have game in Digimon World Dusk? Open 1
How you pass world 6 dragon? Open 1
I am trying to pass world 1-4 on phineas and ferb ride again.? Open 1
I cant get to darkrai from deep dark crater in pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky? Open 1
Im stuck in spore hero arena help fast or i wont be able to play? Open 1
In Monstor Jam for the ds what is a retail race? Open 1
In Petz Horsez 2, I am trying to train the foal. I cant figure out how to get him to do the 360 turn Can anyone help ? Open 2
In Spongebob Squarepantis how do I get past the part where everything is shaking? Open 1
In stock on the hoth battle on stars wars lego? Open 2
Mario & Luigi Bowsers inside story - getting through the magic window? Open 1
Mushroom men rise of the fungi? Open 1
My sims agents - What dose the HQ mean by put a picnic set by the train staition??? Open 3
Mystery Case Files Millionheir. Can anyone help me get through the hand drawn level? Open 1
New Mario ds? Open 1
New super mario bros get pass world 2-6? Open 1
Please help me find the sixth gym in pokemon fire red? Open 5
Pokemon Ranger:Guardian Signs Pokemon location help? Open 1
Realm of the demon train? Open 1
Scooby Doo First Frights on DS Level 3 - how do you do it??? Open 1
SoulSilver kanto Region 6th badge? Open 1
Super Mario Bros World 8 Castle? Open 1
Were are 30 easy sprites in harvest moon ds? Open 1
Where should I go when I already help Mc Junker? Open 1
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Question? Open 1
Strategy Help status answers
Can i get a rating on my Pokemon Black team? Open 2
Healing Items: Happiness? Open 1
Hoth battle assistance? Open 1
how do get Angelo and diablo on bakugan battle brawlers for DSI? Open 1
How do I beat the seventh gym leader on Pokemon Emerald version? Open 5
How do i get my safari rank up in pokemon soulsilver? Open 1
I can't pass in the Madden 09 for the Nintendo DS - my QB runs around then slides? Open 1
I know it's too late for the events, but is there any way for me to get arceus, darkrai, deoxys & etc still? Open 2
I would like to know how to get exit of level 1 of world 6 of Super Mario Bross? Open 1
In Madagasar 2 Escape to the Wild on level 6 how does marty get across d river ? Open 1
Is this a good team? Open 2
Is this team good? Open 2
Lego indian jones- How do we enter the codes? Open 1
Megaman star force Pegasus boss rematches? Open 1
Order of the Phoenix DS Game Question? Open 1
Pokemon Black team and movesets help? Open 1
Sims 3 opportunity: Just Buisness? Open 1
We have the Bible Game. We can not get through level 2 because we can not find how to jump How do you jump on level 2? Open 1
What are the top games for teens in Nintendo DS?like assassin creed,GTA,COP the recruit,call of duty and resident evil!! Open 3
What are the top games for teens?like assassin creed,GTA,COP the recruit,call of duty and resident evil!! Open 1
What is the best way to train before fighting the elite four in heartgold? Open 1
Yu Gi Oh world championship 08 help? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
Anyone know how to fix inverted colors on screen? Open 3
AR DSi help!?!? Open 2
Are DSi-enhanced games region locked? Open 2
Can anybody help with the ds wifi? Open 3
Can the DS Lite use wireless N protocols? Open 1
Connecting to Wifi? Open 1
Do you know how to get harry out of the corner in charms classroom in the Half Blood Prince? Open 1
Does anyone know how to delete previous game save on Chinatown Wars? Open 3
Does the USB Wi-Fi connector still work, now that it's been discontinued? Open 6
DS card not inserted? Open 2
DS lite almost never turns on, and when it does, it freezes within 1 minute??? Open 3
DS Touch Screen Issues? Open 1
DS was accidentally turned off while hooked up to the Pokemon Walker which was transferring to the DS? Open 1
For pet hotel 2 need help to find food store or food merchant ? Open 1
GBA game problem? Open 11
How can i connect to wi-fi w? Open 3
How can I fix my touch screen? Open 2
How Can i Make Fresh Juice For Sam? Open 1
how can i put AR codes for gba? Open 2
How do i get the ds option pak to work? Open 3
How do i get WIFI on ds? Open 4
How do I play save games dowloaded from this site on my dsi? Open 1
How do i repair my touch screen? Open 1
How do i reset 'my animal centre in australia' ? Open 1
How do I use WEP keys? Open 4
How do we fix the Friend Code GLITCH on Call Of Duty World At War for the Nintendo DS Lite? Open 1
