H   H       A       RRRRR V           V EEEEEE     SSSSS TTTTTTT
H   H      A A      R   R  V         V  E          S        T
H   H     A   A     RRRRR   V       V   E          S        T
HHHHH    AAAAAAA    RR       V     V    EEEE       S        T
H   H   A       A   R R       V   V     E           S       T
H   H  A         A  R  R       V V      E           S       T
H   H A           A R   R       V       EEEEEE  SSSSS       T

       M         M OOOOOO OOOOOO N     N
       MM       MM O    O O    O NN    N
       M M     M M O    O O    O N N   N
       M  M   M  M O    O O    O N  N  N
       M   M M   M O    O O    O N   N N
       M    M    M O    O O    O N    NN
       M         M OOOOOO OOOOOO N     N

               DDDDDD    SSSSS
               D    D    S
               D    D   S
               D    D    S
               DDDDDD SSSS

                By WolfFlame
This is version 1.11 I will add to it all the time!
Table of Contents:
(Press Ctrl+F and type the number to go there!)
0.0	Introduction
0.1 Legal Stuff
0.2 FAQ
0.3 Thank Yous
0.4 Animals versus Crops
0.5 Coming Next
1.0	Introduction for Animals
1.1 Animal Food and Sheds
1.2 Animal Happiness
1.3 The Touch Screen and Animals
1.4 Dog
1.5 Cat
1.6 Horse
1.7 Cattle (Cows)
1.8 Sheep
1.9 Chickens
1.10 Ducks
1.11 Recommendations
2.0	Introduction for Crops
2.1 Watering
2.2 Ground Crops
2.3 Trees
2.4 Basement Crops
2.5 Mushrooms
2.6 The Different Fields
2.7 Leveling Up Crops
2.8 Giant Crops
2.9 Recommendations
3.0 List of Wild Crops
3.1 List of Spring Crops
3.2 List of Summer Crops
3.3 List of Fall Crops
3.4 List of Winter Crops
3.5 List of Animal Produce
3.6 List of Mine Items
3.7 Crop Price Calculator
4.0 Contributing to this Guide


0.0 The Introduction
Okay.This guide is to tell you all about Animals and Crops on
Harvest Moon DS!I will be adding to it very often. If you would like
to know why I made this guide, here it is: There are Building Guides,
Harvest Sprite Guides, Cooking Guides, and even Basement Guides, but
nothing contain the two most important factors in Harvest Moon DS!
So I decide to make a guide covering Animals and Crops. I hope you
like it! Plus, I will be adding new stuff all the time, so check back.

0.1	Legal Stuff
This guide may be used outside of GameFAQs on the following terms:
1.This guide may be used only if you give me (WolfFlame) proper credit
if you quote this or use any part of it.
2.You DO NOT ASK me, unless it is via Gamefaq's message board.
3.You include my list of Thank Yous if you use more than 25% of this
Thank You!

0.2 FAQs
This will be added to later on. Here is what I have so far:

Q. Why can't I buy a Duck from Poultry Farm?
A. Before you can buy a Duck, you must have a Duck Pond. To obtain a
Duck Pond, call Gotz and select Pond. For further information about
the Duck Pond, please read GameMage911's Building FAQ on GameFAQs.

Q. I bought a Silo and some Animal Fodder. But, I can't take it out of
the Silo!
A. Inside the Animal Shed is a red box (it hangs on the back-right
wall) press it to take out the Animal Fodder. Press again to put the
fodder back.

Q. How do I feed my Horse/Dog/Cat?
A. You don't need to! They are magic animals that don't need to eat!
(But, seriously, you don't have to feed them.)

Q. Where do I buy a Horse?
A. You don't need to! If you ship 1,000 items, you get it the next

Q. I put 4 pieces of Chicken Food for my Chicken, and the next day it
was gone! What happened?
A. Chicken Food automatically disappears in the morning, even if not

0.3	Thank Yous
First, I would like to thank Marvelous/ Natsume /Rising Star
(depending on where you live) and Nintendo for creating this wonderful
series! Second, I would like to thank all my friends who contributed
information to this account. Last, but definitely not least, I would
like to thank my friend (who chose to be anonymous) for telling me
what she did on Harvest Moon everyday, and listen to me while I told
her. :D

0.4	Animals Versus Crops
I thought here I would list some of the pros and cons of animals and
crops.It is best to farm as much as you can, but if you are stretched
for time or space, this may help you decide what to do:
Last for several years
Give produce almost everyday
Cute companions
Can enter in Contests
Must feed everyday
Require lots of care
The Sheds they live in can cost a bit at first, and take up valuable

Don't eat
Take up little room
Can be planted in many areas around town
Wide variety
Many are worth good amounts of gold once they are leveled up
Need to be water on all sunny days
Can't grow in Winter
No Contests (except for the Cooking Contest, but that is different)

0.5	Coming Next
I will finish what I have right now. Namely, the price guide and crop
calculator. I am adding to the crop section, however, and a bit of the
animal section. Goal for this stuff: February.

