Question from jerrykins

How do i get my Gallade?

I have a lv 24 male kirlia with a dawn stone and i've beaten the game. Help please.

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zombie_puke answered:

Once you get a male Kirlia, you can use a dawn stone on it to evolve it into a Gallade. It is a fighting/psychic type (like medicham). However, this only works on MALE Kirlia.
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biomage_66 answered:

well....the next step would be to use the stone on the Kirlia to evolve it
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Sleeping_Rowan answered:

Wait... move the dawn stone into your bag if kirlia's holding it... then use on him.
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Ravendjinn answered:

Use a dawn stone on a male kirlia
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shadow_571 answered:

use a dawn stone on a Male kirilia but i badly prefer Gardevoir than gallade
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JMcCann25 answered:

Gardevoir (Gardy) is way better than Gallade, but Gallade is from a male Kirlia only. P.S. Gardy is better!!!
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kolosuz answered:

Just use dawn stone on male Kirlia
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