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How do you battle other people useing Wi-Fi???

i want to battle people from around the world???can it be done??? HOW???

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ShinyFlygon answered:

Okay, to do this you need to go to a Pokemon Center. Go to the bottom floor and talk to the woman on the right. She will give you a Pal Pad. It's found in the Key Items section in your bag. Use it and register someone's code (ask them for their code, via YouTube or something) and give them your name and code. To give your code go to ___'s Code. Then talk to another woman on the bottom floor and she will let you connect to WiFi.

From then on, you can trade and battle, but only with the people you have registered and vice versa.

Happy battling. :)
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VeedChris answered:

One, this is likely just a trolling question.

Two, if you don't have the Pal Pad (or whatever), go to the basement of the pokemon center and get it. Then put in the friend code of whoever you want to better (make sure to give yours to them so they can enter it). Talk to the lady behind the counter in the basement and follow the instructions.
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FrozenTime answered:

If you want to battle random people from around the world, go to the battle tower. Talk to the wi-fi lady on the far right. Choose the three pokemon you want to use, push yes to save the game, and choose / download a room number. You'll be escorted out. Go back to talk to the lady, choose your three Pokemon again, and hit yes to save again. You can now go to battle a streak of 7 random trainers that are computer controlled, but have the same Pokemon. (That's from the top of my head, so it might not be exact)

If you want to battle them without them being controlled by computer, you'll have to get their Friend Code (They have to get your's), and go to the below floor in any Pokemon Center. Talk to one of the two ladies on the left and you can battle someone.
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pokemon511 answered:

you have to get the pal pad. Then get your friend code from the lady. then enter your friends code and let them enter your. then you can battle the people u entered. Or you can go to the battle tower and got to the lady to the far right and talk to her.
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Monkey2o answered:

Alteratively, if you wanna fight random people in real time, go to a wifi chatroom like on and request a battle. You'll need to swap friend codes and input them into your pal pad. It's a bit of trouble to go through, but at least you won't be fighting CPUs that're controlling over-powered Torterras, Infernapes, and Empoleons.
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DoubleLoco answered:

Get the Pal Pad from the basement of any Pokemon Center, then get peoples' friend codes and battle them.
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