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Harvest Moon: Sprite Station
A Translation Guide and FAQ by Myah/Koji
Version .30
This guide is a work in progress. If you are willing to donate any information
on this list that is not already on the guide
Or you think there is something important I need to add, please send your Q&C to
the e-mail above.

A foreword: This is the first time I have written either a FAQ or a translation
guide. My japanese is definitely not that greatest. But I know many people were
looking for some serious help in playing this on Cher's forums so I have decided
to write up this guide. This guide will assume you have played a harvest moon
before and you know the basics behind the farming system (that is plowing,
planting, watering, and harvesting)

To view this faq correctly, you will need japanese language support installed on
your computer. You can still use this guide without it, but you may not be able
to find the menus as easily. For instructions on how to add japanese language
support to your PC (scroll down the page until you
see "Gon method", then follow the instructions. (thanks Cher ^_^))


Table of Contents:

Section 1: Getting started					00001
	Legal stuffs						000A1
	What's New						000B1
	How to use this Guide					000C1
	Basic Japanese						000D1

	Standard Controls					000E1
	Touch Screen Controls					000F1
	The New Qame						000G1

Section 2: Understand the Menu					00002
	Save Menu						000A2
	The Rucksack						000B2
	Map							000C2
	Statistics Page						000D2
		Money						001D2
		Character					002D2
		Animals						003D2
		Shipping List					004D2
	Television						005D2

Section 3: The TV						00003
	Home Television and DVDs				000A3

Section 4: The Telephone					00004
	Poultry Farm						000A4
	Yodel Farm						000B4
	Kaarii's Store						000C4
		Spring						001C4
		Summer						002C4
		Fall						003C4
	The Blacksmith						000D4
		Upgrading Tools					001D4
	The Carpenters						000E4
	The Church						000F4
	The Television Shopping Channel				000G4

Section 5: The Sprite Tree					00005
	Hiring Sprite						000A5
	The Casino						000B5

Section 6: Other						00006
	How the Love System Works				000A6
	Collecting Harvest Sprites				000B6
	Other Shops						000C6
		Van's Shop					001C6
		Bess' Shop					002C6
		Tenjin's Shop					003C6
	Glitches						000D6
		Non-harmful Glitches				001D6
		Helpful Glitches				002D6
		Harmful Glitches				003D6

Section 7: FAQ							00007
	Farming							000A7
	Girls							000B7
	Harvest Sprites						000C7

Section 8: Credits and Contact Info				00008


Section 00001: Getting started

Section 000A1: Legal Stuff

Copyright 2005 Sean Jacox (Koji/Myah)
You may post this guide anywhere you would like as long as you follow
theese conditions:
1) You do not alter the guide in any way
2) You give the auther (Koji or Myah, either will do) full credit for the guide
3) The guide must remain in its entirety, with every part intact.
4) The guide may not be used for any profit; It is to be distributed freely

All information in this guide, unless otherwise noted, was compiled and
written by the author or given to him by others. These people are listed
in the credits section.

If you wish to use any information obtained from this guide in your own,
please copy and paste the credits section from this guide and put it in
yours. This is only to make sure that everyone who has worked hard
to help me gets full credit for what they've done.


Section 000B1: What's new
.30 Added "How to use this Guide" section. Fixed a bunch of inconsistancies in
naming and style. Finished off Kaarii's Shop section. Added legal section and
basic japanese section. Removed some sections I won't be able to finish for
awhile from the list. Increased the FAQ length. Added a glitches section.
Finished sprite hiring section section. Added several new items to the shopping
list. Finishing preparations to send in to gamefaqs.

.25 Starting FAQ section. Added Van's Shop and Tenjin's shop sections. Added
items to the TV shopping channel. Added second "double up" game to the casino

.20 Hopefully fixed all my spelling and grammar mistakes ^_^ Added the love
section and started work on the collecting sprites. Started work on the TV
shopping channel. Updated TV channel guide. Started work on "other shops"
section completing Bess' sub-section.

.11 Fixed some things I had accidently skipped. Added "tips for winning" in the
casino section. Hopefully that'll help people out.

.10 Added what's new, finished the phone section (except for the television
shopping), finished the casino section, started the sprite work section.

.05 Initial "public" release. Most sections incomplete


Section 000C1: How to use this Guide

This guide is not supposed to be a full fledged FAQ. I'm not going to tell you
how to play and every little detail of the game. Instead, this FAQ is mainly for
translating most of the options as well as the important item names so people
who don't know japanese can successfully import and play this game.

