Unanswered Questions

All Unanswered Questions for Harvest Moon DS.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Lumina's LP? 12
Wild dog? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Child? 5
Cursed accessories? 2
Cursed Watering can? 3
Do cursed items appear on a floor more than once? 3
Fishing guild ? 2
Green dumpling? 3
House materials? 2
How could I find 4th mine? 9
How do I harvest mushrooms? 3
How do u unlock the treasure chest? 1
How i buy thing in tv shopping? 9
How long does it take for a tree do grow its fruit? 2
How often do you have to use the maker shed? 3
How to have "K" in TV Shoping ? 3
How to upgrade house? 6
I can't find a cursed fishing rod? 2
Is there a way to get stocking without giving Nina yarn? 1
My Items Wont Show Up In My Rucksack- HELP PLEASE? 1
What are the Lithographs for? 3
What is the billion gold cheat? 7
What's the point of chopping chopped lumber? 1
Where can I find (oven)? 2
Where can I find a stoking ? 5
Where can I find Blue Kappa Hat? 2
Where can I find dvds for the tv ? 3
Where can I find firefly stone or does it even exsist? 4
Where can I find seeds? 2
Where can I find the bottled message? 3
Where can I find the cow milker? 1
Where can I find the message in a bottle? 3
Where can you get the fishing rod? 4
Where do i find the fishing rod? 4
Where do you find Alexandrite in the mine? 4
Where to get a large egg? 2
100000000 Playing coin?? 2
30,000 Money cap? 1
Basket? 3
Blessing Cursed tools? 1
Buckwheat Blues - Which Versions Glitch? 3
Cake? 2
Can friend broaches also raise Love Points? 4
Can I double plant mushrooms to level them up like other crops? 2
Can you get golden lumber without buying from the woodcutter? 1
Celia's gifts? 7
Cheese or butter? 1
Christmas Gifts? 1
Cursed .....? 1
Do milk and wool level up the same as crops? 1
Fishing pole ? 1
Honghs0206's questions? 8
How Can I Buy The Private island? 1
How can I get a horse? 2
How can I start mining? 1
How do I find Adamantite ore? 5
How do I get a Sword I have heard about it from my friends but i have no clue what they are talking about? 4
How do i level up my items? Where do i get the ores to make my items better 5
How do you break the gigantic boulders and stones??? 1
How do you get a maker? 1
How do you get past the rocks and into the waterfall? 3
How do you get the fishing rod because if i got it i could get like 1,000,000 more harvest sprites!!!!!!??????? 1
How do you get the stockings? 1
How do you split items? 2
How exaclty does the shipping bin work? 3
How much money do you need to get the private island ? 1
How to get Frying Pan, Pots , Oven , Mixer , and other cooking equipments? 5
How to Purchasing trees? 6
I accidentally threw away that red necklace...any way to get it back? 2
Is cooked food better for stamina/fatigue recovery? 1
Is there a quick way to level up a gold fishing rod? 1
Korobos Catastrophe? 1
Message in bottle help? 1
Milker Glitch? 3
Mushroom and maker sheds? 3
Nina is dead and i don't have the sock, what can i do? 1
Please help me out? 3
Power Berry? 1
Stocking!?!?! *spoilers* 1
THE peach? 1
Thomas' Winter Request? 5
Van's shop? 1
What are the "Witch Princess Gifts" for? 1
What does a Wonderful do? 1
What does the gift from the Witch Princesses do? 1
What does the Legendary sword do? 2
What is lithograph? 5
What is the horse used for? 1
Where and when can I buy seeds from Vestna? 2
Where can I find (fishing pole)? 9
Where can I find (time ring)? 2
Where can I find a Moon Stone? 2
Where can I find duckis to buy them? 8
Where can I find jewelrey? 3
Where can I find perfume? 3
Where can I find Pirate Treasure? 2
Where can I find socks? 1
Where can I find the first spring if i already maried? 2
Where can I find the mythic stone? (i already know were to find it) 2
