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Let there be Lite!AlienDestroyer49/10
Dominating SuccessArkrex10/10
What kind of concept is this?Chunkey Simmons5/10
Much better than the PSPFoalku8/10
I Got a Lite in My Pocket! (Lite vs Phat)gbarules29996/10
I have never been addicted to such a great handheld in my life.LightningrodC10/10
The DSi - Another Step Into Portable Gaming!Stevewins1238/10
Great hardware. Terrible software.theclaw1356/10
8/11/05 Nintendo DS Review – by, the guy who waited until now to buy one.Bach_7419/10
How do you follow up on a slugger like the Game Boy Advance? Well, I have an idea.Crazee Boy9/10
The future of gaming is here. You just have to wait for it.doktorsquidd9/10
After gaming for 16 years, Nintendo still amazes me.Funky Bob10/10
Not as innovative as I thought it would be, but still a good system for the line-up.Glenn_The_Force8/10
Touching has gotten a whole <explanative deleted> lot better!grasu7/10
Failed expectationsJonWood0078/10
Every single DS reviewed. ALL of them.KeyBlade99910/10
Touching isn't good; it's great.KomaONE10/10
They DS is gaining momentum, and it's not going to stop anytime soon.KoolKirby9/10
An updated review on an unbelieveable handheld.Link16510/10
Touching is good...Metroidude47710/10
[Original DS Review] A 2D power house, with more than enough power and library to keep around for a whilemikaa9/10
Nintendo DS Lite...Touch this!ninten_man9/10
Something New, Different, and Completely Amazingnoj11jon10/10
An Extensive ReviewOtacon0018/10
Two screens are better than oneRealhero9/10
Perfection never tasted this sweetRPGs R Awesome10/10
Nintendo DS…is it worth your while?shirohane9/10
Original DS: A great handheld...until the DSi stepped inStephenYap34/10
Great hardware and a lot of upcoming games that look to be greatThe Vic Viper7/10
I didn't know that GameBoys have Touch Screens!WaterMario22210/10
DS and DS Lite- Quality portable entertainmentxcamel2410/10

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