To use this guide, return to the index at the top of the page. You simply have
to search for the code connected to each section. For example the sprite tree is
listed as item 00005. Simply click "edit -> find" in your web browser or text
editing program and type 00005 in the search and it should bring you to the
"Sprite Tree" section.


Section 000D1: Japanese Basics

Here I will go over some basic words that you will encounter throughout
the game.
     はる - Spring
     なつ - Summer
     あき - Autumn
     ふゆ - Winter
     日   - Sunday
     月   - Monday
     火   - Tuesday
     水   - Wednesday
     木   - Thursday
     金   - Friday
     土   - Saturday
     はい - Yes
     いいえ - No

(thanks to Eponick)


Section 000E1: Regular controls.

D-pad - used to move jack and the cursor on screen

Start - paused the game
Select - N/A

A - Used to pick up and drop items and confirm menu options
B - Pressing and holding this button causes your character to run. Also cancels
menu options
Y - Uses the tool currently equipped
X - Eats whatever is currently in the players hands if it is edible.
L - Used to whistle
R - Used in the following conjunctions
	R+A - switches the item you are holding
	R+B - switches through your tools
	R+Y - switches through your tools in reverse order
	R+X - switches your equipped special item


Section 000F1: Touch Screen Controls

The touchscreen is a mixed blessing. It makes moving items around easier, but it
also adds to a lot of frustration as you must use a stylus. The points are too
small to try using your fingers or any other object and this can slow down the
game (especially since you can't pause while you are messing in the menu)

In the menu the touch screen is used to select objects and to equip/unequip

In "touch" mode the stylus is used to "pet" your animals and raise their hearts


Section 000G1: The new game

When you start a new game the harvest goddess will greet you and ask you
following questions in this order.

Your Name
Your birthdate
Your farm's name
Your Dog's name
and finally your Cat's name

For all the questions that require the entering of a name you can choose from
Hiragana (top option on the left side) katakana (2nd option from the top)
roomaji (or english letters. It's the third option from the top). After you are
done typing in your name click "end" (final option). You will then be asked to
confirm your action. The top option is Yes (はい) while the bottom option is no

For your birthday you may choose from one of 4 seasons. Spring (春) Summer(夏)
Fall(秋) and winter(冬) and then any day of that month.


Section 00002: Understanding the menu

Section 000A2: Save menu

The save menu is a very straight forward page. There are 4 bits of text.

セーブ (save) ロード(load)

その1(save1) その2(save2)

To save a game click on セーブ then click on either その1 or その2 depending on
which save slot you want to use

It will then come up with a confirmation. If you want to save move the cursor to
はい (yes) and hit A. If you changed your mind put the cursor on いいえ (no) and
click A.

To load, you just click load and then which slot you wish to load.


Section 000B2: Rucksack

The ruck sack menu is partitioned off into 2 sides. The smaller left side shows
your 3 equip slots.

Red is for tools
Green is for items you pick up
Blue is for special items.

On the right is everything in your inventory. You start off with only 1 page,
but you can buy 2 additional pages via Kaarii's shop (see section 000C4) To
equip an item manually you can either drag it from it's slot to the correct
equip slot, or you can click on it once then click on the spot you want it to go.

To seperate a single item from a bunch of items, double tap (may take several
attempts) it.

To switch rucksack pages after you've bought them, click the up or down arrows
on the right side of the menu.


Section 000C2: The Map

Forgive me, I'm not good at making ASCII maps so for the time being I'm going to
have to just use a JPEG ^_^

1. Mansion and Witch Hutt								0 fields
2. Your farm 										1 field
3. Goddess Pond and Sprite Station							1 field
4. Water Fall and Kaain's dig site/Mine							2
5. In town: Mite Mite Inn, bar, and 3 houses						4
6. Bess' Farm										0 fields
7. Town outskirts. Pyrotechnicians house, artists house, scientists house,
hippies house4 fields
8. Old Man's house.									1 field
9. Beach and Ain's restaurant in summer.						0 fields

The map in SS is much more useful then the maps of previous games. Besides
seeing where you are, you can see where everyone is in an area. Simply click on
an area of map to zoom in. You can see who's there and what they are doing in
real time.


Section 000D2: Statistics

This page keeps track of everything you've done in the game. How many animals
you have, their heart levels, how much money you have, etc. From top to bottom
are as follows

current money
your character
your dog					your cat
your horse
how many poultry you have			poultry feed
live stock					livestock feed
sprites found					Sprite leaders found
books found					wood peices in storage
buildings currently built			gold logs in storage
fish caught					trading cards
how many items you've dug up

Click on each one to get a more detailed report. For space sake I am only
writing up on the more "important" statistics. I'll try and add the others at a
later time.


