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Action Replay Codes?

Okay I have the Dsi AR, because I just bought it for black and white. Is there any AR codes for all the harvest sprites, max level for the milker and scissors, and any other interesting ones that aren't on the AR?


SmashFighter3 answered:

The only code I know is the '60 Harvest Sprites' code. I think you might want to look at a question here on GameFAQs to get the data of that code. If your Action Replay shows 'Unknown Game Inserted,' highlight Harvest Moon DS and press X to open a menu that shows 'Edit, Delete,' and some third choice. Select Edit and double-tap Continue or press Start to advance to the next screen. Type in the letters and/or numbers that are shown below the very first thing you see. I hope this answer will help you out the next time you start up the Harvest Moon game.
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