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How can you make pokemon trust you other than winning contests?

I Have a garchomp and i want it to learn draco's impossible to win contests with it so what other ways are there to make your pokemon trust you?

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inthebox44 answered:

There are many ways to make your Pkmn trust/have happiness for you. Firstly, you could win contests, like you said, or you can give your pokemon massages in Veilstone City. Not storing it in a PC helps keep its happiness/trust level high, and battling with it and using healing items on it also helps to keep it happy. Leveling up, battling with it, or just walking around with it in your party helps it form that relationship with you.

There's a Poketch app that can tell you the happiness/trust level of your pokemon. You get it from a girl in Eterna City. Also, Dr. Footstep can tell you how happy your pokemon is by looking at its footprints. when your pokemon is at the highest level, he will give your pokemon a ribbon.

I hope this helps you. Good luck!
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