Section 001D2: Money

Clicking on the picture of money on the left side brings up the money statistics.
There are 3 pages

Top page: This gives details analysis of your earnings and spendings in the
current season as well as your total season earnings and expenditures

Middle Page: Let's you see the total gain and loss in every season.

Final page: This shows the days you earned the most money in a single day, the
most you spend in a single day, your most profitable season, and the season you
spent the most money in.


Section 002D2: Character

Clicking the picture of your character brings up your characters status. This
shows the current level of experience on each tool as well as how many Casino
Medals you currently have.

Section 003D2: Animals

Here you click on the animal that you want to see the health/friendship status
off. Your Dog, Cat, and Horse can never get sick so clicking on their pictures
merely brings up their love meter.

Chicken, ducks, cows, and sheep all can get sick. Clicking on their picture
brings up the option to click on a specific animal and see their hearts and
their health.


Section 004D2: Shipping List

The shipping list shows how many and of what kinds of things you have put in
your shipping bin. You access it by clicking the crate with apples in it.

Section 00003: The TV

Unlike the Television of Friends of Mineral Town, in Korobokkuru Station the TV
is with you at all times. Unless previous iterations, there are 9 channels
instead of the measly 4

Channel 1 Weather: Shows the weather for the next day
Channel 2 Television Shopping: Shows items you can buy over the phone.
Channel 3 Sprite info: Gives information on harvest sprites
Channel 4 Animal Information:
Channel 5 Music: Change the music to any records you have bought.
Channel 6 NEWS: Discusses upcoming events in Forget Me Not Valley
Channel 7 Mystery: Showing the highest quality entertainment programs!
Channel 8 Help channel: Information to help you out on your farm.
Channel 9 Quiz: No one has yet unlocked this channel...


Section 000A3: Home Television and DVDs

Although you do not start with a TV for your house, you can purchase one from
Van the merchant as well as a DVD player and DVDs to play on it. It doesn't get
the sprite station channels. You can purchase the DVDs from various shows that
were on FoMT. Details on the price listed in Van's Shop.


Section 00004: The telephone

The most important shopping tool in the game is the telephone. 99% of your
shopping will be done through it. Many of you will be reading this section of
the faq just for the menu translations... I heavily suggest that you have
japanese language support installed so you can actually see what the menus look
like in japanese. Sometimes they do change position as new things are
added/removed. You have been warned.

The Telephone numbers are as follows.

にわとりりあ→Poultry Farm (buy chickens here)
ヨーデル牧場→Yodel farm (buy live stock here)
ぜっか屋→Kaarii's Shop (buy seeds and cooking supplies here)
鍛冶屋せいバラ→The Blacksmith (upgrade tools and has livestock care tools)
***ゴッツ→The Carpenter (constructs things)
教会→The Church (used to uncursing tools)
テレビショッピング→Television Shopping (where you order stuff from the TV)


Section 000A4: The Poultry Farm

Here you can buy chickens and everything you need to take care of them (except
the chicken coop ^_^) and is open from 11AM to 5PM

1st option→Chicken Feed				10G
2nd option→medicine				1000G
鶏を買う→buy a chicken				1500G
鶏を安る→sell a chicken				(varies)			(need a
chicken for this to appear)
アヒル買う→buy a duck					2000G				(need a
pond for this to appear)
アヒル安る→sell a duck				(varies)			(need a duck
for this to appear)


Section 000B4: Yodel Farm

This is where you buy your cows and sheep. 11am - 5pm

1st option→Grass/Hay (animal fodder)		20G			(used in
constructing the cheapest buildings)
2nd option→medicine				1000G
牛を買う→Buy a cow					5000G
羊を買う→Buy a sheep				4000G
牛を安る→Sell a cow					(varies)			(need a cow
for this to appear)
羊を安る→sell a sheep				(varies)			(need a sheep
for this to appear)
cow head→miracle cow potion			3500
sheep head→miracle sheep potion			3000
bell						500


Section 000C4: Kaarii's Shop

You will buy most of your seeds here. They also sell the rucksack upgrades. Open

Here are the items that are available every day of the year.