How do you save game progress on the NDS G-Force game? Open 1
How do you save on SIMS Pets 2? Open 1
How I can put saves on original DS cards? Open 2
How I change the language ingame? Open 1
How much is a ds lite worth at gamespot? Open 4
how to get DSi wifi internet configured? Open 1
How to get Wi-Fi? Open 2
How to play the music i have in the sdcard??... Open 4
How to set-up a multi-ds lites in a single game? Open 1
How to use cheat codes? does it need another programs on my nds? Open 1
How to use game saves? always says error... Open 1
How toSolve Puzzle 4 on Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box? Open 1
I can't connent to the internet? Open 1
I can't find my IP address? Open 2
I think the DS was peed in. How do I fix it? Open 1
If i buy a wifi adapter for my DS can i just plug it in my computer and get wifi on my DS? Open 4
In age of empires mythologies what do you have to do to make it play with two DS and one card? Open 1
In Mario and luigi bowser's inside story. I lost the use of the spin jump and hammers. Will someone please help? Open 2
Internet security? Open 1
Is my top screen broken? Open 1
Is there a way to take off a screen protector safely? Open 1
Issues with DSLite and Pokemon Plat.? Open 1
looking after my DS lite?. Open 3
Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games game froze! Why? Open 5
Mic help? Open 3
My adjectives in Super Scribblenauts disappeared!? Open 1
My DS always says no card inserted for AR how can this be fixed? Open 5
My DS Lite has a cracked hinge? Open 2
My DS Lite keeps turning off at some games! What to do? Open 3
My DS Lite touch isn't responding? Open 3
My L and R buttons arn't working,any ideals? Open 2
My L and R buttons arn't working? Open 1
My machine won't turn on? Open 1
My son has a DSi XL and the charger port is broken. Is there anyway to repair it? Open 1
My Urbz character is stuck in the corner and I can't move her. Can you help? Open 1
NDS lite not holding charge? Open 2
New solution to There is no DS Card inserted? Open 2
Nintendogs gone to puppy heaven? Open 2
Not sure if this goes here? Open 1
Old DSi Shop purchases on a newer DSi? Is it possible? Open 1
Pampered Pets - Paws and Claws? Open 1
Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky how to trade teams? Open 1
Pokewalker reset? Open 1
Resetting specific games? Open 2
Screen >:) HELP ME? Open 1
Screen Problems? Open 1
There is no DS Card inserted? Open 3
Top screen not working, help? Open 3
Top screen? Open 1
Touch screen not working properly? Open 1
Transfering Pokemon? Open 1
Trying to post scores to Midway site while playing Touchmaster games and it says it is down; is that ture? Open 1
Whatching youtube and other videos? Open 1
Why can't I calibrate the touch screen? Open 1
Why can't I get online? Open 1
Why does my american ds not play eur games? Open 1
Why does my DS lite has no sound? Open 5
Why does my Dsi freeze up? Open 1
Why does my MicroSD only run when the DS date is set to 13th July? Open 1
Why does my save game keep getting deleted? Open 2
Why does the game keep freezing up? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me pokemon platinum save data not found? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me that game sync needs to be recharged? Open 1
Why does the screen always freeze, during a game? Open 1
Why doesn't Indiana Jones Lego Adventures 2 let me open the book? Open 1
Why is my charging light always on? Open 3
Why is my Wfi Connection full bars, but when I test my connection, I have 0 bars? Open 3
Why my game file on pokemon leafgreen,sapphire and emerald always deleted? Open 3
why there is no sound when I play pokemon black and white?i Open 1
Why won't Wifi won't stay connected? Open 3
Why wont my A button work on Toy Story 3? Open 1
Would a game damage a ds system? Open 2
Other Help status answers
?Three questions ( also on soul silver ) Open 1
Action Replay DSi- Question about usage? Open 1
Action Replay help? Open 4
Add ons? Open 2
After you get the seven treasures on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time what is the box on the boss icons for? Open 1
Am pm ? Open 2
Any word on new Dsi XL colors? Open 3
Anyone know how to access a deleted Super Mario Bros. game? Open 1
Anyone know how to get into worlds 4, 6, 7, and 8 in Super Mario Bros. (DS)? Open 1
AR codes for LoZ: Spirit Tracks for ID BKIE-EBB51682? Open 1
Are there any alternatives to wifi? Open 1