    A     N    N IIIIIII M     M     A     L
   A A    NN   N    I    MM   MM    A A    L        SSS
  A   A   N N  N    I    M M M M   A   A   L       S
 AAAAAAA  N  N N    I    M  M  M  AAAAAAA  L        S
A       A N   NN IIIIIII M     M A       A LLLLL SSS

1.0	Animal Introduction
Now it's time to talk about animals! There are many types of animal,
and they all do different things! If you are just starting out, I
recommend getting a Chicken, then using its' eggs to make more
Chickens for free! (Info on how in the Chicken section). PLEASE

1.1 Animal Food and Sheds
Okay, here are the basics. Chickens and Ducks live in Bird Sheds. Cows
and Sheep live in Animal Sheds.Four animals can fit in each shed. It
can be any combination as long as it can live in that shed. e.i. two
Ducks and two Chickens is okay in a Bird Shed; but don't have a Duck,
a Sheep, and two Cows in a Animal Shed! Also, after you get the horse,
it lives in the Stable next to your house; it never has to go inside
if you don't want. The Dog and Cat don't have to go inside, but they
can live anywhere. (If you put them in a Bird or Animal Shed, the
animals in the shed may become unhappy).
Also, animals (except for the Horse, Dog, and Cat) need to eat!
Animals that live in Bird Houses need to eat Bird Feed. It
automatically goes into the red box in the back of the shed. Press the
A button to take a stack of Bird Feed out, put it in the brown boxes,
then press A next to it again to put the rest of it back. For Animal
Barn animals, it is a bit trickier. First, you need a Silo. This is
where the food is stored. Thou use the same concept to feed your
Animal Shed animals as your Bird Shed animals. Plus, animal food is
called animal fodder. Also, if you plant grass seeds outside, Cows and
Sheep will eat the mature grass, or you can cut it and it turns to
fodder. Chickens and Ducks will find their own food if left outside
for a couple hours. This is great if you are low on food! And
Here is a simple diagram:

Chicken\                             Cow\
        Bird Shed and Bird Feed          Animal Shed and Animal Fodder
   Duck/                           Sheep/

1.2 Animal Happiness
The #1 rule about animals, keep them happy! To keep animals happy here
is what you need to do:
Ducks and Chickens:
Pick them up once a day
Put them out side on sunny days
Feed them or put them outside
Give them medicine when they are sick
Cows and Sheep:
Talk to/Pet using Touch Screen/Brush everyday
Put outside on sunny days
Feed them or put them outside with some mature grass
Give them medicine when they are sick
Milk/Shear them everyday (I'm going to leave which one needs which up
to you).
Horse/Dog/Cat Please note these animals do not need to be kept happy,
but this will raise their love points for you
Brush/Talk to/Ride your Horse each day
Pet them all (Horse needs to use the Touch Screen)
Put them outside on sunny days

Animal Happiness is important for these four reasons:
1. An animal that is unhappy for 2-3 days becomes sick, and if not
healed by (1000G) medicine in a few days (still unconfirmed amount)
they will die!
2. The happier an animal is, the more its love points go up.
3. The more love points an animal has the large produce it creates. e.i
a cow with max love points gives large milk while one with low love
points gives small milk. And, the bigger it is, the higher amount of
gold it ships for.
4. Unhappy animals do not create produce. e.i an unhappy chicken lays
no eggs.
If you do the things to make an animal happy listed above inside if
possible, no game time will pass, so try to do as much as possible

1.3 The Touch Screen and Animals
The DS's Touch Screen has revolutionized RPG (role-playing-
game)farming. You can know buy the Touch Glove accessory from Popuri at
Poultry Farm. It only costs 1000G. If you put it into the blue slot of
your Rusack, then press the A button next to an animal, any animal on
your farm, to pet it. It opens a mini-game on the touch screen. Simply
rub the animal very quickly with the stylus to pet it! Each animal has
its own spots that it likes or dislike to be pet. Try to get a higher
score, which increases more love points. Your high score goes onto your
Farm Info page, too. Also, if you hold the brush and Touch Glove, then
you the brush, you unlock the same thing. The only difference is the
petting game is set for 10.00 seconds, but the brushing can go on as
long as you want! And you get bubbles, too. The same works for the
Sheers and Milker. (I will tell you more about these soon.)

