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Table of Recipes for Harvest Moon DS

These are organized by utensil and written in the same order as how they’ll
appear in your cookbook so it should be fairly easy to go down the list and
check them off as you cook them. For products that come in different sizes 
like milk or eggs, any size is ok unless the recipe lists otherwise. Happy 

Frying Pan (23 total)

-Stir Fry		
Oil + Cabbage
(Lots of other veggies can be added to this, but 
this is the most simple variation)

-Fried Rice		
Oil + Rice balls + Egg

-Savory Pancake	
Oil + Cabbage + Flour + Egg

-French Fries		
Oil + Potato

Oil + Egg + Onion + Potato + Flour

(I’m shocked this one doesn’t take oil!)

Milk + Corn
(Fried cornflakes???)

-Happy Eggplant	

-Scrambled Eggs	
Oil + Egg

Oil + Egg + Milk

-Omelet Rice
Oil + Egg + Milk + Riceballs

-Apple Soufflé	

-Curry Bread
Oil + Curry Powder + Bread

-French Toast
Oil + Egg + Bread

Oil + Egg + Milk + Butter + Flour

-Grilled Fish 	
M. Fish

-Fried Thick Noodles
Noodles + Oil

-Fried Noodles	
Buckwheat Noodles + Oil

Oil + Egg + Flour

Oil + Egg + Flour + Milk

-Pot Sticker
Oil + Onion + Cabbage + Flour

Oil + Rice balls + Tomato + Onion

-Dry Curry
Curry Powder + Riceballs

Pot (41 Total)

-Hot Milk

-Hot Chocolate	
Milk + Chocolate

-Wild Grape Wine
Wine + Wild Grape + Purple Grass

-Pumpkin Stew

-Fish Stew
M. Fish or L. Fish

-Boiled Spinach

-Boiled Egg

-Candied Potato	

Oil + Cabbage + Onion + Flour

-Strawberry Jam	

-Apple Jam

-Grape Jam
Grapes or Wild Grapes


-Cheese Fondue
Bread + Cheese


-Curry Noodles
Noodles + Curry Powder

-Tempura Noodles
Noodles + Tempura

-Buckwheat Noodles
Buckwheat Flour
(There is a big mystery about the buckwheat
flour. I'll have more about it at the 
bottom of the guide)

-Tempura Buckwheat Noodles
Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles

-Mountain Stew	
Shiitake + Bamboo Shoots + Carrot

-Rice Soup

Rice balls + Milk

-Tempura Rice
Tempura + Riceballs

-Egg Over Rice
Riceballs + Egg

Flour + Milk

-Curry Rice
Riceballs + Curry Powder

-Blue Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Blue Grass

-Green Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Green Grass

-Red Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Red Grass

-Yellow Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Yellow Grass

-Orange Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Orange Grass

-Purple Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Purple Grass

-Indigo Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Indigo Grass

-Black Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + Black Grass

-White Curry
Riceballs + Curry Powder + White Grass

-Rainbow Curry
Curry Rice + Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, 
Purple,and Indigo Curry (All of them except 
Black and White)

-Ultimate Curry
Rainbow Curry + Black Curry + Burnt Frying Pan
Dish + Burnt Pot Dish + Burnt Oven Dish + Burnt
N/A Dish + Burnt Steamer Dish + Burnt Mixer Dish

-Finest Curry
Same as Ultimate Curry, but substitute White 
Curry in place of the Black Curry.

-Relax Tea
Relax Tea Leaves

Red Magic Flower + White Grass + Orange Grass

Red Magic Flower + Black Grass + Orange Grass

Oven (18 Total)

-Baked Corn

-Toasted Rice Balls

-Roasted Rice Cake

-Baked Yam

(You can add jam or butter for more stat-increasing
goodness, or you can just be lazier..)

Egg + Jam + Milk

-Dinner Roll
Milk + Egg + Butter

Cheese + Ketchup + Flour

Flour + Riceballs +Milk + Onion + Butter

Flour + Cheese + Milk + Onion + Butter

-Buckwheat Roll
Flour + Egg + Buckwheat Flour

-Sweet Potato
Butter + Egg + Yam

Egg + Butter + Flour

-Chocolate Cookies
Cookies + Chocolate

Butter + Flour + Egg + Any fruit
(As far as I can tell any fruit works, I’ve only 
tried a couple)

-Chocolate Cake
Butter + Flour + Egg + Chocolate

Milk + Egg + Cheese

-Apple Pie
Butter + Flour + Egg + Apple

Mixer (19 Total)

-Pineapple Juice

-Tomato Juice

-Grape Juice
Grapes or Wild Grapes

-Peach Juice

-Banana Juice

-Orange Juice

-Apple Juice

-Strawberry Milk
Milk + Strawberry

-Fruit Juice
Any fruit not listed above (I just use strawberries 
by themselves)

-Fruit Latte
Fruit Juice + Milk

-Vegetable Juice
Any veggie other than tomato
(I will personally kill anyone that sends me an email 
arguing if a tomato is a fruit or veggie. >< )

-Mixed Juice
A fruit + a veggie, or the juices of both will also work

-Mixed Latte
Milk + a fruit + a veggie, or the juices of both

Onion + Tomato


-Fish Sticks
L. Fish or M. Fish

-Turbojolt XL
Turbojolt + Green Grass

-Bodigizer XL
Bodigizer + Blue Grass

Steamer (14 Total)

