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What is the best way to win the (insert animal here) contests?

I can't seem to beat them whether my animals are happy or not.

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_Rune_Moon_ answered:

The best way to win is if you get the animals up more heart levels hearts.


1. Leaving outside on sunny days (be sure to bring them in before 8pm)
2. Feed them each day
3. do petting mini-games
4. Doing brush/milk/sheer mini-games

But the heart level can go down if you:

1.get them sick
2.leave them outside in the rain
3.hurt them with a tool.

Hope that helps
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ivan012345 answered:

The animals need at least 8 hearts to get a good chance of winning.
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ge0zz answered:

Another fast way to get to 4 hearts that Natsume unfortunately failed to fix is to let your Cow get really, really sick (as in the verge of death), then use Animal Potion on it. It should have about 4 hearts (or so I heard)
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Jasmine722 answered:

It is easier to win a cow/sheep festival than a chicken/duck festival because there are more things you can do to raise a cow/sheep's affection. Here are a few ways to raise affection:

Cows and Sheep:
1) Pet the animal! Blue heart equals 1 point Green equals 2 points and Red 3 points
2) Talk to the animal! This will give the animal 1 affection point
3) Brush the animal! This will give the animal 1 affection point
4) Milk/Sheer the animal! This will give 1 affection point
5) Leave the animal outside! By leaving the animal outside for 1 or more hours on a SUNNY day it will gain another affection point. (also if you have grass you wont have to feed the animal afterward. If you look at the list of your animals and there is a bag beside the animal it means they are fed from grazing).

Chikens and Ducks:
1) Leave them outside! (Same rules apply as above) +1 affection point
2) Pick them up! Picking up a chicken or duck is the same as talking to a cow or sheep and gives 1 affection point
3) Pet them (Same rules apply as above) +1, 2, or 3 points.

Cow Red heart = around 10000 - 11000
Sheep Red heart = around 14000
Chicken Red heart = around 8000 - 9000
Duck Red heart = around 6000

Each heart an animal has is the equivalent of 100points.

Hope I Helped!!
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Jasmine722 answered:

Oops! On the cow I put 10000 - 11000 but I meant to put 13000 - 14000

Sorry! :(
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