1.4 Dog
Price: Free with Farm
Produce/Purpose: Chases wild dogs off your farm at night, which keeps
your animals safe and happy. * You have to train the dog using the
ball, first.
Lives: The Dog can really sleep anywhere. If he sleeps in a Bird or
Animal Barn, he could cause the other animals in the barn to become
unhappy. I suggest he lives in your house or the Stable.
Life Expectancy: The Dog lives forever.
Eats: Nothing
Festival Info: None
Growth and Birth: None
Cautions: The Dog can be trapped in your walls, under your
refrigerator, under the table, or a few other places. If you order a
new house item, or are rebuilding your house, put your Dog outside
until the item has come or the remodel is over.
Glitches: If you have the Ghost Town Glitch, which is when everyone in
town disappears and the doors are locked, simply throw the Dog's ball
into the water. The mayor will come in a few days to return the ball,
and everyone else will return.

1.5 Cat
Price: Free with Farm
Produce/Purpose: It has no purpose at first glance, but it does have a
purpose. It has a cute picture when pet. Also, when you pet it, you get
points on your invisible Farm Degree.
Lives: The Cat can really live anywhere. It is still unconfirmed if the
Cat makes animals it sleeps with unhappy.
Life Expectancy: The Cat lives forever.
Eats: Nothing.
Festival Info: None
Growth and Birth: None
Cautions: The Cat can be trapped in your walls, under your
refrigerator, under the table, or a few other places. If you order a
new house item, or are rebuilding your house, put your Cat outside
until the item has come or the remodel is over.
Glitches: No glitches involving the Cat have been discovered yet.

1.6 Horse
Price: Free. Takakura gives you the Horse after you ship 1000 items. He
will tell you he found it and has no room on his farm for it. (He lives
on YOUR farm!)
Produce/Purpose: You can ride it faster than you can walk. You can ship
items by putting them in the Horse's Saddlebags.
Lives: The Horse lives in the Stable, which is on your farm when you
Life Expectancy: The Horse lives forever.
Eats: Your Chickens. Just kidding! He doesn't eat.
Festival Info: None.
Growth and Birth: None
Cautions: If you dismount your Horse, he immediately starts to wander.
He can be hard to catch up with, or find, so keep an eye on him.
Glitches: Infinite "Cow" Milk:
Use your Brush. Halfway, through, drag the Milker over the Brush and
your start to Milk your Horse. So far, the Milk I have gotten has been
level 1,3, or 4. You can sell it just like Cow Milk. * Shifty Eyes *
and no one will ever tell the difference. Heh Heh Heh.

1.7 Cattle (Cows)
Price: 5000G for Cow 3500G for Cow Miracle Potion
Produce/Purpose: Milk. You get Small Milk by using the Milker alone, or
get bigger Milk using the Touch Glove and Milker.
Lives: In the Animal Shed.
Life Expectancy: Cows live for around 5-7 years.
Eats: Animal Fodder. If put outside with mature Grass, they will only
need to eat that, instead.
Festival Info: The Cow Festival is on Summer 20. To win, your Cow must
have 9 or 10 hearts. That means it must have almost max love points. A
Cow can only enter a contest if it is the Cow's first time, it is not
pregnant, and is happy. If the Cow wins, it goes up a level. It is
still unconfirmed if a higher level means that you get more Milk using
only the Milker.
Growth and Birth: A Cow becomes pregnant if you give it a Cow Miracle
Potion. It will be pregnant for about 21 days. During this time, it
cannot leave the Barn, and has to be feed everyday. Only one animal can
be pregnant at once in an Animal Shed, but if you have to Sheds, one
can be pregnant in each one. When a Calf is born, it will be the level
of its parent and have 2 hearts. After about 1-2 weeks, the Calf
becomes a Young Cow. On the Touch Screen, the Young Cow will be smaller
than a Cow, and has no Udders. After about another 1 week or so, it
will be an adult. Also, the Calf has a 75% chance of being the color of
the parent.
Cautions: As long as you don't do anything to upset the Cow, it should
be fine.
Glitches: No glitches involving the Cow have been discovered.

