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Harvest Moon DS Marriage Guide  

Hello and welcome to my guide on harvest moon ds marriage guide.
This is my first time writing a faq and hope you like it. This guide 
will cover most on what the bacherlorettes like, heart events, and rival 
heart events. I have played the game for a while  and I think Im pretty
 good at it about marriage. Please if i have made a error in my guide then
 please email me so I can change it. I'll also give you credit for it as well. 
My email will be at the very end of the guide, so feel free to email me. 

I and my friend have the game for quite a while. (Actually they only 
had it for like 2 week but they got addicted to it and just rushed through 
everything.) Me and my friends will give you the information that we 
have experienced during the game. Alright enough with the trash talk lets 
begin this guide.

Oh yeah and the reason why I created this guide because a lot of people
I see on the message boards of Harvest Moon DS asking "_____'s _____
heart event" and it seems that the people is getting a little annoyed so
I've decided to create this guide for the unstoppable heart event 
questions. It's complete with everyone's heart event (yes everyone) 
and rival heart events so you may take your time.     
decided to put the ctrl+f thing in.
Table of Contents

1. Updates (HMDS1)
2. About the game (HMDS2)
3. Information on the bacherlorettes (includes special characters.)
3a. special girls info (FoMT, witch, goddess, mermaid and Keria)
4a. Heart events (HMDS5)
4b. rival heart events (HMDS6)
5. Marriage and after marriage (HMDS7)
5a. Special events with child or wife (HMDS8)
6. Questions asked (frequently asked questions will be added more after.)
7. Copyrights, and emails and stuff (credits too!) (HMDS00)



Version 1.00: the rough layout of the guide. That・s all I can say.

Verson 1.01: ok, I've added more stuff to everything. Still no emails, but I 
have posted questions frequantly asked in the message boards.

Version 1.02:  Added special events with child or wife section, fixed a 
little error.

Version 1.03: big update, added a few frequently asked question, 
fixed a huge mistake (credits in section 7) and added the updates for 
version 1.02 (silly me).

Version 1. 04: Added a little more stuff in section 5a.



The game was released September 12th for the US and will be released for 
EU during November 17. The game does not have much typo during 
translations with Friends of Mineral Town. The graphics really didn't 
improve much. To me, it stills make me feel that I'm playing FoMT on a
 DS. The new feature of the game is the touch screen with the touch 
screen gloves. You can milk your cows with the touch screen but I'll let 
the general faqs and perhaps In-Dept faqs to cover that. The game
takes place 100 years after A wonderful life for gamecube and the main 
character died of perhaps natural age death. The harvest goddess also 
turned to stone. The mayor of friends of mineral town (yes a lot of 
people from mineral town will come even though you have not 
connected the games together) will come to pick up your shipping
items. Also, there are milker levels which is sort of messed up to 
level up (I think) and if your milker's level 99 (Like mine) then
you will recieve X0 (100, roman 10+a 0=X0) and make it
into cheese and then can it! It's actually much more easier to get money
than before. Oh and on your farm you have nothing but a house,
horse stable, your mentor's house and thats about it, you must build
everything else!!



The game still have the people from A wonderful life (Celia, Muffy and 
Nami) along with Lumina, and Flora. Each has different personalities, 
and your child's appearance will depend on who you・re married to. 
(A time table for the where they'll be at would be nice.)
In order to marry you need to find 60 lost sprites, have 3rd house 
upgrade, big bed and have seen all heart events. (Which will be in the 
heart event section. If you can't wait, you can like Spring Thanksgiving
abuse their affection towards you with their birthday.

BEWARE!! If you litter anywhere in the Valley then everyone including
the bacherlorettes will dislike you!! I've seen so many of  these questions
on the message boards...


