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Primal Dialga?

My friend told me that there's a primal dialga somewhere in this game. and he also said that if i wanted to obtain it , i had to beat the game before catching it. can someone tell me the truth? does primal dialga exist in this game? did my friend lie to me?

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arceus130 answered:

Primal Dialga is only in the Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness spin-offs. Odds are that those are the only two games that will ever feature it. It's definitely not in Diamond and Pearl.
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VeedChris answered:

I don't quite know what you mean by "primal" dialga, but it appears that he is lying.

Dialga = Dialga. That doesn't change.
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Monkey2o answered:

Yeah, if there were such a thing as "Primal Dialga", I would think that or bulbapedia would know about it. Maybe your friend thought it was Giratina or Arceus or something.
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