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"A decent platformer but lacks any variety."

I'm not a big fan of Princess Peach. She's actually kind of annoying. However, I needed a new DS game and a platformer is always fun, right? Well, I must say I didn't have that much fun with the Princess on her quest. Is the game bad? Not by any stretch of the word but the word "boring" sure does come to mind.

Bowser has found a special wand. He uses it on the folks at the Mushroom Kingdom and takes Mario and Luigi hostage. Our Princess Peach was out on a walk and returns to find everyone running around, showing a different type of emotion. She some how gets a magical umbrella and sets off to save Mario. The plot is actually decent. A nice twist from the tired Mario plotlines but also there is a back story of sorts that you find out about during some dream moments. Sadly it never goes anywhere.

I found the graphics in Super Princess peach to be both beautiful and ugly at the same time. The levels and worlds are very vibrant and full of color. They look great. There are 9 different themes but with 8 stages per theme, it gets old quickly. However, that isn't the problem. The backdrops for the levels are so dull and lifeless that I can't figure out why Nintendo would do that. I also found that peach and a few other character models were kind of lacking in the detail department. They just feel lifeless.

Nintendo again lets us down with almost zero voice acting. We get a few sound bites here and there. Sound effects themselves are less than interesting. The music on the other hand is very nice. It's super cute and happy. It's rather catchy and hum worthy. I also liked how it all seemed to fit the worlds and how if you used an emotion the music varied different for each of them.

I found that the actual control for Peach was spot on. No problems there. Stylus use was pretty useless as it isn't a smooth transition between moving and trying to hit the correct emotion that you want. I found a quick thumb press was much quicker. I also found the control during the puzzle mini game to be utter crap. Why not have the L and R buttons turn the pieces around for you?

While on one hand Princess Peach offers a solid game play experience. I'm sad to say it just isn't very interesting. Let's cover how the game is set up world and level wise and then go into how the game plays. The game has a large map. At first you only have the 1 location but there are 8 total. Within each world in 5 stages and then a boss fight. There are three more stages per level but I can't remember if you just need to beat the boss or if you need all of the Toads. You just follow along doing the stages in order.

At first the stages are pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. As you advance in the game it forces you to start using the emotions to get past the normal stuff but you'll still need them to find the Toads. There are three Toads in each level. Peach will have a little "!" above her head if one is in the area that you're in. I found that the puzzles the game has are rather tame and easy to figure out. Fire burns ice, wind blows sand ect. It's all very simple, maybe too simple. In the later levels they really open upon and offer confusing mazes for when you're looking for the Toads. Otherwise it's still pretty straightforward.

The boss fights tend to be big but just don't deliver. The game kindly tells you how to defeat the boss. Sadly, the game forces one of three types of mini games before a boss. They are annoying and drove me insane. One has Peach standing on a trampoline type thing. You pull using the stylus and shoot her up. It's simple but annoying and if you miss then you start at the bottom. Another has you destroying stuff with the stylus before it hits the Princess. I don't remember what the other one is.

Now, the game itself has a slightly interesting way about it. Peach has 4 emotions. Sad makes her cry which makes plants grow, anger makes Peach have a fiery stomp that is used to light lamps and stuff. Happy lets her float up and use a wind attack. And the other one heals her. Now, to use these you need to have power. There are blue orbs that refill it or grab and enemy and hit down to take them in and gather some energy. This also causes some of the boss fights to get boring.

Now, you do use these powers, just not often. I found that the game pretty much has you going from point A to point B and nothing all that interest happens in the levels. The final world is really well done though but doesn't save the game from being boring as the final world offers the dumbest thing yet. Some stages have a giant block as a background and statues are all over. Peach has to be doing what the statue is when the background opens its eyes. This is fine but it's very over used in this world and I must say the jumping pose is a pain in the butt to do because it's always when there are a number of enemies.

The game does offer replay value though. 16 Toads per world, coins to buy power ups (more life, more special power, charge shot, glide ect). Oh and while talking about life, Peach starts with 3 hearts. Every hit in the game takes away half of a heart. You are able to buy 2 more hearts in the game. This makes the game easier than it should. Anyway, make onto replay value. The game has a hidden puzzle piece in each stage I think. Find them all for a world and you unlock a puzzle mini game. It's kind of bland and boring but it is a bonus I guess. Also hidden in the game are music tracks. That's a cool feature I guess but I don't think the music is worth the trouble of finding them all. The game took me about 4 hours to complete, that's rather short for 100%.

I know my opening makes this game sound horrible and then rest of the review makes it sound good. That's why I'm having trouble writing this review up. The problem is that I felt the game was pretty lifeless. It just felt like I was going through the motions. No challenge was provided and while the emotion thing was an interesting idea, it just wasn't used. Makes me think of Mario Sunshine. The water pack was an interesting idea; it just didn't make the game fun. Is this game worth buying? Not really and at the $35 price tag I must say Nintendo is ripping gamers off. I paid $25 for it and still felt like it didn't offer enough bang for the buck. Maybe at $20 I'd say this game would be worth checking out but there are much better platformers out there.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 8/10
Game Play - 7/10
Replay Value - 3/10

Final Score - 7/10

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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