Black---purple---blue---green---yellow---orange---red (marriage)

Usually the favorite items that the girls like require a kitchen which you 
can get later on in this game. keep on giving them a gift at least 1 a day
and when you find 60 sprites she should have a red heart or at least 
yellow heart on you :) 

CELIA: She works at Vesta's farm with Vesta (SPRING 06)
and Marlin(your rival). She can be found in her house, on the farm and 
at the goddess pond.
Favorites: Cake, curry dishes and diamonds
Likes: Jewelry from site, many juices and flowers.
Dislikes: colored grasses, any type of noodles, rice cake and bird feed 
and stuff, other gems from 2nd mine(excluding diamonds and pink 
diamonds) Hates(Do not ever give):Stuff found on your farm(weeds, 
stones, etc) cursed fishing rod special items(pirate treasure and fish 
fossil), and the worst pickled cucumber.

MUFFY: Muffy is a long, blonde hair girl who works at the blue bar 
run by Griffin(your rival). She can be found on the bridge 
sometimes. (SUMMER 05)
Favorites: Apple pie, jewelry from mine site, and truffles and wine.
Likes: Items found in mine site (facial mask, etc but I・m pretty sure 
not perfume), maker items (cheese yogurt, mayonnaise, not yarn) 
wool, and moondrop flower.
Dislikes: Any type of noodles, colored grasses, lumber, stone lumber 
and vegetable juice and latte.
Hates: small fish, everything in 2nd mine (not diamonds and pink 
Diamonds), animal food and items found wildly on your farm.

NAMI: Nami is a red hair girl that lives in the inn. She is a 
traveler and she don・t have a job. Gustafa is your rival. (FALL 24)
She can be found in the beach sometimes.
Favorites: Grautin, ____ sun (spring, winter, etc), wild 
grape and grape.
Likes: Fish, Alexandrite, Mythic Stone, Emerald, Ruby, 
Topaz, Peridot, Firefly Stone, Agate, Wine, Dog Ball 
Dislikes: Jewelry found in site, colored grasses, stuff found 
on your farm, ores.
Hates: Everything everyone hates, wool, strawberry and
 apple jam but the worst is grape jam.

LUMINA: She lives in Romana's mansion. She has light brownish
 hair with a yellow head band. Rock is your rival. (SPRING 29)
Favorites: Perfume, diamonds, pink diamonds, and relaxtea 
(best) dress. (thanks Kyle Schroader)
Likes: A lot of stuff like flowers, jewelry from site, items from 
site, curry dishes.
Dislikes: colored grass, anytype of lumber, and any type of noodles.
Hates: Elli leaves (worst) and everything everyone hates
(Animal food, garbage, etc.)

FLORA: Flora has long orange hair with glasses. She lives 
in a tent and mostly can  
be found in the site. Carter is your rival. (WINTER 16)
Favorites: rainbow curry, fish fossils and curry dishes.
Likes: a lot of crops (a list please), suns, animal and maker 
Dislikes: colored grasses, stuff found in site, any type of lumber.
Hates: Gold lumber, red grass (worst), pirate treasure, animal food.


Harvest Moon more friends of Mineral Town girls
(These girls are only available when you have inserted more friends or friends
of mineral town in your gba slot of your ds and have play HMDS with it in.)
The game will end if you marry one of them.

ANN: She is a tomboy. She has brownish orange colored hair. She can be 
found in Forget-me-not-Valley during Fridays. (SUMMER 17)
Favorites: Cheese fondue, curry dishes, diamond and pink diamonds.
Likes: A lot of cooked food, jewelry found in site.
Dislikes: colored grass, healing items (turbojolt, etc)
Hates: golden lumber (worst), yellow grass, and stuff found on your farm.

