Question from britney830

Asked: 6 years ago

How do you catch a mew without cheating or trading?

I wanna be the worlds most best master at pokemon without cheating

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From: blades2122 6 years ago

Try gts or my pkmn ranch on wii.

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You could have gone to an event for the GBA games and then sent it via palpark to ur ds game.

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You can obtain a Mew via My Pokemon Ranch (a Wii Ware game on the wii, costs $10) by depositing 999 pokemon and trading any egg for it.

Consequently, you can abuse the system by depositing up to 999, obtaining Mew, withdrawing your pokemon and restarting the data. You can obtain as many Mews as you please this way.

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pokemon ranch

These are the only ways to get mew.

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You could have gotten it when the event was out long time ago. There is also another way, Pokemon ranch but you have to have like 1000 pokemon in the ranch (something like that. Check serebii). Another way is to get it by hacking/pokesav/Action replay.

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Oh and don't get any from the GTS as most of them are hacked

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