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Money Making FAQ by TripleJump
Copyright (c) 2007-2009 TripleJump
Created: February 19th, 2007
Last Updated: July 20, 2009


1. Introduction
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Income
4. Expenses
5. The Billion Gold Glitch
6. Credits


Hello my good reader, welcome to another TripleJump FAQ, I'm sure you are sick
and tired of them by now, but please bear with me. As this one hopefully won't
be as miserable for a failure as the last few :P. This FAQ is for the game
Harvest Moon: DS. A Money FAQ, more specifically. You may know me as "JMM" from
Ushi No Tane Forums. Where I frequently type up help guides. I wrote this ages
ago, and decided to revamp it a little and submit it to GameFAQs and other sites
I contribute to.

I first got addicted to this game series by the Friends of Mineral Town Harvest
Moon game, and what wasn't to like? You got to run your own farm, going around
town and sell things to the people. In addition, you can raise animals, get
married and make friends. After that classic, I picked up A Wonderful Life
as a reward for such a nice report card. (A in everything but Art and P.E.,
which were B's!) I enjoyed it thoroughly. I mean, I had a sleepover, and that
is the only game we played, from 7:00PM-4:30AM. A couple months later I nabbed
AnWL for my birthday, and a long time later, I picked up this game.

You can send me an email if you have a question at:
triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com. However, PLEASE keep it money making related,
I am not a total HMDS master. If you want info on other aspects, please view as it is a wonderful site jampacked with information on the


I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all the readers out there who voted
and made this guide a reccomended guide, giving it the star status by the name.
You are the reason I write FAQs!


These are commonly asked questions I have received in email. Check this section
before emailing me about it, and if it still isn't there, read the rest of the
FAQ because it is loaded with information.

Q. How do I unlock Van?
A. Van will come to the Inn on days that end in a 3 or 8. He will be upstairs at
the back at 11:00AM, and you can sell him items that can't be sold normally.

Q. How do I unlock the Casino?
A. There are a few sprites you need to unlock to get the Casino. After the first
ever 8th of spring, attempt to walk across the bridge to Vesta's farm. You will
find the first Sprite which unlocks the casino.

However, you will still need to get more sprites to play the games. You find
one in the well to the left of Griffin's bar if you search it on the right side
of the well. Another is in the stove in the area behind the Inn (jump over the
fence) and the last is in the fountain at Romana's. Search the fountain by going
to the front (bottom) of it.

Q. How do I win for sure at the Casino?
A. You don't, its all based on chance and probability.

Q. How do I get a better price from Van?
A. Start selling an item and when he names his price, don't sell, then try to
sell again. It might go down, it might go up or it might stay the same. Who
knows what it will do?

Q. Why can't I do the glitch?
A. Some games can't do the glitch unfortunately.

Q. How do I level crops?
A. You level crops by planting more than one bag of seeds on the same soil.
There's a chance it will be higher level when it grows (see description of crop
after harvest). To get higher level seeds you will need the Seed Maker and the
higher level crops.

Q. How do I get higher level milk?
A. You have to use the touch screen glove and milk the cows by hand. If you do
it fast enough, it will level to medium at 10,000 and Large at 22,500 points.
Thanks to Cassandra Ellefson and Nakaylia Henry, both whom pointed a number
higher than this out but prompted me to do a check and figure out it was 22,500.

Q. How do I get the mines?
A. Go to Flora and Carter's excavation site. Bring the hammer and go late at
night (past 9:00) and have the hammer equipped. Go inside the excavation site
and Carter will be there and he will tell you to smash the wall and open the
mine. This is how to get the first one out of four. To get the rest, you have to
go to the bottom floor of the mines one by one and then go back to the
excavation site at the same time and place with the Hammer equipped to trigger
the same scene only about the second mine.

Q. Fodder Glitch Question?
A. Read the expenses section, it has been probably answered there in this


This section is devoted to finding ways to improve your income. Simple things
such as finding more items and turning products into better ones is what this is
all about.


- Try to use the ones that are from the casino. You can start with 100-200
medals and easily  make it to 100000 medals, then just purchase a ton of the
crop seeds and set the sprites off. Little fee, big results. Be sure to lend a
bit of a hand sometimes to water. Make sure to either



Or if you prefer the sprites to harvest, then make sure to put the full crop

- Try to boost the crop levels big time. This will pay off nicely. Also, plant
in the Super Field. This reduces the gaps between the crops that can reproduce
every 2 days to every day.