牧草の種→Grass Seeds				500G
青い羽根→Blue Feather				1000G		(available after girl
reaches orange heart)
おにぎり→Rice Balls					100G
パン→Bread						100G
油→Oil						50G
***→Flour					50G
カレー粉→Curry Powder				50G
だんご粉→Dumpling Powder				100G
チョコレート→Chocolate					100G
ワインー>Wine					300G
ぶどうジュース→Grape Juice				200G
かご→Basket					5000G
ルックサック→Rucksack Upgrade				2000G


Section 001C4: Spring items

かぶの種→turnip seeds				120G
じゃがいもの種→potatoe seeds				150G
きゅうりの種→cucumber seeds				200G
いちごの種→strawberry seeds				150G


Section 002C4: Summer Items

トマトの種→Tomato Seeds				200G
とうもろこしの種→Corn Seeds				300G
たまねぎの種→Onion Seeds				150G
かぼちゃの種→Pumpkin Seeds 				500G


Section 003C4: Fall Items

なすの種→Eggplant seeds				120G
にんじんの種→Carrot seeds				300G
さつまいもの種→Sweet Potato seeds			300G
ほうれんそうの種→ Spinach seeds				200G


Section 000D4: The Blacksmith

The black smith section should be pretty self explainatory in selecting the tool

Upgrade Hoe
Upgrade Scythe
Upgrade Axe
Upgrade Hammer
Upgrade watering can
Upgrade Fishing rod		(appears after you get the fishing rod)
brush						800G
milker						2000G
sheers						1800G
bell						500G

Each tool has 4 upgrades, then you can find a cursed version which can be
blessed, then upgraded again into mythic.

Select the tool you want to upgrade and your choices should come up.

Copper(銅)				Mithril(ミスリル)
Silver(銀)				Mythic(賢者の石)
Gold(金)					Cancel(やめる)

Each upgrade requires you have the experience needed, the ore required for the
upgrade, and the money necessary. Each level above your current tool will take 1
day to complete (if you go from original to silver, it therefore takes 2 days to


Section 000E4: The Carpenter

Where you purchase all of your buildings and building upgrades. 11am-5pm

木材→lumber						50G
石材→Stone						200G
黄金の資材→Gold lumber					100000G
とり小屋を屋てる→chicken coop
動物ごやを屋てる→ animal barn
サイロを屋てる→ silo
きのこ小屋屋てる→ mushroom house
木材置き場を屋てる→ wood storage bin
石材置き場を屋てる→ stone wood storage bin
メーカー小屋を屋てる→Maker Building					(requires a barn)
黄金の資材置き場を屋てる→ gold wood storage bin
池を造る→ build a pond
取り壊す→ demolish

All buildings (except for the pond) have 5 options after you select them. They
are in this order

Grass/Hay		Gold lumber(黄金の資材)
Lumber (木材)		Cancel (たっぱやめる)

The better the material, the longer the structure lasts. After you choose the
material you want, you get the next choice.

"Build with supplies you have"
"Build without supplies"
"Cancel" (やっぱやめる)

If you have all the wood/stone/etc you need to build the structure it's much
cheaper. If you do not have the material you can choose to build without the
supplies in which case you are charged extra for the supplies to build the

Building		material #   cost with & w/o: 	grass/hay	 wood
	stone		gold
Chicken coop		420				500/8900	5000/26000
	10000/94000	na/42100000
Animal barn		500				680/10680	6800/31800	13000/101300
Silo			100				na/2200		2000/7000
	4000/24000	na/1004000
Mushroom House		300				na/7000		na/25000
	na/35000	na/30200000
Maker building		360				3000/10200	30000/48000
	60000/132000	na/36600000
Wood Storage Bin	100				na/2200		2000/7000
	4000/24000	na/1004000
Stone Storage Bin	100				na/2200		2000/7000
	4000/24000	na/1004000
Gold Storage Bin	100				2000/4000	20000/25000	40000/60000
Pond			600								100000/220000
demolish		---				2000

House upgrades will be added once I have obtained them.


Section 000F4: The Church

The church offers 2 services. The ability to remove unequip cursed items, and
the ability to bless them. 11am-5pm

呪われたアイテムをはずす-> unequip cursed item		1000G
呪いをとく-> lift curse				100000G


Section 000G4: Television Shopping

You cannot purchase anything from the Television shopping channel until you have
actually unlocked it. Following is a list of items you can purchase and their

時計→Grandfather Clock				2000G
憶具箱→Tool Storage Box				2000G
おしゃれ箱→Special item Storage Box			2500G
ちゃぶ台→Table					500G
冷蔵庫→Refrigerator				2500G		(need first house upgrade)
大きいベッド→Big Bed					10000G		(need 2nd
house upgrade)
**->Kitchen					4000G		(requires or second upgrade)