Can anyone tell me the location of an NPC trainer using a Staryu in Pokemon Platinum? Open 3
Can anyone trade me a Celebi for a Shaymin? Open 1
Can i copy and paste from the internet on the dsi and if so how? Open 1
Can I download a cheat here? Open 8
Can I get pokemon from the original red version on platinum? Open 6
Can i kill my chicken in harvest moon grand bazaar? Open 2
Can i run without a battery? Open 2
Can MegaMan Battle Network trade wirelessly with another ds? Open 1
Can my DS lite play MP3s? Open 1
Can someone help me remove the "!" on My Baby Girl game? Open 2
Can someone help me with a problem I'm having with my Action Replay DSi? Open 1
Can the DSi be used as a PDA? Open 1
Can the DSi record videoes? Open 3
Can you have more then one profile on My Baby 1st steps? Open 1
Can you Link battle between SS and HG, at any poke'center? Open 1
Can you permantly turn off the wifi on the Nitendo Dsi? Open 1
Change GB game or DS to play game? Open 1
Could someone give me the game id for dungeon explorer? Open 2
Death Wall pushing me back? Open 1
Do you need the dust cover to trade in your ds lite? Open 1
Does anyone have one of the event shiny pichus they are willing to trade? Open 1
Does anyone know about the new pokemon heart gold and soul silver? Open 9
Does anyone know what is wrong with my DS? Open 3
Does anyone know whether the 'Dsi Download Center'(Also known as 'Dsi Club') is legit? Open 1
Does the DSI XL comes with a SD card? Open 2
Does the DSi XL have a gba slot? Open 2
Droped my DS in water how screwed am I? Open 1
Ds demos on dsi? Open 1
DSi and AR Device? Open 3
Dsi charge help? Open 1
Ergonomic? Open 2
Error Code= 52003? Open 1
Floras purple heart? Open 1
Game save help with usb drive? Open 1
Help (not help), answer,can u? Open 3
Help fix action replay? Open 1
Help me with installing game saves? Open 1
Help with Action Replay? Open 1
Help with game id plz? Open 1
HELP!! How do i save my game? Open 2
Help?? Open 2
Hotspots in Austin TX? Open 2
How do I delete a game save? Open 1
How do i get a wrecer phantom? Open 1
How do I get past the sewers on Bateman Lego on the DS? Open 1
How do i get the battery cover off?? Open 2
How do I get the blue orbs to return, in the game of Assassins Creed ds ? Open 1
How do i make him move? Open 1
How do i overwrite a bad egg? Open 3
How do i restart the zenses game so i can choose the correct language? Open 2
How do i transfer gamesave into a sd card for my dsi? Open 1
How do u get pictures on wild world? Open 1
How do you do a power slide turbo boost for mario kart for the ds? Open 1
How do you enter Codes? Open 1
How do you get a spheal on pokemon soulsilver faster that 40 days? Open 1
How do you get and keep Igursaures on fossil fighters? Open 1
How do you get out of the White Witches Dungeon? Open 1
How do you take a screenshot from the DS? Open 1
How long do you charge a battery? Open 8
How long does the warrenty last on the DS and how much do repairs cost? Open 2
How long will my stuff last in storage? Open 1
How long will stuff last in storage? Open 1
How many bits is the DS? Open 3
How many hours left on a DS Lite power is left once the light turns red? Open 4
How many times can you use the action replay for the DS? Open 1
How much does Gamestop pay for a DSi? Open 1
How much is kingdom hearts 358/2 days at game stop? Open 2
How much money for a crappy regular DS? Open 1
How to convert mp3 files into mp4? Open 4
How to create a new connection profile? Open 1
How/where is the 2nd coin in w2 (first castle) in Super Mario Bros (DS)? Open 3
I get a error code when trying to connect online? Open 1
I got water in my ds touch screen? Open 3
I have Pegasus and is looking for a dragon brother in megaman star force? Open 1
I need a Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum.?????? Open 1
I need a fun game? Open 1
I've changed my ds shell and now the power wont stay on. Any ideas? Open 1
If the music plays on my photo channel will it play on my dsi? Open 2
Imagine Babyz game trouble. Help? Open 2
In Baby Pals the game for the DS..I just reached the 14 month stage my baby started sneezing and coughing what do i do? Open 1
Is cord in fire emblem shadow dragon worth using? Open 1
Is it because the screen or reset button ? Open 3
Is it worth buying a 'Dsi' and where to buy one? Open 7
Is rockstar games going to make any midnight club games for ds? Open 1
