Question from batkitty7

How do I Open the Fourth Mine?

Alright, So I was married by the time I got to getting the thrid mine open, I finished it and Proceeded to the Bottom and Defeated all monsters. So I went up to the top and went to Florr 255 to meet Keira, Snice I was already married I didn't have a black heart Edvent but I still can't get the forth Mine Open! D:

Icheeva asked for clarification:

hello I have the same problem however im not married, i got to the bottom of the thris mine defeated the monsters and nothing happened i waited till 9pm (not at the 3rd mine but at the entrance to the mines) and no cutscene

plz help

Icheeva asked for clarification:

I took the legendary sword can I still trigger the heart event ? if so how and how do I make the items I need?


rohr2 answered:

If you have gotten to the bottom of the third mine wait until 9:00p.m.(or at least that is what I did)then a cut scene will happen and the fourth mine will open.
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ge0zz answered:

To trigger the Black Heart event for Keria, bring a Ultimate Curry dish on your way to the 3rd Mine, because i think that is where her events are.

And I don't think that the FAQS say that the Black Heart Event is needed, does it?
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michaelmoeone answered:

Wait until 9 pm with a hammer equiped
then enter the mine
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FonoNinja01 answered:

To unlock the the 4th mine, you have to reach the bottom of the 3rd mine that has 999 floors. Bring lots of items.
After you reached the bottom, at 9:00-11:00 P.M. bring your hammer and it will trigger an event with Carter.
He found a *tunnel* and wants you to use your hammer to break the wall.
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Whitewolf259 answered:

if you do open the mind bring lots of recover items! The evil animals in there are a drag and evil!

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videogame5 answered:

Get to hte end of the third one and at 7 pm that day go back and Whala! Its unlocked.
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r5v3n answered:

If you still havent got the Sword, get it at the 255th floor of the third mine. Then make the Ultimate Curry (you need seven grasses plus curry ingredients for each grass to make the seven Colored Curry. Once you have them, go make the Rainbow curry then add black currya and voila! you have the Ultimate curry) Once you have one, proceed to the 255th floor again to trigger Keria's heart event. She will then give you two choices: marry her (if you're still a bachelor) or proceed to the fourth mine. Either way, you can still open the fourth mine. After doing that, proceed to the surface, get out of the mine and return between 9:00 to 11:00 (about the same time you opened the 2nd and 3rd mines) make sure you have your hammer in the rucksack and Carter will conduct the familiar process. WARNING: The fourth mine is one of the most complex labyrinths in all games ever released, so be prepared. I made it already up to seven tries and it cost me 14000 Bodigizers and 8000 turbojolts (XL) per attempt, but its worth it because at the bottom of the mine... IT IS THERE...
For more info, visit the FAQ of HM Genius Darkranger.
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