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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can you find a Riolu/Lucario?

I would like to know how to find a Lucario or Riolu, they're extremly hard for me too find, can anyone help me?

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From: 883124 6 years ago

Well if you head to Iron Island and explore (meaning search the whole inside of it) and help a guy named Riley, he'll give an egg of a Riolu. Or you check the trading board for one if you need it quick

If you do go out to Iron Island. Be sure to leave a pokemon in a PC, or you will not be able to get the egg at first and prolly have to make a second trip to get the egg.

And to get Lucario, you must be friendly to a Riolu during the day. Feed it vitamins, don't let it faint, etc. As long as it becomes friendly. It'll evolve. And day means that between 4 am and 8 pm.

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Go to iron island and go as far as u can until u get to riley, help him get to the end of the cave and he will give u the riolu egg. riolu evolves with alot of friendship. just give it a lot of proteins and stuff.

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You can get a riolu by going to iron island and exploring it with riley. Riley gives you a riolu egg but make sure you have an empty space in your party to get it. As for Lucario, you can hatch riolu and then evolve it because you can't FIND a lucario in the game. you see one when you battle the 3rd gym leader though.

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