1.8 Sheep

Price: 4000G for Sheep 3000G for Sheep Miracle Potion
Produce/Purpose: Wool. You get Small Wool by using the Shears alone.
You can get up to 4 pieces of Small Wool per Sheep this way. OR, you
can use the Shears and Touch Glove to get bigger Wool. (Up to a Large
and two Smalls a Sheep. Wool grows only every 7-8 days.
Lives: In the Animal Shed.
Life Expectancy: Sheep live for around 3-5 years.
Eats: Animal Fodder. If put outside with mature Grass, it will eat
that, instead.
Festival Info: The Sheep Festival is on Fall 21. To win, your Sheep has
to have 9-10 hearts. That means almost max love points. A Sheep can
enter if it is its first time, is happy, not pregnant, and has all of
its Wool. If it wins, it goes up a level.
Growth and Birth: A Sheep becomes pregnant if you give it a Sheep
Miracle Potion. It can be used on happy, adult Sheep that have all
their Wool. The Sheep will then be pregnant for about 21 days. During
this time, it will not be able to go outside, and needs food and care
everyday. Then, a baby Sheep will be born! I don't yet know its life
stages, but I will very soon!
Cautions: As long as you do nothing to upset the Sheep, it will be
Glitches: Infinite Sheep Wool:
1. Rub between the Sheep's legs until S appears in the box. Quit.
2. Rub the Sheep's head and the area around the Sheep's head until it
says S again. Quit again.
3. Rub around the Sheep's tail until you see the S again. Quit again.
4. Rub the Wool in the middle of the Sheep until you see the S again.
Quit again.
5. Now, the Wool between the legs is back, and the Wool on the back
legs is gone! Rub off the Wool between the legs again. Quit again.
6. Rub the Wool off the middle of the Sheep until it reaches S again.
Quit again.
7. The middle Wool and leg Wool is back! Rub off the Wool between the
legs again.
8. Return to step 4 and repeat!
Remember, you should do this inside to keep time from passing. And, you
can eat whenever you want, and return to where you left off.

1.9 Chickens

Price: 1000G
Produce/Purpose: Eggs.
Lives: In the Bird Shed.
Life Expectancy: Chickens live for about 1-3 years.
Eats: Bird Feed. If left outside for a few hours, it will find its own
Festival Info: The Chicken Festival is on Summer 7. Any happy adult
Chicken can enter, as long as this is its first time. To win, it needs
to have 9 to 10 hearts, meaning almost max love points. If it does win,
it goes up a level.
Growth and Birth: It doesn't take much to have a new Chicken. Simply
put a Chicken Egg in the Incubator, located on the left wall of your
Bird Shed. In 3 days, the egg will hatch into a Chick. The Chick will
be the level of its parent, and have 2 hearts. It won't need to eat,
either. After 7 days, it will become an Adult Chicken and lay eggs. If
you are trying to get a leveled up Chicken, but can't tell whose egg is
whose, follow these steps:
1. Walk into the Shed.
2. Pick one Chicken; remember which egg it is sitting on.
3. Look in your Rucksack, is it the Chicken you were looking for?
4. If it is, put the egg it was sitting on in the Incubator. If not,
try again tomorrow!
Cautions: Just keep your little Chickens happy and they'll be fine.
Glitches: There are no glitches involving Chickens.

1.10 Ducks

Price: 1500G (Must have the Duck Pond)
Produce/Purpose: Eggs. *Ducks' Eggs are worth more than Chicken Eggs,
but are only laid every other day.
Lives: In the Bird Shed.
Life Expectancy: Ducks live for 2-4 years.
Eats: Ducks eat Bird Feed. If left outside, they find their own food
within a few hours.
Festival Info: The Duck Festival is held on Spring 18 every year. To
enter, a Duck has to never have entered before, be happy, and be an
adult. To win, it needs to have 9-10 hearts, which is near max love
points. If it wins, it gains a level.
Growth and Birth: To hatch an adorable baby ducky, just put a Duck egg
in the Incubator located on the left side of the Bird Shed. In 3 days,
it hatches into a cute gray puffball. In 7 more days, it grows into an
adult Duck. A Duck born on your farm will be born at the level of its
parent, and have 2 hearts. It insure that you hatch an egg from the
correct Duck, follow these directions:
1. Walk into the Shed.
2. Pick one Duck; remember which egg it is sitting on.
3. Look in your Rucksack, is it the Duck you wanted?
4. If so, put the egg it was on in the Incubator; if not, try again

