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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past the Fight area?

I did the double battle with a parter and a single battle and a double battle with my own pokemon and they still to visit the battle tower and that I didn't earn exp points and that my pokedex isn't updated there

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From: MARIOISAWSOME 5 years ago

Get the National Dex (See every Pokemon In Sinnoh)

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That's part of the point of it, actually. You do NOT gain EXP from the Battle Frontier and you do NOT get changes to your Pokedex. Talk to the NPCs at each of the different places (Battle Tower, Battle Arcade, etc) to learn how each place works and what your goal is. The whole area is just meant to be a huge challenge.

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Are you asking how to get to the other parts of the battleground? If so you need to SEE every pokemon in the Sinnoh dex and talk to Prof. Rowan to get the National Dex. The people blocking the paths will then move.

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Get the National Dex(Diamond/Pearl:150 Platinum:210)It took me forever in Platinum because I couldn't find a Leafeon,but now I have it.Good Luck!:)

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You need to obtain the National Dex by seeing all 150 (or 250 in Platinum) Pokemon in Sinnoh.

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