KAREN: She to me is my all time favorite girl in the harvest moon series. 
She runs
the supermarket through the telephone and she comes by on Tuesdays.
(FALL 15)
Favorites: pizza, popcorn, wine, bamboo shoots, diamonds and pink 
Likes: flowers, items found in site, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, and Amethyst
Dislikes: colored grass
Hates: stuff found on your farm, any type of lumber, Elli leaves (worst)

ELLI: She is a nurse for Dr.Trente. She has flat short brown hair. She comes 
by with Dr.Trente on Wednesdays. (SPRING 16)
Favorites: moon dumplings, flowers, jewelry found in the site.
Likes: Blue Grass, Purple Grass, Indigo Grass, Black Grass, White Grass, 
items found in site.
Dislikes: Corn, Onion, Pepper, Yellow Grass, Wine 
Hates: Toadstool, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, tomato juice (worst)

POPURI: To me she somewhat looks like a pink hair version of Muffy. 
She runs the poultry farm and will visit on Sundays. (SUMMER 03)
Favorites: Omelet rice (best), diamonds, pink diamonds, jewelry found 
in site.
Likes: items found in site, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, and Amethyst
Dislikes: Turnip, Pumpkin, Pepper, and Eggplant, ores, mixed latte and juice.
Hates: wine (worst), colored grass, items found on farm, healing items

MARY: She works at a library in mineral town. She wears glasses 
and looks polite and all. She will visit on Mondays. (WINTER 20)
Favorites: relaxtea, poisonous mushroom, Grape, blue red black 
and white grass
Likes: items found in site, jewelry found in site, Emerald, Ruby, 
Topaz, Amethyst 
Dislikes: any type of lumber, animal food, dry curry, curry bread and bun.
Hates: buckwheat chips (worst), golden lumber, garbage, 
items found on your farm

Now these are not Mineral Town girls and your game will not end
when you marry one of them. These girls are special girls that are 
unlike the normal 5. The child you may have has a random appearance 
that the 5 girls could have. They are all boys. Normally the girls in this
section of SPECIAL GIRLS are required to do all these wierd stuff, but 
Leia (Mermaid) will only need you to have a duck pond and be 
friends with Daryl before you may even see her.

HARVEST GODDESS: ok marrying the harvest goddess like 
FoMT require a lot of things done. The heart events will 
explain what requirements are needed. Of course, the 
black heart event will be acheived because you need to find
60 sprites in order to bring the Harvest Goddess back so 
it will take a while to marry her. She won't even live in your
house so what's the point of the big bed Natsume?! 

BEWARE!! the requirements also needed you to ship every item
you can possibly get, including the rare buckwheat flour. 
You may and may not get this item (thanks jehanne argentee
for correcting me) and the necklace does not appear on the 
mining list. 

Favorites: strawberry and pineapple
Likes: flowers, milk and eggs
Dislikes: items and jewelry found in site, food bought from 
Karen's supermarket
Hates: boot (worst), golden lumber, garbage, pirate treasure
 and fish fossil.

WITCH PRINCESS: Again like the harvest goddess HOWEVER
 You must do the opposite of the harvest goddess. Again the 
Heart events section will explain. (WINTER 29)
Favorites: rainbow curry, golden lumber, poisonous 
Likes: curry dishes, everything that everyone hate 
(grasses, some specific gems)
Dislikes: dog ball, items and jewelry found in site
Hates: peach juice, animal food and peach (worst)

LEIA THE MERMAID: She can be found in Daryl・s
(Mad scientist) basement. you can find her after your 
good friends with Daryl. (SUMMER 30)
Favorites: large fish, medium fish, jewelry found in site
Likes: items found in site, fish bones, and small fish
Dislikes: animal products, stuff bought from Karen's supermarket
Hates: colored grasses, all gems (except pink and normal diamonds), 
Fodder (worst)

KERIA: a special princess found in floor 255th in the 3rd mine.
Favorites: golden lumber, season suns, diamond and pink diamonds
Likes: all gems found in 2nd mine
Dislikes: flowers, stone and wood lumber, dog ball
Hates: colored grass, fruits, a lot of cooked recipes, fodder (worst)


These are special *moments* that can only happen when you reach that 
specific love color. Usually when you answer correctly that person raises 
(amount please) love points. You need to have watched them all in order
PAST THE COLOR. Like if that person has a green heart but you missed the
blue heart event, you do not need to lower her heart.