Where can I find the upgraded rucksack? 2
Where can I get the Tool Box(again)? 1
Where can I store lumber & stone? 1
Where can you find the ores needed to upgrade tools? 1
Where do I find these ingredients for cooking? 1
Where do I go to sell my crops? 3
Who is Nina? And where do I find him/her? 1
Why can't I find the bottled message? 1
Why won't my upgraded tools work? 1
Will Golden Lumber upset the people if you use it as a fence? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Help with bottom level of second mine?! 0
Any strategy for descending the 2nd mine to 255th floor? 3
Can we do the marriage event twice? 1
Can you get your trees grw faster? 2
Can You Give Me The Codes That All You Know ? 3
Dsi action replay most sprites (99) cheat? 4
Fishing tips? 2
Green Heart Event? 1
How do you know someone's friendship level? 4
How to do the 60 sprite cheat with the action replay card? 1
How to get 60 sprites cheat ? 1
How to give 1 gift at a time? 5
How to spend our money??? 3
I cant see the white spirite,and dont know where to find the goddess..WHERE ARE THEY? 2
If I need to know nina's frienp levels is there any other way then getting a friendship ring? 4
Legendary Sword? 2
Pass the First Mine? 2
Why cant i trigger celia's black heart event? 1
Why does the affection resets? 3
60 Easiest Harvest Sprites to Find? 4
Can i find a secret spot sprite on a rainy day or must i wait until it is sunny? 1
Daily routine? 1
Does anyone know where I could get a mining guide? 2
Fastest way to get rid of my money? 16
Good, clean way to earn money? 1
How big is the pond? 1
How can I clear away grass from farmland? 4
How do I care for my animals during a storm? 1
How do I harvest the plants in the middle rows? 6
How do u know someones friendship level apart from getting a friendship ring??? 1
How do u use the action replay card? 1
How do you get butter and apples? 2
How do you unlock harvest sprite chanel 9? 1
How much money (not medals) does a love bangl cost? 1
How to earn more hearts for animals? 1
I can't walk Flora home (black heart event)??? 1
I dont get how to do the 60 sprite cheat??? 1
If I have the Mayonnaise maker, should I get ducks? 2
If you skip a heart event??? 7
Im stuck feeding my cows and sheep on Harvest Moon DS? 3
Milk a sheep/horse cheat ? 6
Muffy's purple heart event? 2
Nami's first heart event? 1
Nami's schedule? 3
What are all of muffy's correct heart events in order? 1
What are the easiest 60 sprites? 2
What causes or what is the type of storm in summer? 1
What is adamtite? 1
What is the best way to make money? how do you get animals? 1
What is the best way to win the (insert animal here) contests? 5
When you are enchanging money for medals how can you go faster?! 1

Other Help Answers
Dscoders Inventory Code???? 0
Getting back beauty box ? 0
Help? 0
How can i find the harvest sprite that work in the sprite station number 9? 0
I need 11 more sprites to get married! Suggestions? 0
Instruction manual? 0
Is my game glitched? Heart Event problem! (Celia - Black Heart) 0
What glitches are in the ABCEN0J22 version? 0
60 Easiest harvest sprites to get? 2
About how much does this game cost? 2
Action Replay Codes? 1
Baby? 2
Birthdays?? 1
Can i connect HMFOMT without the game? 3
Can I get confirmation? 3
Can Pineapples be used for anything other then Juice? 5
Can you cut trees? 3
Can you help me finding AR code ? 1
Channels??? 4
Cheats and Easter Eggs? 1
Child growth? 2
Codys house? 3
Could the harvest goddes go out from the spring? 3
Cursed tools and Channel 3? 7
Des your son ever help you on the farm? 5
Disappearing diamonds? 2
Does anyone have good reliable action replay codes? 2
Does grass re-grow year after year? 4
First House upgrade? 2
Flora's Black Heart Event? 1
Game save corrupt? 1
