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How do I harvest mushrooms?

How do I harvest mushrooms


sava654sava answered:

You can ether use a mushroom shed or a fridge.But you can choose to use any of those or just keep them in your rucksack.Im sorry if this is wrong.
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fudgebrownie26 answered:

You need to buy a mushroom shed from Gotz which is 35,000 when buying material i think. put a piece of lumber on the pallet and put seeds on it, water it daily. they can grow bigger if you water without harvesting fro a while. shiitake seeds are bought from vesta, others are from the ground in FALL
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13450_00 answered:

built a mushroom shed, then take out 6 pieces of lumber from your lumber shed and place each of them on the places in the mushroom shed. Next, buy 6 shiitake seeds from vesta's farm and use 1 at each lumbers you have placed. You can choose either to water it or not. There will be white dots on the lumbers, followed by small mushroom a few days later, and finally your first shiitake mushroom to harvest! Just stand near the lumber and press A to pick it up.
As far from I remember, it tooks 6 days for another mushrooms to grow after you harvest it.

(Note: I heard that if you leave your ready-to-harvest mushrooms for some days, then it will grow bigger (size M, or L))
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