Section 00005: The Sprite Tree

The tree is seperated into 2 sections. The first and main section is where you
get your slaves... err... sprite friends to help you out with chores.  The back
section contains the Casino where you go to gamble away your money and earn
fabulous prizes (like the teleport necklace)


Section 000A5: Hiring Sprites

Go to the main desk as you enter and the sprite behind the counter will ask if
you want the sprites to help you. Certain sprites specialize in certain tasks.
The more sprites you have of one type and the more they like you, the better and
faster they'll work. There are 7 teams you can hire

To give individual sprites a gift you either have to give them the gift while
they are out in the fields working for you, or you can go up to the dolls on the
counter and try giving the gift. A menu will appear with all the names of the
different sprites. Choose the sprite by their name and how much of the gift you
want to give them.

You can only hire 1 group of sprites to work in 1 area at a time and the most
sprite groups you can have working at once is limited to 2. To hire a sprite
group go talk to the sprite at the front counter in the Sprite Tree.

To hire a sprite go up to the counter and talk to the sprite called Gattsu (ガ
ッツ). A list of sprite teams will appear. Their name and functions below

Japanese name			English name	Color		Task
		Cost (per day)
どうぶつテーム	えさ		Animal Team-feeding	Red		Feeds animals
しざい*めテーム		Clearing Team		Orange		Clear
rocks/tree branches		10Medals
どうぶつテーム ブラシ		Animal Team-Brushing	Yellow		Brushes
your animals			50Medals
しゅうかくテーム			Harvesting Team		Green		Collects all
shippable items		50Medals
かいふくテーム			Recovery Team		Purple		Recovers your
stamina and fatigue	50Medals
つりテーム			Fishing Team		Dark Blue	Fishing sprites
みずやりテーム			Watering Team		Light Blue	Waters your Crops

After you pick the sprite team a map will appear to tell you where you want your
sprites to work. Certain sprite groups (like the animal teams) can only work on
your farm and therefore don't bring up a map. Select all the area(s) you want
them to work then press the little button near the bottom of the screen.

Then, after you have selected the location you'll be asked how many days you
want the sprites to work (1, 3, or 7) and it shows the total cost on the right
hand side. The 4th option (もどる) let's you go back and change any options and
the 5th option (**をやめる) is to cancel.


Section 000B5: Sprite Casino

After you have unlocked the Casino by finding a dealer sprite (see sprite
section for the details) enter it via the back room. In here you should find 4
sprites each behind a different table. The purple sprite in the square desk on
the far right converts G into medals and also converts medals into prizes.

お金をメダルにえる→ Convert money to medals
メダルをアイテムと**する→ Convert medals to items

Click convert money to medals brings up a new menu. Every 10G = 1 Medal.

Click convert medals to items and you get a lot of items you can trade your
medals in

キャベツの種→Cabbage seeds (plant in spring)			500Medals
パイナップルの種→Pineapple seeds (plant in summer)		1000Medals
ピーマンの種→Green Peppers seeds (plant in fall)		150Medals
***の*→a book of some kind. No clue on the translation	2000medals
はじめての*** 1→ no clue. Book of some sort.			100medals
はじめての*** 2→ no clue. Book of some sort.			100medals
はじめての*** 3→ no clue. Book of some sort.			100medals
はじめての*** 4→ no clue. Book of some sort.			100medals
はじめての*** 5→ no clue. Book of some sort.			100medals
はじめての*** 6→ no clue. Book of some sort.			100medals
リラックス茶→ Relaxation Tea					1000medals
**石→Teleport Stone					1000medals
真実の**→Ring of Truth (see special items)		2000medals
*の**→(unsure) Heart Ring (see special items)		5000medals
*まんと→(unsure) Mantle (see special items)			65535medals
ゴッドハンド→God Hand (must get above 3 items first)		100000000medals
ミラクルグローブ→Miracle Glove (same as god hand)		100000000medals


The sprite directly north of the purple sprite is the Red Poker sprite.

ポーカーで*ぶ→Play poker
ポーカーの**→Learn to play poker

I'm writing all of the winning hands in english since all the katakana are for
english words.

Royal Flush					500X
5 Card (5 of a kind)				250X
Straight Flush					100X
4 Card (4 of a kind)				50X
Full House					25X
Flush						10X
Straight 					8X
3 Card (3 of a kind)				4X
2 Pair						3X
1 Pair						1X

They point of poker is for your hand to match one of those listed above.