1.11 Recommendations

Starting the game:
Buy 1 Chicken. Incubate the eggs until you have 4. Then, buy more

Cow and Sheep Miracle Potions:
For Cows, unless you are leveling up your Cows, I would just buy
another Cow. Because, the money it costs to feed it is more than the
money you save on the Potion. Plus, you get no Milk during that time.
For Sheep, it can go either way. You don't save any money, but you only
lose 2-3 Wool-clipping sessions.

Put Lumber around your Animal and Bird Shed. Make sure it goes all the
way around. This will keep your animals from wandering around your
farm, cutting the time it takes to put them inside down considerably.
Make sure that Cows and Sheep can reach mature Grass, and that Ducks
can reach their Pond.

Duck Pond:
I would recommend getting the Duck Pond during year 2 or 3. During
Winter is the best time, as you are not very busy. I would have the
Orange Harvest Sprite team gather the amount of Stone (600) you need.
Then, call Gotz and have him build it to you for 100,000G. You're Ducks
will be happiest if they have access to the Pond, so put it in their

CC    RR   R OO   OO PP    P SS
CC    RRR    OO   OO PP        SS

2.0	Introduction for Crops

Crops are very important on your farm. All they require is daily
watering, and Tadaaaaa! You have crops! Just read the info about the
type of crop you want. Please note this will not be organized like the
animal section, as plants are different than animals, obviously.

2.1 Watering

You have to water crops everyday. There are two exceptions:
1. When it rains
2. A tree once it is in sapling stage.
To fill your Watering Can, just go up to any water, even the Duck Pond,
and use the can. It will fill up. To water, just use it next to
unwatered, tilled land. You can also hire the Light Blue Harvest
Sprites to water every square of tilled land, including those with
crops on them. The squares must be in the areas you hired them to work
in, and must be outside. That's it for watering, pretty easy, huh?

2.1 Ground Crops

These are the crops you grow outside and on your field. Some examples
would be potatoes or strawberries. They grow in different stages until
they grow the produce. Some disappear once you pick them, but some
return to a certain stage, and then continue growing. These crops will
need to be watered everyday, unless it is raining. The Light Blue
Harvest Sprites can be hired to water these for you. These are the most
common type of crops. Also, you start out with a couple bags of Turnip
Seeds, plant them immediately, they will be one of your main income
sources at the very beginning of the game.
Planting: Till a 3x3 square of land. Stand in the middle, and then use
the Seed Bag.
Purchasing: These can be bought from the Supermarket, Vesta, or the
Harvest Sprites. Each sell different ones. They all cost different

2.3 Trees

Trees are my personal favorite crop. You start out with one Peach Tree
in the middle of your farm. This is what a mature Tree looks like.
Trees also stay where they are planted forever, unless you cut them
down. Trees go through many stages:
1. Seeds in the ground. You have to water these.
2. Sapling. You won't have to water these.
3 and 4. Middle tree. You don't have to water these, they look almost
grown up.
5. Mature tree. Bears fruit. Doesn't need water.
A mature Tree will have flowers on it the season before it bears fruit.
Then, it will have one fruit on it. Pick the fruit. After a few days,
the fruit will grow back. Here are the grow times for each type of
tree: (Please keep in mind that treed go dormant in Winter, and stop
Banana: 40 Days
Orange: 43 Days
Apple: 52 Days
Grape: 58 Days
Peach: 58 Days
Planting: Till a 2x2 space of land. Stand in the upper left corner. Use
the bag of seeds. You will only have to water it until it becomes a
Purchasing: These can be bought only from Vesta. They cost in the low
thousands of Gold.