- Thanks to the basements, you can have a lot of different seasoned crops going
at the same time. This can help, as you can make a really good crop all season

- Filling the whole fields is a good mass maker strategy. But requires massive
sprite affection and help. Be sure to plan it out well beforehand. So you always
have waterers and harvesters.

- BAP points out that fruits and veggies sell for more as seeds. Turn them into
seeds and sell to Van.

- Dotcow says that you should level pineapples up. At level 20 they sell for
300K a piece.


- Get the little grasses and items that grow. Selling to Van may be more
profitable than shipping  to Thomas, I am not sure which way is better. They
appear around the fields at random, and if you keep the public fields clean
(selling the weeds and rocks in the process) you can get more each day.

Casino Abusing

- Get some medals, play a game, win, then double until you have enough medals to
buy the Red Cloak (some 64 thousand). Sell it to Van for 400K-600K. Then rinse
and repeat.

- The Casino also is good to get more items for cheap from. The medals are
simple to double. Unfortunately, there isn't a sure fire way to beat the casino.
So you are stuck with luck. It can get frustrating at times.

- Chiken20 tells me that instead of getting a Red Cloak, you can instead get the
Friendship Bangle and sell it for 34000G, it's easier to reproduce as it
only costs 5000 Medals instead of 64000.


- Save inside the excavation site. Dig up an item, reload and go to the same
spot. Dig it up. Save and continue. Find another one, reload, and repeat. When
every spot is checked, exit, come back in, save and continue. The items at this
site are worth around 2,000G each. A pretty penny when you have a rucksack full
of them.

This is the same thing, but has a lot more detail. Thanks to Failisse:

To get A LOT of gold at one time, my suggestion is that you go to the dig site
(Where you find jewelry, ect) at the beginning of the day (6 am); make sure you
have 100 stamina and 0 fatigue as well as 4 bodigizers or an equivalent of 10
indigo grasses.

- Save when you enter dig site, and begin digging with hoe until you find an
item (jewelry, ect).

- When you find the first item, DO NOT SAVE; remember where that item is, and

- Find the item spot and dig ONCE to get the item.

-Save once you have it and THEN continue digging.

- Once you find another item, remember the place, reload, and dig ONCE again,
only where you found the item.

- Repeat process, until you have searched entire cave and found no more items
(By doing it this way you save A LOT of stamina; one dig= 2 stamina points gone)

- After that cave is finished, QUICKLY run out and then back in so you donít
lose time.

- Then repeat process over again, until you have cleared enough caves, that your
stamina is at 0 or -2 (fatigue 2).

- This is the time to use your bodigizer or grasses. Drink 2 bodigizers, or an
equivalent of 5 indigo grasses (NOTE: Indigo grasses boost you 20 Stamina points
up);  then repeat process until you have used up all bodigizers and or indigo

- After you have collected enough items at the dig site, go to Vanís shop at 10
am (on a day Van is there), go up to his booth, SAVE, and THEN sell items, for
as high a price as you can get them. If Van does not offer the amount of gold
you want, say ďdonít sellĒ, and try again after trying to sell another item.

- Try selling him your dig site items until you get the desired price.
Sell ALL of them, and youíll get A TON of money. Just be sure to save ONLY AFTER
you get the amount of gold you want.



All sell for 2,000 gold each. An example Iíll give of my profit is this:

I sold 6 broaches for 19,000 gold for all of them: The original price, if I had
shipped them would have been this :

6 x 2,000= 12,000 gold

So basically I got an extra 7,000 gold for ONLY those items, I got A LOT more
money by selling the rest of the dig site items for high prices. Overall, I got
about 200,000 gold by selling only 8 earrings, 6 broaches, 8 necklaces,
5 bracelets, and 11 skin lotions.

WORTH IT. I am only on my 14th day of Summer, in Year 1, and I have already my
animal and bird barn, as well as a pond; with one sheep, one cow, two chickens,
and one duck. And I am currently having my house upgraded. I have a LOT of other
things that I was able to gain by using this strategy of fast money making. It
is a good strategy for people who are just starting the game, and want to obtain
money fast for whatever reason.


- Getting the Alexandrite and Pink Diamonds at the floors of the second mine
that are multiples of 3 or 10 and floor 100 or lower over and over again, then
selling to Van is a very good money making idea. But it is very real life time
consuming. Bring Bodigers and Turbojolts. Use the save and reload trick a lot to
ensure falling on the right floors, also, using the save and reboot the system
to get rid of the monsters is a good idea.