Vesta's farmhouse
10:00 am to 6:00 pm, not Monday, rainy day
tell the truth.

Walk from Main Path to Goddess Pond
 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm, not Monday
tell her she can come with you and when she brings up the question answer 
that you don・t think its silly or whatever.

Dr.Hardy's clinic
6:00 am to 12:00 pm, rainy day 
say you・re not together.

Blue Bar
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, not Wednesday 
talk about farm life not about other girls.

Blue Bar
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
say cheerful and pretty girls.

9:00 am to 11:00 am, not Wednesday, rainy day 
You have to tell her to meet this person 
(thank you v bogart for correcting me)

Blue Bar
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, not Wednesday
say milk

Exit your farmhouse
9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Summer season, sunny day 
tell her to go on the date

Inner Inn, lobby
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Tuesday, rainy day
tell her you'll stay

Inner Inn, lobby
6:00 am to 12:00 pm
tell her how to brush and milk

wake up from morning
allow her to come in and tell her you'll take care of it and pick a choice

Exit your farm house
6:00 am to 12:00 pm, sunny day
tell her its no problem

Romana's mansion
7:30 pm to 8:00 pm
tell the grandpa that he's wrong

Wake up in the morning
Own the DVD Player, sunny day
tell her she can look

Exit the Sprite Company Tree
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, sunny day

Romana's mansion, Lumina's bedroom
9:00 pm to 11:00 pm, sunny day
tell her ok

Exavation site
10:00 pm to 12:00 am 
Walk her home

Inner Inn, lobby
1:00 pm to 8:00 pm, not Tuesday 

Walk from Vista・s Farm to Waterfall Area
11:20 pm to 12:00 am, not Sunday, sunny day 
Tell her you will search

Excavation site
7:30 am to 8:00 pm, not Tuesday, sunny day 
Tell her you just showed up

Find the 60th sprite

10,000 steps on your Pedometer
Ship at least 10,000 items
Catch at least 10,000 fish
Reach the bottom of the 1st mine
After requirements met, throw a gift into her pond 

Get all 9 channels on sprite station

Give her 500 gifts

Exit Romania・s mansion
6:00 am to 12:00 am 
Agree with her

Exit the Sprite Company Tree
6:00 am to 12:00 am
Litter at least 10 times
Have killed 50 of your animals
Donated a P.Mushroom to the Harvest Festival for 5 years
Try to exit the valley at least 10 times
Rescued the Harvest Goddess
Pass out from exhaustion at least 5 times
Agree with her

Witch's hut
6:00 am to 12:00 am
Given at least 1000 gifts

Witch's hut
6:00 am to 12:00 am
Know the cooking recipe for Elli Leaves
Pass out from exhaustion at least 100 times
Have nothing in your Items (green) slot of your Rucksack 

Daryl・s house, basement
Ask if daryll is a gentle person

Daryll's house
Have nothing equipped in your Held items (green slot) 

Daryll's house, basement

Daryll's house
Have a Bottled Message in your hands

255th floor of the 3rd Mine

255th floor of the 3rd Mine 
give relaxtea

255th floor of the 3rd Mine 
get random gem

255th floor of the 3rd Mine 
give her gold lumber


These are your rivals heart events, thus the name rival heart event. Instead 
of you being the main character on this event it is the rival of a girl. The 
rivals are: Rock (Lumina), Carter (Flora), Marlin (Celia), Gustafa (Nami) 
and Griffin (Muffy). Once you have completed all 4 heart events (Black,
blue, green, and orange) the rival and the spouse will marry 1 week
later. Do not go to these areas at this time unless you want them to marry.
 You can watch these after your married too.