-Moon Dumplings
Dumpling Mix

-Green Dumplings
Ricecakes + A Weed
(yes it’s the regular green weeds that grow all over)

-Bamboo Dumplings
(They’re called Bamboo Dumplings whether or not I add the 
bamboo shoots to them)

-Steamed Bun
Flour + Oil

-Cheese Steamed Bun
Flour + Oil + Cheese

Flour + Cabbage + Onion + Egg

-Steamed Egg
Egg + Shiitake + Bamboo Shoots

-Chinese Bun
Flour + Bamboo Shoots + Shiitake + Carrot

-Curry Bun
Flour + Curry Powder

-Steamed Dumplings
Flour + Oil + Onion + Cabbage

-Sponge Cake
Flour + Egg

-Steamed Cake
Milk + Egg + Oil

Milk + Egg

-Pumpkin Pudding
Milk + Egg + Pumpkin

No Utensils (19 Total)

-Small Mayonnaise
Oil + S. Chicken Egg

-Medium Mayonnaise
Oil + M. Chicken Egg

-Large Mayonnaise
Oil + L. Chicken Egg

Cabbage or Tomato or Carrot or Cucumber

Cucumber or Boiled Egg or Tomato + Bread

-Fruit Sandwich
Any Fruit + Bread

-Pickled Turnip

-Pickled Cucumber

-Bamboo Rice
Riceballs + Bamboo Shoots

-Matsutake Rice
Riceballs + Matsutake

-Shiitake Rice
Riceballs + Shiitake

Riceballs + Sashimi

-Raisin Bread
Grapes + Bread
(Wild Grapes work also)

M. Fish or L. Fish

-Chirashi Sushi
Sashimi + Riceball + Scrambled Eggs + Shiitake
Mushroom (Or Matsutake) + Bamboo Shoot

-Buckwheat Chips
Buckwheat Flour

-Ice Cream
Egg + Milk

-Relax Tea Leaves
Blue Grass + Red Grass + Green Grass + Indigo Grass
+ Yellow Grass + Purple Grass + Orange Grass + a Weed

-Elli Leaves
Turbojolt XL + Bodigizer XL + burnt dish from each 
category (Pot, Pan, Steamer, Oven, Mixer, and No 


I got a few of these recipes off a couple of Japanese sites which no 
longer exist. I always want to give credit where it’s due, so I give 
a big 'arigato' to whoever the fans are that had those sites up.

Special thanks to Natsume for making a game that never seems to get old 
and manages to entertain me no matter how many versions of it I play. 
Thankfully I’m secure enough in my manliness to tell my friends that 
I’m busy petting my cows ^^

Also thanks to GameFAQ’s. I’ve gotten info countless times for quite a 
few years from this site so it’s about time I give something back. This
is my first submission and I hope that some Harvest Moon fans will be 
able to make good use of it. 

Also, if there are any errors here I hope the HM fans will let me know
so I can correct this guide.

Big thanks to Rose Of Blood for sending me a correction for the fish
sticks recipe. Now everyone can enjoy the little nuggets of pureed
fish! ^^

I also need to thank Chaos Azeroth for giving me a working recipe
for the Chirashi Sushi.. seems I mistranslated the one that I had
written in this guide and put a note asking someone to send me a
recipe that works for it.. I'm glad someone finally did. Thanks! 

More thanks goes to Anna Chibi and Kess for letting me know that I
had my wires crossed and accidentally reversed the recipes for the
Bodigizer XL and the Turbojolt XL. They're correct now and we have 
these two ladies to thank for it! 

Ok now for the note about the buckwheat flour. I've gotten quite
a few letters about how to go about obtaining it so I'll just 
list everything. Some people say that you should be able to just
get the flour at the end of the Year's End festival, but I'm handed
noodles not flour. Seems in the japanese one the player was given
flour and there was a translation error. However, some people who
got their copy more recently have told me that they do get the flour
so maybe the mistranslation was only in the first batch of games
like mine. I've also been told that if you talk to the mayor with
absolutely nothing equipped then you'll get flour even when you've
been getting noodles. So anyway, that's everything I've heard so
far about the buckwheat stuff so I guess just try everything and 
see if any of these options work for you. I can only hope they'll
make it a bit more simple on the Wii and try to do a better job 
with some of the translation ^^

The buckwheat issue is solved (kinda). If you're able to get it,
make sure your slots are empty at the festival or it won't be
given to you (you'll get noodles instead). Now I've also recieved 
some version info and it turns out that some of us ARE bugged.
While the Japanese versions and the European versions are ok, only
the later US versions are ok. The early US copies are bugged and
not only can we not get the flour, but we can not marry the witch
or goddess either. In any case, the versions are as follows:
Version 1.0 - ABCEN0J13 = bugged
Version 1.05 - ABCEN0J22 = bugged
Version 1.1 - ABCEN1J09 ABCEN1J11 or later = works properly

so the bad news is that if you use the procedure above and you do
not get the buckwheat flour, chances are you have an early version
and it simply isn't possible to obtain it. Yeah it sucks, my game
is one of the early versionsm ><

Thanks goes to Kong Xiong for giving me confirmation about the
bug issues, and he provided the software version numbers. Hopefully
this stupid flour issue is solved now for all of us!

Anyone else who catches things that are incorrect or has any useful 
info to give, please don't ever hesitate to write :)

Copyright 2006-2007 Leigh Meeker ~aka~ RuneFenix

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