Question from untrustful

Asked: 6 years ago

How can I re-learn old moves?

I want my Torterra to learn Razor Leaf again, but I got rid of it for Leaf Storm.

Accepted Answer

From: trustful 6 years ago

There is a man in Pastoria City can can teach old moves. He's in a house by the water on the right side of town. However, you need one heart scale to relearn one move (and he only teaches moves that pokemon learn naturally; so he won't teach exclusive breeded moves, or HM Moves pokemon can't learn naturally). You can get heart scales by fishing for luvdisc with a super rod at route 224, and having a pokemon steal it from them with thief: or by digging for them at the Underground. Heart Scales are rare though, so it may take awhile for you to obtain one either way.

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