2.4 Basement Crops:

Basement Crops are very similar to ground crops. Here are the
They are underground, in your basement.
They can be grown any season.
They need daily watering.
They can't be watered by Sprites.
The Basements also are different than normal land. First off, you will
need the third Mine. In the floors ending in 1,2,3 and 4, you can find
the Seasonal Suns. You will need 1 of those for each floor of your
Basement. (You can have three floors). Okay, lets say you find a Fall
Sun. Ask Gotz to build you a Basement. (You must have your House
upgraded first) Then, when it is done, put the Fall Sun in the Sun
Holder. Now, you can plant any Fall crops on this floor!
Things to remember: These need daily watering. If one Basement
collapses, so do the ones under it. If a Sun is removed, the crops on
that floor die. Suns can be switched at any time. On the third Basement
is a water patch for filling your watering can.
Planting: The same as Ground Crops.
Purchasing: Use the same seeds as Ground Crops.

2.5 Mushrooms

You can even plant Mushrooms! Here are the steps:
1. By a Maker Shed and a Mushroom Shed.
2. Find Mushrooms in the wild or buy Shiitake seeds from Vesta.
3. Put the Mushrooms in the Seed Maker. (Well, you have to buy that for
the Maker Shed first.)
4. Put a piece of Lumber on one of the pallets in the Mushroom Shed.
5. Sow the Mushroom Seeds on the Lumber.
6. Water everyday.
7. Harvest after a while.
The longer you leave the Mushrooms, the bigger they grow! To get rid of
a Mushroom, just Hammer the Lumber. You have 6 pallets in the Shed,
too. Here are the grow times for the three Mushrooms:
Shiitake: 35 days for Small
Matsutake: 59 days for Small
Toadstool: 42 days for Small

2.6 The Different Fields

There are several different Fields. They all have different growth
Slow Growth: The fields in the main part of the Valley, the fields by
Turtle Pond, and the Circus Grounds
Normal Growth: Your Farm and Basements
Fast Growth: The Goddess Pond and Mine Fields (heh heh)
Super Growth: Hidden Field behind the Waterfall. Use the Legendary
Sword to break the rock blocking your way. It is in a cave, so you must
water every day

Slow Growth will slow down the growth of crops by a day or two.
Normal Growth is just the normal growth time.
Fast Growth will speed the grow time by one day.
Super Growth will speed it up by two days.
Please note that the regrowth time is the same, just the original
growing time changes. The only exception seems to be Sweet Potatoes.

2.7 Leveling Up Crops

What you need:
A Maker Shed with Seed Maker
Watering Can
Two bags of Seeds


First, plant the two bags of seeds on top of each other. Water them
every day until they mature. Harvest them. Some will be level 1, and
some will be level 2. To check, look at them in the Rucksack. Sell all
the level 1 crops. Then, put the level 2 crops in the Seed Maker. Plant
the level two crops over each other like with the originals. Lather,
Rinse, and Repeat. Seeds can go up to level 100, and their price goes
up the higher level they are.


You will also need Mythic or higher Axe

First, plant two bags of seeds on top of each other. Water the tree
until it becomes a sapling. When it matures, pick fruit. Turn the first
2 into seeds, as long as they are level 2, plant them over each other.
Let the other tree live the rest of the season, so you can sell its
fruit, or you can use it in recipes. Repeat.

2.8 Giant Crops

Ground Crops have an additional feature. Giant Crops! There is a random
1 in 255 chance of a crop becoming Giant. Since you can't pick it
yourself, because it is four times the size of a normal crop, Thomas
and some Sprites from Mineral Town pick it for you. It sells for 10
times the normal price. If you want to get a giant crop, but aren't
have any luck, save the night before crops mature, and keep reloading
until you have a Giant Crop.

2.9 Recommendations

Starting your Game:
Immediately plant the seeds you start with, and then grow those. Mine
until you can afford a Chicken and Bird Barn.

Cows and Sheep:
Plant grass seeds before you buy your Cow or Sheep, so the Fodder will
be ready when you first get the animal.

Plant Trees on a large field you aren't using for Crops. I like to use
the Mine Fields, because I don't use them often, and Trees take a long
time to grow.

3.0	List of Wild Crops

Please note the Wild Crops are in the following order: Spring, Summer,
Fall, Winter then mixed. This does not include anything found the
Mines, or any flowers and mushrooms:

Item Name    | Season  | Price at level 1|
Bamboo Shoots| Spring  | 50G             |
Yellow Grass | Spring  | 120G            |
Wild Grapes  | Summer  | 50G             |
Blue Grass   | Summer  | 100G            |
Green Grass  | Summer  | 100G            |
Indigo Grass | Summer  | 100G            |
Purple Grass | Summer  | 120G            |
White Grass  | Winter  | 150G            |
Red Grass    | SU+FA   | 110G            |
Orange Grass | SP+FA   | 100G            |

That's all, folks.