After placing a bet you select which cards you want to get rid of and then click
option. If you don't want to flip any cards, leave and hit the above option

After winning a hand you will get the following options

ダブルアップに**→Double or nothing
ポーカーで**→Play Poker

Double or nothing takes you to a game of high and low where each time you win
you double your score. Details below.

Tips for winning: If you don't know much about poker, then just be sure to flip
any card you see that isn't sparkling. Doesn't matter if that means you have to
reflip all 5 of them at least it's better then nothing. If you DO know how to
play poker well, look for flushes. They are pretty easy to get and multiply your
bet by 10 if you have nothing else to go on.


The middle black sprite wants you to play a game of blackjack. The options are
similar to the red sprite.

ブラックジャックで**→Play Black Jack
ブラックジャックの**→Learn to play Black Jack

Multipliers are different depending on how you win.

6 Cards						50X
Three 7's					30X
5 Cards						10X
BlackJack					3X

After you have placed your bet your cards will appear. The object is to try and
get as close to 21 in cards without going over while beating your opponents hand.
The left option is "hit me" which adds another card. The right option is "stay"

After winning a hand you will get the following options

ダブルアップに**→Double or nothing
ブラックジャックで**→Play Black Jack

Details on the double or nothing option below.

Tips for winning: Know your limits. Your just trying to beat the dealer, you
can't always get the best hands. Don't be afraid to just stand. You have a
better chance of winning with a small hand then if you go bust.


The final sprite on the far right in blue is a matching game sprite. The option
layout is the same as before.

The goal of the game is to match 4 card pairs up before your opponent. If you do,
your bet is multiplied by 4.

Same double or nothing options after you win

Tips for winning: Pay attention to your opponents move. If you have a problem
remembering a lot of card placement, try to just remember 1 or 2 different cards.
When you find the matching card you should easily be able to remember where the
first one was. Then just repeat the process till you win.


The Double up games are very straight forward. There are two kinds...

ハイアンドロウに**→High and low
ハイセレクトに**→High select

In high and low, a card is flipped over and you have to guess if the next card
is greater then, less then, or equal to. If greater then, choose the first
option, if less then, the second option, and if equal the third.

Tips for winning: Always play the odds in your favor.If the card is a 6 or lower,
always place your bet on High. If it's 8 or higher, place your bet on low. If
it's a 7 you just have to take a guess.

In high select, a card is flipped over and your job is to pick one of the 4
cards that is higher or equal to that card. The only other option is "cancel" in
the circle which forfeits your play.

Tips for winning: Don't bother with this one. You are far less likely to succeed
on larger numbers and you still only double your winnings.


Section 00006: Other

Section 000A6: How the love system works.

(taken from a forum post)

First thing is to go to the gambling hall and win or buy 5000 medals (buying
will cost 50,000. I spent 500G worth on medals and won the rest) and purchase
yourself the ring near the bottom with hearts on it. When you have this equipped
and you talk to someone you will see 2 numbers.

Aijou (love) and Yuukou (friendship). You will only see an Aijou value if you
are talking to an elligible female.

From what I've learned with this ring, I shall impart onto you the ways to get a
woman's heart up. The most important thing you need to know is that you've
almost assuredly have been littering. The ONLY place in the whole game where it
is safe to litter is on your farm... NOT all the plots of land around town that
you can farm in. If you have picked up and thrown a weed, you have lost 200-500
Aijou. Each and every time you throw a weed, rock, or tree branch anywhere
that's not your farm you lose tp to 500 Aijou.

From what I can tell so far, women gain 1 heart level ever 10,000 Aijou... so
when every weed drops you 500 Aijou, you can see how it'll quickly add up. To
solve this problem DO NOT THROW WEEDS. Either cut them with your scythe, or put
them in your ruck sack. You can then dump the weeds safely on your farm or into
your shipping bin.

Now that you have got the most important step done, you probably don't even need
to read this next part... use the Heart ring to determine what gift gives the
most Aijou. 500 being the most Aijuu you can get from any 1 single item.

Other things to know about Aijou is that every day or so (I haven't figured it
out exactly yet) You automatically get 200 Aijou if you talk to the girl every
day but only the first time you talk to her that day and only every other day (I

Extra gifts after the first one do not count towards love points. They do count
towards the Yuukou points. Yuukou points are the only thing you can get with
normal people, and 100 of these usually unlocks that characters special. Daryl
for instance unlocks his basement at 100 Yuukou. After the first gift that day,
every gift after is worth only 1/3rd the Yuukou.