Goodess Pond (exit the Sprite Tree)
11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Tuesday, sunny day 

11:10 am to 1:00 pm, Saturday 

11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Saturday

11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Saturday

Blue Bar
9:00 am to 11:00 am, not Wednesday, rainy day 

walk from Your Farm to Main Path
10:00 am to 11:00 am, not Wednesday 

Blue Bar
9:00 am to 11:00 am, Rainy days only, excluding Wednesday 

Blue Bar
9:00 am to 11:00 am, Rainy days only, excluding Wednesday

Excavation site
9:00 am to 11:00 am, not Tuesday

Excavation site
? 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, any day except Tuesday

Excavation site 
1pm-3pm, any day except Tuesday 

Excavation site 
1pm-3pm, any day except Tuesday 

Exit the Beach area
12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, not Tuesday and Thursday, sunny 

12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, not Tuesday or Thursday, sunny

Exit the Beach area
12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, not Tuesday and Thursday, sunny 

12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, not Tuesday and Thursday, sunny 

Vesta's Farm Shop
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, not Monday 

walk from Main Path to Vesta's Farm
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, not Monday 

Vesta's Farm Shop
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, excluding Monday 

Vesta's farm area
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, excluding Monday 


Ok once your *designated* wife has a orange heart for you, the blue feather
 will be available at Karen's supermarket for 1000g. When you give the blue 
feather when she has a orange heart then she wont accept and will only 
accept when she has a red heart. They wont accept if you have not met the
requirements (section 3). Also sometimes even though you have met the 
requirements and have a red heart they still wont accept, so just keep on 
giving her gifts until she accepts.

If your *wife* has agreed to marry you then you will be married a week 
after. You should hire the sprites because it takes a whole day like in
 FoMT. The credits will then roll. After that you have the option that 
what your wife will call you (honey, sexy, sweety etc) and you
 will begin your next day. The people that use to live with your wife
(ex. Lumina is Romana, Celia is Marlin and Vesta.) will gain maxed 
out friendship points. 

If you have kept your wife's heart level to 10 (farm summary page) 
then she will one day ask you to go to the doctor with her. She 
will be pregnant and you will have your baby child soon. After 
60 days of waiting your child will born. Like in FoMT it will take 
the whole day so hire the sprites. Give your baby a name and 
the game will automatically skip ahead 3 years. Your character 
will pretend to have worked for 3 years but you do not get any 
more money. After that whole cutscene your child will be a 
toddler. (Those around 3-5) Your child's appearance will
depend on your wife.

Also, *SPOILERS* Burney circus will move in to the 
Construction site. Hugh and Kate will become like a young adult. 
 It takes your child 2 years to grow into a kid (7-10?) and will grow into 
a young adult in 2 years. Hugh and Kate will not grow anymore though.
 Your child will never and I'll repeat never help you with your work. 
He will be like a lazy guy (yes your child can only be a guy) and do nothing. 
Oh and your child will be like everyone else's, except they look different. They
the same food so I will put a chart on.
Favorites: seasonal flowers, cake, cookies, chocolate cookies, ice cream
Likes: products made by animals, empty can, dog ball
Dislikes: fish (any size), ores, cheese, duck eggs
Hates: colored grass, animal food, stone and wood lumber.

Oh yes I forgot to add this, the special girls (goddess, witch leia and Keria)
will have a random baby look that the girls could have. Completly random,
but I've heard that if you do not like it (for me Nami's look like a girl) save
before the baby is born and the next day if you don't like your child 

add on to the spoilers, SOMEONE IN THE VALLEY WILL DIE!!!
*horror music starts playing*


Ok, since you're married, you probably think that:"will anything special
happen?". Ok, your answer is yes, there are new events added on 
when you are married. A not-so-complete chart will be posted
down here. These are the ones so far I've seen, so more will be added.

obviously, that will be the first one you'll witness. Unlike FoMT, your 
wife does not wear a bride's clothing, just a regular one. Everyone
in town will be at the wedding, even your rival.

This will happen if you have your wife's heart level (on the summary
page,) to 10 for 1 whole season, she will one day ask you to go to
Dr.Hardy with her. You will find out that you are now parents!!