- Selling the cursed items that you can find in the mine is profitable from.
Better after you bless them though. Sell to Van.

- Using the Miracle Gloves, you can sell anything you get in the mine by
it on the ground. Although selling the Miracle Gloves would be a better idea for
profit, if you have them.


- Catch as many as you can and sell to Van. You can also hire the sprites
to work for you as this. Getting all of them to do it is profitable. Pirate
Treasures and Fish Fossils are reccomended. When available.


- Buy a chicken, raise it to a decent level of affection. Then incubate an egg.
Ship the eggs in between hatching and whenever there is an incubation open, put
an egg in.  Then as a chicken hatches, raise it to a grown chicken, then sell to
the poultry farm. Easy money.

- Cows are a self-sustaining group of animals. Make a fenced in area. Mine looks
like a barn, with a silo, then the bird barn nearby. Then the whole place is
surrounded completely by stone fence. Put grass squares in. I have roughly 60-70
squares of grass  and 4 cows. I leave the cows outside. The grass regrows at a
rate that they will never go hungry. Be sure to brush, touch and talk to them.
Ship the  milk. Cows are more profitable than sheep, in my opinion. (This
paragraph was written long ago.)

************************** MAJOR MONEY MAKER BELOW!
The major cow scam is a great way to rake in dough. There is a glitch, instead
of leveling up your milker one level at a time (it takes years), you can get it
by leveling it up to level 1. The Bar goes up little by little each time you
use it, you don't even have to use it on the cows. After they are at level 1,
each use makes it go up by 1 level. That's really easy. As you have a level 99
milker, you get 100 milks per use. Or if you use the touch screen to increase
the size, you get 99 milks that are larger.

So, here is what you do: Get as many cows as you can and raise them until they
are large enough to give milk. Use the milker on them to get massive amounts of
milk. Turn those milks into Cheese with the maker. If you have 10 cows, you can
get up to 297,000G a day with just medium milk. A very good way to make cash.
That's 8,910,000G a season and 35,640,000G a year. Easy as pie!
************************** END MAJOR MONEY MAKER

- There is also a glitch where you can milk your horse. Here it is, it's by
"TheJelloFarmer" of Ushi No Tane forums:
Step 1. Without the touch glove, brush your horse
Step 2. While the Brushing switch tool for milker or shears
Step 3. You get the milk, some say they get a higher lvl milk than usual.
This can be used on sheep and any brushable animals. It can be done infinite
times a day. It's a good one, but still a glitch. I don't like glitches much.


- In the long run, tree's can pay off. Plant them around the parks throughout
town in area's that grow few forageable plants, and mostly weeds. Get the fruit
a year or two later. The reason these are planted in other areas is so that you
save farmland for crops.

Low Income Strategies

- While plucking weed's and junk from your fields, pocket them. Then sell them.
It merits 1G for each one. It may be a rip off, but it's better than nothing.
With the amount of room the rucksack has, there is little loss.

- If you are coming to winter soon, mow your grass over and sell some of the
fodder. These strategies are for bums, but who cares.

- If you are desperate for dough, sell all your fodder and animals and items
that you do not need. This is only for DESPERATE Folks. I mean if you need money
for a thing before a certain date, not because you are out. Money will come back
in days. It just takes time.


The last section was about trying to make more money, this is about trying to
save more money but cutting down on prices.

Seeds and Items
- If possible, get from the sprite's casino for medals. Which are easier to
reproduce than money.


- Easily the most money saving option, but still some reliablility is wood. You
can avoid storms by saving every night before bed, then checking the weather in
the morning. If it looks bad, reload. Otherwise, Stone is the best option.

************************* GREAT TRICK HERE!
- However, there is a trick that I learned on the UNoT Forums that isn't a
glitch, and is very sneaky. If you buy a cheap fodder building and put a cat or
dog pet inside, it will not collapse. Ever. Why? Pet's cannot die. So you can
have a fodder building for years!


Some newer versions of the games fix this glitch, and several people have sent
me emails saying that it will still fall if they put pets in it. To get your
pets back, build another version of the same building and it will be inside of
it. Thanks for Susan Powell who discovered that it will come back by rebuilding
it. She was also the first to point it out, but Timeleaper also pointed this out
which prompted a much needed update.