Heart levels (in aijuu ^_^):
0-9900			Black Heart
10000-19900		Purple Heart
20000-29900		Blue Heart
30000-39900		Green Heart
40000-49900		Yellow Heart
50000-59900		Orange Heart
60000+			Red Heart


Section 000B6: Collecting Harvest Sprites

Here is a list of some harvest sprites.

Dealer sprites:
	-Found randomly after crossing the bridge to Bess' Farm
	-Found in the well in the middle of Town
	-Found in the oven just outside of the Inn
	-Found in the fountain in front of Panama's Mansion

Sprite Shop:
	-Found in the second story of MiteMite inn, in the box that van is usually

(anyone with information on how to get the other sprites please send me an e-
mail ^_^ preferably with the sprite's name if you have it)


Section 000C6: Other Shops

Section 001C6: Van's Shop

Van's shop appears on the second floor of the inn just like he did in FoMT. He
doesn't seem to come on specific days... he comes around on the 13th and several
other days during the month and sell rare items. He's also the only person in
the game you can sell items to outside of the shopping bin.

ちからでーる→Bodigizer						500G
かなりちからでーる→Bodigizer XL					1000G
つかれとール→Turbojolt						1000G
かなりつかれとーる→Turbojolt XL					2000G
女神の**リ→Goddess Gem(see special items)			50000G
かっぱの**り→Kappa Gem(see special items)			50000G
女神の**→Goddess Hat(?)(see special items)			200000G
かっぱの**→Kappa Hat(?)(see special items)			200000G
あいてむを 売る→Sell item


Section 002C6: Bess' Shop

Bess' shop is located on Bess' ranch on the far right side of the map over the
bridge in the left building. She usually starts selling things at 4PM. The first
4 seeds listed in Bess' shop are the same as those seeds found in Kaarii's phone
shop at the same season. Refer to section (000C4) for details on those.

ももの種→peach tree seeds					3000G
バナナの種→banana tree seeds					2500G
オレンジの種→orange tree seeds					2800G
りんごの種→apple tree seeds					1500G
ぶどうの種→grape tree seeds					2700G
しいたけの種→Shiitake mushroom seeds				3000G
	(requires a mushroom house)


Section 003C6: Tenjin's Shop

Tenjin is a Harvest Sprite found in the mite mite inn. He's hiding in the box
that Van usually sits behind when he's selling things. After inspecting the box
from the top Tenjin will appear and go to the sprite tree where he will then
begin selling rare items.

女神の耳環り→Goddess Earrings					400000G
かっぱの耳環り→Kappa Earrings					500000G
友好の胸飾り→Friendship Brooch					300000G
Record (HM: Spring song)  					500G
Record (HM: Event song)  					500G
Record (HM2: Fall song)  						500G
Record (HM64: Opening)  					500G
Record (BTN: Opening)  						500G
Record (BTNG: Love Event)  					1000G
Record (STH: Summer song)  					1000G
Record (STH: Autumn's Forest song)  				1000G
Record (AWL: Fall/Winter song)  					1000G
Record (AWL: Blue Bar)  						1000G
Record (FoMT: Spring song)  					10000G
Record (FoMT: Summer song)  					10000G
Record (FoMT: Fall song)  					10000G
Record (FoMT: Winter song)  					10000G
Record (FoMT: Ending) 						10000G
1万G*→10000G ticket						10000G
100万G*→1 million G ticket					1000000G
牧場物語カード→Harvest Moon Trading cards (pack of 5)		150G


Section 000D6: Glitches

Section 001D6: Non-harmful glitches

These can occur fairly often but don't really have any effect on the game, or
the effect is minimal and easily avoided.

1. Often you will see random shadows on the ground with no one above them. This
happens most in festivals

2. You can throw your animals on top of your fences

3. The ball the mayor gives you randomly disappears

4. Occationally the orange harvest sprites (and possibly others) will refuse to
do what they are supposd to do.


Section 002D6: Helpful Glitches

Rare but can be very useful if you can find out how to take advantage of them.

1. On rare occations the gathering sprites will cause a glitch that makes you
instantly have 1 billion G.


Sectino 003D6: Harmful Glitches

These nasty little buggers are more common then they should be. It seems that
Marvelous Interactive somewhat rushed the game out and their deadly legacy of
this are these game altering bugs.

1.Not being able to leave your house: These seem to occur most in spring and
winter. I've yet to confirm this glitch, but if you do experience it the only
solution is to either go back to bed, or load up a save from the day before and
try again.