This will happen after your wife has been pregnant (see CHILD) 
for 2 whole seasons. You and your wife's family will be in the 
kitchen, waiting for your baby to be born. Then you hear this
baby sound, and the screen moves over to your bed. Your 
wife will ask you to name your child. CREDITS will roll at this
time. Then it has one of those pop-up messages saying 
"3 years later..." and your child will be a walking baby!!!
You'll find out what happens, or you have just read the spoilers.

This is a random thing, but I think you need your child to have
max FP and your wife must have max LP and FP. One day your
wife will ask you if you want to go on a picnic with your child.
If you do, your wife will ask you if you want to go to the 
goddess pond or the beach. I won't tell you what happens,
find out yourself. The picnic takes a whole day, and it ends
at 6:00 PM. 

Well, the name says it all. Every year your wife like the picnic
event will wake you up and ask you what day is it. REMEMBER!!
if you get it wrong, she loses like a heart or something. I've
never really forgot, but I'll see if she'll still give you the 
mysterious item *SCREAMS*. 

Of course people have to celebrate birthdays. Sadly, you can 
only celebrate after you're married. Remember what you
, or wife or your child's birthday. After work (if you have time)
, you can sit outside and wait for 6:00 pm and go in. The event
will happen.

This happens during the last day of Fall. It's exactly like FoMT,
you go in your house during 6 pm and you and your child
(If born) will have a special sweet dinner.

This will happen during Winter 14. Instead of getting chocolate,
you will recieve chocolate cake no matter what. You will obtain
it when you sleep.

you will watch this with your wife. Just talk to her and it will 

This will happen during Winter 24. Go to your house when it
is 6 pm and the cutscene will start.

Not exactly a special event with your child or wife, but you can
abuse their affection towards you this day. Giving them cookies
will give you 1,000 LPs!!!


6. Frequently asked questions (so far from message boards and
a little email) (HMDS9)

Question: _______'s affection to me is dropping without notice!!
Answer: You must be littering. If you throw a weed or a stick or something 
anywhere in the valley everyone will dislike you. If I were you I would sell
them, they are 1g each.

Question: need help with _______'s _____ heart event.
Answer: look in faqs...

Question: How do I (mine,fish,eat, etc)?
Answer: Look in your manual or you can figure out yourself.

Question: ______ won't accept my blue feather!!
Answer: have you met your requirements today?? Make sure you have
the big bed, red heart level, 2nd house upgrade (which is needed for
the big bed anyway) and 60 sprites rescued=Harvest Goddess.

Question: Will your wife/child help you on your farm work??
Answer: No, they will never help you.

Question:What is the legendary sword/how do I use it??
Answer: for god's sake read a faq, or you can find out yourself. First,
even though I do not enjoy answering this question, the L.S. will be 
located on the very last level of the second mine(255). Defeat all evil
monsters there and the door SHOULD open, if not, you might want
to save before doing it. After the door opens, Keria in her bed will 
give you the L.S. Just take it. After that, you can use it to cut weeds
and defeat evil animals at the cost of 5 stamina per slash. Also, you
can use it to get into the waterfall cave. A lot of people are asking 
this question, and you press A, not Y, in front of the rock. There
you go. No more L.S. questions.(Pheh!) *NEW RECORD FOR 



Alright first of all I will copyright this work for me OCTOBER 2006 all rights 
reserved, just to make sure no one copies this guide. If I have made anything 
wrong or you would like to ask me a question or anything else, my email is and I will try to answer your emails ASAP.
 Don't send a email about how yours is better or whatever I will delete it
 right away. Also dont tell me to sign up stuff so don't even think about it.
 For credits I will post it if it has been proven by me or you.
This FAQ is posted on:

finally someone has corrected me!!
jehanne argentee for correcting me on the Harvest Godess
v bogart for correcting me on Muffy's purple heart event
Jay for adding more stuff to Muffy (must be a Muffy fan lol)
Kyle Schoroader for adding something to Lumina's section.

I will add more frequently asked questions after I have  a few more questions. 
Good farming and make lots of money!