Help I want a watering can ?? 2
HELP! Missing Chicken!!? 3
Help? 3
Hmmmmmmmm? 3
How can i get a gift from witch princess? 1
How can i reach purple heart event? 4
How Could I Find/Dig The Dirt To Find Ceruleano? 1
How do I get more hearts from my chix? 3
How do I get my child to the circus? 1
How do I get tools for cooking? 1
How do I go fishing? 2
How do you get a kitchen? 2
How do you get butter? 4
How do you get it easily? 5
How do you get your kichen? 3
How do you increase the affection one of the girl? 3
How Do You Make A Apple Pie In The Spring ?? 1
How do you smash the big boulders by the excavation site? 3
How do you unlock the Hot Springs? 1
How do you win the sheep, cow, etc. contests at the beach? 4
How long does it take on average to marry someone? 2
How often do new items appear in the shoping channel? 2
How old is Lumina supposed to be? 4
How to earn this harvest sprite? 1
How to get a gold egg ? 1
How to get muffy? 8
How to get to the secret square? 5
How to join cooking festival? 4
How to make the girl's heart become red ? 1
How to truly get the stocking from nina? 2
I can't find message in the bottle!Help? 4
I don't get it? 2
I have questions...? 1
If we throw things on the field is it ok? 4
Is it possible to replace hammer and sickle? 2
Is the a milker glitch? 2
Keiras LP/FP? 1
Littering? 1
Lumina's 3rd rival love event? 1
Lumina's LP keeps lowering.. Why? 1
Luminas blue heart event? 2
Marrage? 4
Marriage? 1
Mukumuku? 1
People and other questions? 1
Private Island money? 3
Problem with getting the mermaid, why am I getting locked out? 2
Problem with heart point? 3
Purple Event? 2
Questions about grass? 2
see Keira ? 4
Someone can help me to complete all the recipes? 1
Sprite in the 1st spa? 2
Stocking when Nina dies? 2
The first mine? 1
There's no holes in Mine 3?! 2
Trigger a rival event by accident, can you still marry the girl? 2
Unlock the 4th mine?! 2
What a ore? 1
What are and how do you get titles? 1
What are requirements for the house upgrades? 2
What are they for? 2
What floor is the bottom on the fourth mines? 3
What is the best way to get stone without paying a lot of money? 6
What is the Circus for? 1
What is the purpose of the Harvest Sprite leaders? 1
What's up with Gray? 1
What's wrong with the private island? 1
Whats the game id? 2
Where are the Mines? 5
Where are the sprite locations? 3
Where is the shipping bin? 1
Why can't I catch any fish? 5
Why can't i marry muffy? 10
Why can't I proceed to the purple heart event of Muffy? 7
Why is my casino different? 7
Will you have a child if you marry one of the special girls from Harvest Moon DS? 2
60 Sprites Cheat? 7
A few Questions...? Part two. 1
Action replay? 2
Angler Fish.....The "King"? 1
Black jack/poker? 9
Can huge stone between waterfall destroy? 7
Can i have 2 wifes ??? 1
Can I let my animals out in winter? 1
Can someone tell me what I need to do so i can upgrade my house? 4
Can you go trough the path to the right by the wind mills? 6
Can you have a girl? And how? 1
Celia's black heart event? 2
Chicken Outside? 1
Clippers leveling up? 1
Complete recipe list? 1
Cooking festival? 3
Cursed tools? 4
Do you have to do heart events in order? 1
Does Burney Circus ever open? 4
Does it need action replay ds? 1
Does Lumina have to have a certian amount of LP for her Purple heart event to happen? 1
Does the game ever end? 5
Dog and Cat Showing? 3
Dog attack? 4
Dog House Glitch? 2
Effect from names? 1
Festival? 1
harvest sprite FP? 1
Heart event?? 1
Heart help? 1
Help with grass? 1
How am I able to start cooking? Do I need to find a certain sprite? If I do, where do I find them? 1
How big does your child grow? Can you have a girl and how? 1
How can i get married? 3
How can i get the 1st mine and 2nd but I have unlock the 3rd and 4th? 1