Also, The Werf has told me that if you hold your pet before going to bed in the
building, it's much less likely to fall. He has no evidence, but a test he did
shows that it has gone less if you pick up and drop the pet inside. We should be
doing this anyway if our pets are inside.

************************* END GREAT TRICK!

- Wood is good, but not to be relied on. It will go bad in a storm or two.

- Fodder is a terrible option, unless you use the great trick above. It isn't
even certain that it will survive a sunny day.

- Gold Lumber is the best option. It will never go bad. But it is very expensive
and not reccomended. Use Stone instead. It has about a 1/100 chance of being
destroyed in a storm.

- Buy the buildings as they are needed, not wanted. Exceptions being Barns and
Coops. If you will spend a fortune on a maker house, and you don't have anything
to turn into with the makers (or Adamantite, for that matter) why bother?


- From the start, you shouldn't upgrade them all until you can upgrade straight
to Mystrile or Gold. That way, you save a whole lot of money. However, sometime
you will have to get those stumps and boulders. Always remember to not do the
tools one level by one level. Upgrade as needed, not wanted. Try saving the Hoe
and Hammer for later. As you can mine with those. Get the watering can done
when the sprites are watering crops.


- Marriage can get expensive. You have two options: Hold out for a while before
marrying, or rush through the whole process as fast as you can. The first option
allows you to have a long, stable money amount. While the second one starts you
off poor, but then the money comes rushing in, as you do not have to see a girl
every day once they are a high level. The second option is better, as it also
gives you time to get those darned Harvest Sprites.


Everyone is screaming "How do I get this glitch! I'm a loser and I want to ruin
my game". Using this glitch will cause you to lose all the fun in it. The reason
Harvest Moon DS is so fun is because you always have to save up for something
new. Most people who use this eventually lose interest. So actually play your
game instead.

However, if you want to use it, fine with me.

Note that some games DO NOT have this glitch. Some do, but don't always work.
Keep trying.


Having never performed the glitch myself, these are what others said worked for
them. Try doing the tips written.

Enkouen wrote:
Hire fishing team in winter, buy 99 chicken feed, and then ship a rock.

HMSS_Lover wrote:
I just put a rock in the basket and shipped it through the horse.

harvest_girl9364 wrote:
You don't have to buy the chicken feed. I didn't. All I did was hire the sprites
and made sure that there was NO GAME IN THE BOTTOM SLOT OF MY DS, then shipped a
stone through my main shipping bin, and it worked.

Thejellofarmer wrote:
I only get Billion Glitch with them (the sprites) at beach (hired at the beach).

Basically, you hire the sprite fishing team in winter, buy 99 chicken feed and
ship a rock through your horse. Do it with no game in the GameBoy Advance slot
of your DS. This is what works. If these don't work, you're game probably does
not have this game.


I have received a number of emails about this. Apparently not all the steps are
needed. I'm still going to keep them there however, just in case. The following
people told me this.

Bob Powers

Now get lost, cheater!


Spacechase0 sent me an email about another glitch:

I heard about a mini-game when examining the dog house at 4:44, and I tried it.
When I one, I got the diploma and my money was upped to 1 billion G! I am not
sure if this was just a really rare glitch or one with every game, but I thought
I would tell you so you could add it if anyone else proved it true.

He then followed up with a side effect:

It might have caused this, I don't know, but I was on the phone and I spent some
of that 1 billion, and my top screen went black when I came off the phone
(Luckily I knew which way the door was and walked out, which fixed it). Just
thought you might add the side effect.

If anyone else gets information on this, let me know.


- Cher's HMDS site (

- Darkrangeresp, his FAQ had the Pink Diamond and Alexandrite trick. Which I
used in my game for fantastic results.

- The quoted people who wrote about the Billion Glitch. Enkouen, HM_SS Lover,
harvest_girl9364 and TheJelloFarmer.

- TheJelloFarmer, for the horse milking glitch glitch

- Lord BAP

- Dotcow

- Failisse, for a better excavation tip.

- The Werf, for info on the fodder house glitch.

- Susan Powell for telling me how to retrieve animals that died in the fodder
house (pets)

- Timeleaper for also pointing out that the fodder house sometimes falls

- Cassandra Ellefson/Nakaylia Henry for pointing out the number of points needed
for a large milk.

- Spacechase0 for another glitch.

-  Bob Powers, HMDS_girl1616, Mary for confirming many of my Billion Dollar
glitch steps are unnecessary.

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2007-2009 TripleJump.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.