Question from ChrisPerez001

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I evolve a piloswine into a mamoswine?

My piloswine is at level 50 and still hasn't evolved! Please help me!

Additional details - 5 years ago

How often would you find a heart scale on luvdisc?

Accepted Answer

From: Vongola_XI 5 years ago

Let your Piloswine learn [Ancient Power] then, level it up.
P.S To let Piloswine learn [Ancient Power], go to Pastoria City, go to the very bottom right house, talk to the guy in the house, but in exchange you must give him a heart scale for helping your pokemon learn back moves..... Heart Scale can be found underground.

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Well a Heart Scale is very rare in the underground so, just catch a Luvdisc. A Luvdisc can be found on top of the waterfall in the E4.....USE A SUPERROD, and you need the national DEX.After you do that, do what Vongola_XI told.

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