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How do you delete a save file to start over?

I want to start over but I need to delete the first file how do I do it?

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What is IIRC?

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_meekrob_ answered:

Go to the title screen, and press Up, Select, B. It will ask you. Then it'll take you back to the title screen and select New Game.
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incinerator345 answered:

On the title screen when the Dialga or Palkia is on the screen is when you have to push the buttons IIRC. If you go to New Game it'll show you the button command to erase the data.
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Kuitsuku answered:

IIRCC = If I Remember Correctly
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Veronica_lee answered:

Aw these guys are unfair hah there not telling exactly how to restart.

to start a new game all you have to do is press up on the moving pad thing, and the B button at the same time, then it will ask if you would like to delete all your saved data, then you click yes and its like once all data has been removed all pokemon and items will be lost and you click ok and then it takes a minute or two then all your data is erased then you can start a new game. haha its an annoying new feature but at least no one can delete your game when your not looking.
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hapy9998 answered:

Kolosuz is right,just new game then save
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shinyarceas answered:

To start a new game and delete the saved part.When it has a picture of palkia or dialga press up,B,SELECT altogether.
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DarkMarth01 answered:

Pressup and b on the title screen
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AceMasters13 answered:

To restart press up select and b at the same time when you see dialga or palka
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Lance_Casey answered:

Simple: On the title screen, press Up, Select, and B at the same time. It will then prompt you about deleting your save file. If you try to start a new game without deleting the original save file first, you will still be able to play. You just won't be able save the game.
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insignia4life answered:

ok on the title screen when dialga/palkia appears just press UP,B, SELECT at the same time and then it will ask you if you want to start a new game :3 its in the manual if u want proof XD
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xXquadragonXx answered:

Can't you just start a new game and save over?
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wuggycute answered:

Kk these guys are lying. all you have to do is click on new game and it should tell you how to delete the file and if that doesn't work look in the instruction manuel
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gamewiz1412 answered:

What i did was i held on to up, then select, and b then it will ask u if u want to delete all save data, u say yes and go back to the title screen and u can now start a NEW GAME : []
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