How can I play poker with Hops? 1
How can I see the friendship/love points at villagers/bachelorettes? 1
How come when i use the hammer to hit the stone it gets destroyed and not turned into the block of stone? 2
How Could I Find 1 Billion Dollar? 2
How Could I Find Ceruleano?? 1
How Could I Talk To Muffy? 1
How do I find the last two Harvest Sprites that work in the Harvest Sprite Station? 1
How do I get a fishing pole? 2
How do i get jet? 1
How do i get Venus???? 1
How do I undo the billion gold glitch? 2
How do I use the Healing Team? 1
How do you build a maker shed? 2
How do you get a basement? 1
How do you get a date with Lumina? 3
How do you get a duck? 1
How do you get a gift from the harvest goddess? 1
How do you get a stocking from Nina? 12
How do you get rid of the giant rocks/bolders? 1
How do you get the first mine? 1
How do you get to van's house? 1
How do you make a fence? 8
How do you make truffles? 1
How long does it take to have a baby? 1
How many floors are there? 1
How many mines are there? 1
How to get the legendary sword? 5
How to unlocked big bed? 2
How&when to make a 1st or 2nd upgrade house? 1
I can't activate Celia's Yellow Heart event. Help? 1
I cheated my way to unlock teh 3rd mine. do i need the legendary sword to locate the cursed tools? 1
I have a problem with harvestmoon ds, why can't I have the fishing pole? 1
I have Alexandrite and everytime i go inside it turns green but when but when i go outside it turns red?!?! 1
I said no to Celias purple event and the her heart still changed purple and i tried the blue event and nothing happend? 1
I told you i have more questions......? 2
If we mistakenly choose the wrong answer at the heart event can we re-do it? 2
Is there a cheat so i can have an upgrade my house ? 3
Is there a time limit for marriage? 3
Just a few Questions...? 1
Keira Part Two? 1
Keira's Curry rice? 1
Keira? 1
Legendary tunnel called "Mineral Town Underground"? 6
Littering/ Rival heart events? 1
Lost Dog? 1
Lumina's Black heart event? 5
Marriage?? 2
Meeting the parents? 2
Mushroom shed? 2
Nami help? 1
Never getting Sprite? 1
No girls at winter thanksgiving? 2
Private Island? 9
Question? 1
Ride Horse? 1
somewon stole my girl WHAT DO I DO!?!? 6
SSSSOO many questions...? 3
Stocking? 3
Stone Shed ? 1
Storm? 1
The baby sprite? 8
The circus? 1
The mine ? 1
The third event? 1
Toilet and Bathroom? 10
Tv shopping? 1
what am I picking up in the mines? 1
What can i do to open chanel 2 in havest station? 1
What do you have to do to unlock Flora's Black Heart Event?? 1
What does it mean to bread stumps? 1
What gives? The Fishing team doesn't catch any fish!!! 4
What happens at the Starry Night Festival? 2
What is does the Private Island do? 2
What is LP and AP? 2
What is Muffy's green heart event? 1
What is the easiest way to get Celia or Lumina up to Red Heart? 1
What is the harvest sprite shop? 1
What is the number of LP need to have a purple heart? 1
What is the Private Island for? 2
What is the Private Island? 1
What is the utility of the cards we can but to Jet? 3
What just happened!!?? 1
What will the Sprite in front of the Mine behind the waterfall do? 1
When ,do ,you ,get ,tbhe ,island ,? 2
Where do I get the DVD Player? 5
Where do you get it? 1
Where does Van live? 1
Where is da private island? 1
Where is the Inner Inn? 3
Who is the farm king???? 1
Who should i marry? 1
Who's Jet? 2
Why can't I trigger the heart event? 1
Why does my dog have an experience bar? 1
Why my diary 1 always bug when it comes to load it?? 4
Why wont a girl with a red heart wont marry me????????????? 2
Why wont Celia's heart level go up? 1
Will Keira come out of the second mine??? 1
Will they come back????? 2

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