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Who is the best starter Pokemon?

Well, for you who is the best pokemon starter among this pokemon:

I need you opinions in choosing your starter pokemon... tnx :D

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Outlaw265 answered:

Turtwig is basically a beginners choice; if you dont want to spend a lot of
time training then its for you. It learns Absorb and Razor Leaf early on and
is super effective against Gyms 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. It evolves into a Grotle
at Lv.18 and then into a Torterra at Lv.32.

Piplup is a difficult Pokemon, however once it evolves into a Prinplup and then
Empoleon it becomes much better and learn some damaging moves. Dont be upset
that its bubble attack is weak because it is really good against Gym 1. The
other Gyms that it is useful against are 5, 6, and 7. Piplup is most definitely
for more experienced players.

Apart from Ponyta/Rapidash, Chimchar is the only fire type in the game and so is
worth getting. Unfortunately, it isnt effective at the first gym unless you
evolve it and it learns Mach Punch. Besides this, it is a kind of mid-ground
between Piplup and Turtwig in a way that its not super easy to level up but
its not as hard a Piplup. It is good in Gyms 2, 5, 6 and 7.
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mnkysprn answered:

Any of these pkmn are great in game.

Competitively I would go with either Chimchar or Piplup.
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superman12omz answered:

If you want the gym leaders to be easy pick turtwig.
If you want the elite four to be easy pick piplup.
If you pick chimchar then both the gyms and the elite four will be hard.
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

There all good in there own ways and can both knock out each other Empoleon Surf on Infernape Empoleon Ice Beam on Torrtera Torrtera Razor Leaf on Empoleon Earthquake on Infernape Infernape Flamethrower on Torrtera CloseCombat on Empoleon in my opinion Piplup is the best.
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britney830 answered:

Chimpchar bcuz theres really not alot of fire pokemon in the entire game anyway. It kind of makes life harder but wheres the fun at if u take the shortcut?
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