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Where can I find the fossils?

Where can I find the Root, Claw, and other fossils. And the Old Amber. Because I want a Lileep, Armaldo, Aerodactyl and other Pokemon that can be revived in fossils.

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But when I insert my Pokemon FireRed it still dosn't work.

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What Pokemon will be revived from Skull fossil?

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RaikouTGC answered:

The problem in both cases is as I said earlier, You need the National Dex, you can only get Skull Fossils in Diamond until then, Pal Park does not activate until you have the National Dex also.

and KeyBlade: all you have to do is step out then go right back into the Museum for the Fossil to be rejuvinated
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baklasiestong11 answered:

Go underground,but the fossils are rare.
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ThereIsIt answered:

....... It may be possible I agree with baklasiestong11 it is very rare until now i only got 2 fossil
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RaikouTGC answered:

Those are only available after you have the National Dex, found the same way as the Version Fossil, by Excavating the Underground walls
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KeyBlade999 answered:

To find fossils, you must get the Explorer Kit in Eterna City, in the house beside the Pokemon Center. Go underground. Touch the Touch Screen to use for a radar. If a star-like thing appears on a wall after touching the Touch Screen, go to it, and press A. You can start digging. A sledgehammer uncovers more, but makes the wall cave in quicker. The pickax covers less, but allows more time. While digging, you may find one. There are several varieties. After getting one, go to the menu and select "treasures". Put the fossil in the bag. Go aboveground. Go to Oreburgh City. There is a building on the far east side of the city. Go in, and go to the counter. Talk to the guy on the right. Give him a fossil. Come back in a while, maybe next day...? When you go back, talk to the guy again. Make sure you have an empty spot in your party. He'll give you a Lv. 20 Pokemon that will vary depending on which fossil you gave him. For Lileep, etc., you need the appropriate GBA game in the GameBoy Advance slot (Slot 2).

Stuff such as the Old Amber can be found by digging. You can put this item in the bag and sell it for about $5,000.

You can also import the Pokemon you want that are in the GBA games. See all 150 Pokemon in your Sinnoh Pokedex and go to Professor Rowan in Sandgem. Talk to him and Professor Oak will run in and you'll end up with the National Dex. Go south of Sandgem, then east. Go in the Pal Park, then save. Insert Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen in Slot 2 (GBA slot). Find the Pokemon you want on Diamond/Pearl and put them in the GBA PC. You must put six in there - NO LESS THAN SIX. Save, but keep the GBA game inserted. In the menu of Diamond/Pearl, and select "Migrate From _____" Select the six you wanted on Diamond/Pearl. Load the DS game. In the Pal Park, start a Catching Game. You will then re-capture those six Pokemon you migrated. There is an excellent FAQ on their locations. You then now have all six on Diamond/Pearl!

Fossils are rare, so I recommend importing. If you do, note that all GBA HMs must be removed, all stats are retained, all hold items are retained, all moves are retained, the shiny/not shiny remains. Any GBA Pokemon may imported. Only six may be imported every 24 hrs., and the DS clock can't be changed for multiple imports per day. Another note, a BIG note, you can use two different GBAs for multiple imports per day, bringing up to 30 Pokemon per day. Well, unless you have more than one Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

I believe a Lv. 20 Cranidos is revived from a Skull Fossil. I have found about six of them. Too damn common.
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