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Asked: 4 years ago

When can i get the national dex?

I need to know caus of pokeradar.

Additional details - 4 years ago

I mean what point in the game.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks allot (i got the event jirachi so beating the game wont be hard,Oh and when you fight byron,its best to use a water,grass,or fighting type,i had to teach my jirachi drain punch.

Accepted Answer

From: MetalKingBoo 4 years ago

Normally by the end of the Elite 4 and beating the Champion, you should have SEEN every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex.

If you have, then simply go to Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town. Prof. Oak will appear to upgrade the dex for you.

If you have not, you can try a few methods:
- consider trying to remember if you have skipped any trainers before the E4.
- If you're unsure what Pokemon you're looking for, use the link that Cyrus provided. Simply look at the dex number of the Pokemon you're missing, and explore the site to find the Pokedex info of that Pokemon.

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You obtain the national dex by seeing every Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex ( you do NOT have to obtain them all).

This page has a list of all the Sinnoh Dex Pokemon:

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