2. Locking basement: This has occured numerous times for me and other people.
When you can build a basement, only make 1. 2 or more causes many lock ups to
occur that you can't get around. Hopefully this will be fixed when it's released
in europe and the states.


Section 00007: FAQ

Section 000A7: Farming

Q: Can I grow crops outside of my farm?
A: Yes, there are many small places in town to plant crops. See the picture in
section 000C2

Q: I have a giant crop! How did that happen?
A: It seems to be random. Sometimes you'll grow out and see one of your crops is
4 tims it's normal size.

Q: How do I grow mushrooms?
A: You need a mushroom house. Once you have one built, you need to place logs on
the stands and put mushroom seeds on them. Make sure to water them every day.
You can purchase the mushroom seeds from Bess and you can only purchase them
after your mushroom house is built.

Q: How do I pet my animals?
A: You need to purchase a Touch Panel Glove from Arisa's poultry farm. Simply
equip it and pick up the animal and the touch mini game starts

Q: How do you buy ducks?
A: You first have to purchase a pond.

Q: Why do my animals get sick?
A: You could be leaving them out in the rain, or forgetting to feed them if they
are in the barn or coop.

Q: How do you get the horse?
A: Take care of your current animals and Takakura should bring him sometime
fully grown in summer or fall of the first year.

Q. How do you get the Fishing Rod?
A. Befriend the old man and woman that live south of Bess' farm. After you have
them at 100 Yuukou each, go into their house on a Saturday between 12pm and 2pm.
You should get a scene where they give you the fishing rod. You may need to try
more then once.


Section 000B7: Girls

Q: How many marriable girls are there and what are their names and relation to
other harvest moon games?
A: 14. There are the Harvest Witch, Harvest Goddess, Mermaid (Retesu), Princess
(Kirara), Aafi (Ann), Arisa (Popuri), Erisu (Elli), Kaarii (Karen), Reona
(Lumina), Marivia (Mary), Serena (Celia), Nasuka (Nami), Furen (Flora), Muu

Q: What does XXXX girl like?
A: Why don't you try some things yourself? Most girls like the flowers or the
jewelry from the dig site. This is mainly just a translation FAQ so people who
import the game can play if they don't know japanese.

Q: Where/when does XXXX girl's heart event take place
A: Again, you're going to have to try and figure these out on your own. I just
don't have enough time to go hunting for every single event ^_^ Sorry.

Q: What are Aijuu (love) points and Yuukou (friendship) points and how do they
relate to hearts?
A: Yuukou is simply how much a character likes you as a friend. This number is
mainly important to villagers. Anyone with a 100+ Yuujou is considered a friend
and you may unlock any special events or gifts that have to do with them. Aijuu
are all about how much a girl is attracted to you and ONLY appear on elligible
females. Every 10,000 Aijuu her heart level will raise 1 color.

Q: How do I get a blue feather?
A: Get the girl to orange heart or higher. Kaarii will then sell it at her store
for 1000G.

Q: How do I marry a girl?
A: You'll need her at a red heart, have seen all of her heart events, upgrade
your house, and get a big bed. Then propose to her with the blue feather and
hope for the best ^_^

Q: Why does my girl's Aijuu and Yuukou keep dropping?
A: Are you littering? Something that everyone got used to doing in FoMT is to
pick up weeds and throw them. This is fine if you are on your farm, but all the
little plots of land in town are NOT safe to throw things. It's considered
littering and everyone in town will grow to dislike you for it. You can lose as
many as 500 Aijuu from littering (usually more in the 2-300 range) per item.
Make sure you either cut the grass with the scythe, or put it in your ruck sack
and dump it into your shipping bin later.


Section 000C7: Harvest Sprites

Q. How do I find XXXX Sprite?
A. I've made a short list of important sprites that I've found and how to get
them. I'm not sure on the specifics on how I get the rest.

Q. How do I use the recovery team?
A. Hire them for a specific plot of land. When you've used up all your strength
and part of your fatigue talk to the sprites and they will heal you some. I can
only imagine they heal you for more as their level increases.


Section 00008: Credits and Contact Info

Myah/Koji  guide creator ^_^
Cherubae of UNoT for all of her VERY useful information and translation help
Mreow contributor from UNoT Forums
Eponick for his help and giving me the idea to do this guide
Kyledoveness for all his help and information and mirror hosting.
Covert for hosting the guide and spell checking for me ^_^
SPHIII from the Gamefaqs forums for contributing information.

Everyone from for hosting this guide.

Everyone else from the Harvest moon forums on UNoT. You guys have all been a lot
of help ^_^