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How do you get a stocking from Nina?

I have Nina's friendship points up to 225 and i want a stocking. How do i get one?

LittleKittySen provided additional details:

But then what happens? I have been doing that, but nothing has happened!

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dark_sora102091 answered:

step 1: reach 255 friendship points
step 2: give her 50-60 large Wool
step 3: go back to your house and look for it
additional step: get a T.V and a DVD player first
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frubafanchrissy answered:

Do you mean 255? If thats what you mean then all you have to do is give her any size wool.
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chloeh222 answered:

It has to be in winter i think
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lelandsgirl2005 answered:

You're right. It has to be winter when you give her the wool.
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PinkPantherfan7 answered:

I wanted to know how to get a stocking too..
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iskiposki answered:

You should give her YARN. In winter at max fp if possible- just show her your dog/cat
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_565mae10_ answered:

I aree with the ppl above but I have a question. (sorry if I have spoilers) How do you get it when Nina dies?
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CisYu answered:

I think dark_sora102091 is right we have to give Nina large size of Wool,coz i tried to give her 50pcs small size of Wool but nothing happend and i don't get the stocking.(i did it on Winter 29th)
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lisaxxldragon answered:

I aree with the ppl above but I have a question. (sorry if I have spoilers) How do you get it when Nina dies?
You have to get it before she dies.
I didn't knew about the stocking too and I got a son and then she died xD
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system_shot answered:

Well this helps
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CookieForMario answered:

First of all: Get her friendship points up to 255. Then, give her yarn. You need sheep(s) and a Yarn Maker to get yarn. Give them to her in the winter. After she dies, Galen will make you a stocking(I think.).
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ThereIsIt answered:

1)Get Galen's FP to 200 or more
2)Give her a ball of yarn before in between 1 WInter - 25 WInter
3)Anytime in the between 1 W - 25 W go inside the house.

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You must be Married!
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