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How do you break the gigantic boulders and stones???

You know the things that clog up your farm and other area's too? The boulders?? and stones?? HOW DO YOU BREAK THEM??? I have a gold hammer and it says "breaks boulders,stones,fences,and rocks" BUT when I hit it it DOESN'T DO ANYTHING!!! HELP!!

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ge0zz answered:

To break large stones, you'll need (i think) at least a gold hammer or above. Hit it at least 3 times with FULL CHARGED STRENGTH (Press and hold Y until your face becomes red).

I would recommend using Mystrile Hammer for this, maybe even cursed.

A Cursed/Blessed and/or Cursed Tool can break it in one full charged shot, and it can also hit 3x3 squares.

Note that the gigantic rock behind the waterfall CANNOT be broken by any level of hammer. Instead, equip the Legendary Sword and Press A when facing it.

You also cannot use the LS to smash stones I think, only for cutting weeds.
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