Is there a shadow clockwork in lock's quest? Open 1
Is there a way that I can play old games like GB or GBC in my NDS? Open 3
Is there a way that someone could get the makers of the smash bros. games or a new one to come out on ds? Open 1
Is there a way to copy game saves? Open 1
Is there any way to fix a busted d-pad, outside of getting a new DS? Open 1
Is there any way to fix a cracked hinge? Open 3
Is this a good party? Open 1
More action replay codes for DQM 2? Open 1
Multiple Player RPGs? Open 2
My action replay dosen't work? Open 1
My DS top screen has something wrong? Open 1
My DS's charging port doesnt work :( ? Open 1
My dsi xl top screen wobbles a bit when tilted or when you shake it? Open 3
My mic. won't work anymore. Is there a way to fix it? Open 3
My PC wont detect my Action Replay? Open 1
New legend of zelda games? Open 2
Nintendo DS wi-fi USB connecter? Open 2
NIntendo DSi Midnight Release? Open 2
No multiplayer WPA2? Open 1
On my Nintendo DS game for My Baby Girl...grabbing/holding object on the 6th month level? Open 1
online help? PLEASE Open 2
Petz games? Open 1
Playing sims urbzs? Open 1
Playing with DS plugged in - Use battery power? Open 1
Program for The Action Replay "Saves?" Open 1
Question about action replay saves? Open 1
Rate my team for Pokemon Platinum? Open 3
Re-Calibration help? Open 2
Reccomended games for ds? Open 3
Recommended travel case? Open 3
Selling DS lite at Gamestop for Store Credit? Open 1
Should i get star wars battlefront elite squadron or call of duty mwf mobilized? Open 1
Stylus Question???? Open 2
The last window-ds help? Open 1
The sound in my DS seems low? Open 8
There is an rpg game for ds that you can customize your character? Open 1
thunderous Help?? Open 1
TOMB RAIDER 'legend' ? Open 1
Top screen almost broken off can I get a guarantee? Open 3
Touch Screen? Open 2
Voice chat ? Open 1
What & where is the unknown dungeon? Open 1
What Apps ? Open 1
What are all the games that have an english patch? Open 2
What are some good games for older ladies (fifties and up) on DS? Open 1
What are some good Real-time RPG titles for the DS? Open 1
What are the lines on a ds game? Open 1
What are the Pantone color numbers of the DS Lite? Open 2
What are the top games for the ds? Open 1
What does Celia like on harvest moon.. ? Open 3
What does it mean when a product on Club Nintendo is not eligible for coins? Open 1
What ds game should i write an faq for first? Open 1
What DSiWare games are good? Open 4
What games are available for DSi download? Open 2
What games should I get on the DSI? Read for more Info. Open 1
What games use the DS internal clock to change an aspect of the game? Open 3
What happens when you get 100 gold stars in mario vs. donkey kong vs minis!? Open 1
What happens when you grow everything in rune factory 2 ?????? Open 1
What is the distance of how far picto chat can find a person? Open 1
What is the MIcroSD card used for in Datel's NDS Action Replay DS Media Edition (USA)? Open 1
What is the trade in value of a DS phat? Open 1
What should i do to make myself online in the mario kart ds? Open 3
What type of memory dos my nds use? Open 1
What's the name of this game? Open 1
Whats going to be differnent about Zelda Ocarina of Time for the new 3Ds then the N64? Open 2
Whats the easiest way to get a metal slime king? Open 2
When will the Nintendo DSi officially be released in North America? Open 4
Where can I buy an R4card or something like it from a trusted website? Open 2
Where can I find Carnax? Open 1
Where can i find friends to play multiplayer games with my 5 year old son? Open 1
Where can I find this? Open 2
Where do I find Rock Climb? Open 1
Where is a place that is good, and sells the Metallic Blue Dsi for a resonable price? Open 1
Where is the Black Hole Server 2 and how do i get to it? Open 1
Where is the fifth gym leader in heartgold? Open 1
Why did the DS look so bad? Open 1
Why does my top screen? Open 2
Why doesn't my dsi charger work? Open 1
Why doesn't my touch screen work? Open 3
wi-fi branch question- why can't I buy any more outfits? Open 1
Wich is better star wars battlefront elite or cod modern warfare mobilized? Open 2
Wifi link not working,help? Open 1
WIfi security? Open 1
Will a DSi read photos placed onto an SD card via computer? Open 3
Will nintendo stop makeing game for the DS? Open 1
Will someone battle me via wifi (Pokemon black/ white)? Open 1

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