3.1 List of Spring Crops

Please note this doesn't include Wild Crops and does include Spring
flowers: * Growth time is in a Normal field *

Item Name   | Regrowth  | Price at level 1 | Growth Time|
Turnip      | N/A       | 60G              | 5 Days     |
Potato      | N/A       | 80G              | 8 Days     |
My fav food |           |                  |            |
Strawberry  | 2 Days    | 30G              | 7 Days     |
Cucumber    | 2 Days    | 60G              | 8 Days     |
Cabbage     | N/A       | 250G             | 15 Days    |
Moondrop    | N/A       | 60G              | 7 Days     |
Flower      |           |                  |            |
Toy Flower  | N/A       | 130G             | 13 Days    |

3.2 List Summer Crops

Please note this doesn't include Wild Crops, and does include Summer
flowers. Trees regrow time is unconfirmed, but they stay until cut
down. The growth time is in a Normal field:

Item Name  | Regrowth  | Price at level 1 | Growth Time|
Tomato     | 3 Days    | 60G              | 10 Days    |
Onion      | N/A       | 80G              | 8 Days     |
Corn       | 3 Days    | 100G             | 15 Days    |
Pumpkin    | N/A       | 250G             | 15 Days    |
Pineapple  | 5 Days    | 500G  :O         | 21 Days    |
Pinkcat    | N/A       | 70G              | 7 Days     |
Flower     |           |                  |            |
Peach~Tree |Unconfirmed| 250G             | 58 Days    |
Banana~Tree|Unconfirmed| 300G             | 40 Days    |
Orange~Tree|Unconfirmed| 200G             | 43 Days    |

3.3 List of Fall Crops

Please note this doesn't include Wild Crops, and does include Fall
flowers and Trees, though their regrowth time is unconfirmed. Also,
Yams are Sweet Potatoes, and Magic Flowers can be Blue, or the rarer

Item Name   | Regrowth  | Price at level 1 | Growth Time|
Eggplant    | 3 Days    | 80G              | 10 Days    |
Spinach     | N/A       | 80G              | 6 Days     |
Carrot      | N/A       | 120G             | 8 Days     |
Yam         | 2 Days    | 100G             | 6 Days     |
Pepper      | 2 Days    | 40G              | 8 Days     |
Magic Flower| N/A       | Blue = 80G       | 11 Days    |
Red+Blue    |           | Red = 200G       |            |

3.4 List of Winter Crops

No Crops can grow in Winter!

3.5 List of Animal Produce
Please note that some of these items can be obtained only using Maker
Machines, but only the Animal that produce the item needed is noted.

Item Name          | Animal     | Price |
Small Chicken Egg  | Chicken    | 50G   |
Medium Chicken Egg | Chicken    | 60G   |
Large Chicken Egg  | Chicken    | 80G   |
Small Duck Egg     | Duck       | 80G   |
Medium Duck Egg    | Duck       | 100G  |
Large Duck Egg     | Duck       | 150G  |
Small Milk         | Cow        | 100G  |
Medium Milk        | Cow        | 150G  |
Large Milk         | Cow        | 200G  |
Small Wool         | Sheep      | 100G  |
Medium Wool        | Sheep      | 400G  |
Large Wool         | Sheep      | 500G  |
Small Mayonnaise   |Chicken/Duck| 100G  |
Medium Mayonnaise  |Chicken/Duck| 150G  |
Large Mayonnaise   |Chicken/Duck| 200G  |
Small Cheese       | Cow        | 300G  |
Medium Cheese      | Cow        | 400G  |
Large Cheese       | Cow        | 500G  |
Small Yogurt       | Cow        | 150G  |
Medium Yogurt      | Cow        | 200G  |
Large Yogurt       | Cow        | 300G  |
Small Yarn         | Sheep      | 300G  |
Medium Yarn        | Sheep      | 700G  |
Large Yarn         | Sheep      | 800G  |
Spa-Boiled Egg     |Chicken/Duck| 80G   |

3.6 List of Mine Items
Please note this does include items in the entrance area, and items in
the ground such as Black Grass. Also not that where it says "Obtaining
Item" it refers to whether the item is found in the entrance area, the
rocks in the mine, or under the ground in the Mine:

Item Name        | Obtaining Item    | Price of Item |

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