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Where is Moss Rock and Ice Rock?

So I can get leafeon and glaceon.

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Celebi7242 answered:

Moss Rock is near the beginning of Eterna Forest, go up and left and you should see it. Ice Rock is on the way to Snowpoint City. I forget where exactly, but like Moss Rock has grass surrounding it. I beleive it is northwest of one of the houes. Somewhere to the north outside the house is a girl with earmuffs. That should be the place, so head northwest from there.
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mr_cheater answered:

Celebi7242 is right. The Ice Rock IS near Snowpoint City. It's on Route 217 (When you enter R. 217 from the Acuity Lakefront, go down until you reach a wide space, go righ, and there should be the house. Go north and there is the ice rock).
The Moss Rock IS in the Eterna Forest (When You enter from North of Flamora Town, Go north 2 spaces, west 1 space, north 14 spaces, west 10 spaces, and north 3 spaces, otherwise just go northwest).
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SheeEttin answered:

You don't need to be at the rocks. Leveling up an Eevee (whether by battling or using a Rare Candy) in the Eterna Forest or on Route 217 will make it evolve into a Leafeon or Glaceon.
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lordgamingtonV answered:

Ice rock is next to the house below Acuity lakefront by snow point. Moss rock is to the left and up from the Floaroma entrance to Eterna forest.
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moonkeen answered:

the moss stone is found in Eterna forest, from the entrince you go follow the path up till you hit the wall *not the trees* then turn left and walk until you see the green stone this is the moss stone simply examin it and level your eevee up in the patch of grass the moss stone is in. to find the ice rock you must go to snow piont city, from rite infront of the entrince acuity go down to rout 217 and then basicaly follow the path down into a loop and youll see a house rite to the left is grass *and if you can see it the ice stone* examin it and then level up your eevee close to it.
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gamingmaster12 answered:

Moss Rock is at the beginning of the Eterna Forest. It is a green coloured rock on the ground surrounded by some grass patch. When you enter Eterna Forest from the side of Floaroma Town, just walk up and left (northwest), and train your eevee there to evolve it into Leafeon.

Ice Rock is found by walking directly North when you enter Route 217. It is a blue coloured rock on the ground surrounded by some grass patch. Raising one level of your eevee on the grass near this rock evloves it to Glaceon.
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dmc2712 answered:

Mossrock is in the eterna forest
icy rock is in the same area you get rockclimb
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fx786 answered:

in order to find the mossy rock you must go to eterna forest west of the haunted house and level a evee up there by a patch of grass (someone told me you can also just level it up any where in eterna forest)

for glaceon level up an Eevee at the patch of grass near the ice-covered rock on the northeastern part of Route 217.
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