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Where can I find a Togepi?

The PokeDex (National PokeDex) says that Togepi is located in Route 230, since Togepi has legs, it must walk, not swim. So, I found a small place in between the waters, it has grass. So I spent literally 2 days on that place looking for Togepi. A friend told me that you find it on Iron Island, but I forgot the rest. Can someone tell me where it is?

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Btw, I only have and only have Pokemon Diamond. So I cant go to Pal Park. I also want to know if you can get Togepi in Iron Island like my friend said.

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Now I have FireRed.

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RaikouTGC answered:

No only on that island in Rte 230, But you MUST use the PokeRADAR or you will never encounter it
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KeyBlade999 answered:

You have to use the PokeRadar on Rt. 230, or import one via Pal Park or trade.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

I figure what you mean by the Iron Island Togepi was the Riolu egg.
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