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Asked: 6 years ago

What are the two best two bring to the elite four?

I have just recieved my sixth badge, and have a infernape, luxio, roselia, and gyrados. I was wondering out of the three: garchomp, weaville, and bronzong which are the best vaiety, and skill wise two bring to the elite four, and if you could provide a good moveset it would be much obliged.

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Yes in past completions of this game i do always seem to have a garchomp (with dragon claw, draco meteor, dragon rush and another move) on my team but i wasn't sure about the other two. And yes i do know that i can evolve my roselia and i have been to iron island and completed it but i want it to learn all of its moves first.

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From: azninja888 6 years ago

Garchomp is a beast so use it and definately use the same moveset or give it swords dance from the game corner. Bronzong will be good incase your other pokemon are KO'ed.
Bronzong should have:
-Iron Defense
-Payback (Bronzong is slow so it will get the most out of this move)
-Any move of your choice

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Garchomp works well with:

-Swords Dance (Game Corner)
-Dragon Claw (Level up)
-Earthquake (TM 26)
-Fire Fang / Stone Edge (Heart Scale / TM 71[I think])

I don't know about Weavile or Bronzong. Personally, I think offensive pokemon work better than walls against the E4. I'm leaning towards Weavile, but I can't provide a moveset. And I think you can evolve Roselia with a Shiny Stone (maybe it's a Dawn Stone, I'm not sure). There is one at the end of the Iron Island Mines, I think, so you might already have it.

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Garchomp, Charizard, Dialga / Palkia, Empoleon, Infernape, and Electivire

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I can say in experience that Garchomp is definitely a good choice. Garchomp (mine's name is Angel xD) is a Dragon/Ground, so Ice-types will do some damage on it, but they're tough enough to withstand a couple Ice Fangs.

You find Gible, if you didn't know, in a hidden place in Wayward Cave, around Lv. 16, as that's where I got Angel. At level 78, he's my strongest Pokemon, as you can see here in his stats:

Attack- 253
Defense- 181
Sp. Atk- 166
Sp. Def- 174
Speed- 170

Seriously, look at that Attack. His moves are as following:

[Dragon]Dragon Claw

So yes, I'd highly recommend Garchomp. As for another that you's really up to what strategy you like to use. Weavile is very fast, but Bronzong is sturdy. I'd recommend Weavile if you always like the first hit to hopefully knock them out right there, but I'd recommend Bronzong if you want a wall to take hits as you whittle the opponent's health down.

Good luck!


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But oh, if you want another really strong Pokemon that you haven't listed, think of Staraptor, as I have as well. An AMAZING Pokemon, really. Quite strong, and speedy as well. Plus, it also has Intimidate, if you're one of those people who like playing around with those stats. Mine has the following moves:

[Normal]Take Down
[Steel]Steel Wing
[Fight]Close Combat
[Flying]Brave Bird

Yes, Twilight was a very big help during tough battles, and I'm glad that I have her. :D (Background "Awwwwww!")

Plus, I see you have a Luxio! I have my Luxray, Bolt. A big help as well. Here is his movepool:

[Steel]Iron Tail

A swift combo from Charge and then Discharge is nifty indeed. :3 But again, go with whatever you're good with.

I repeat, good luck! <3


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Garachomp are amazing. I have a level 76 one and I could take out 3 of the Elite 4 just using her. Also a Kadabra is amazing and has brilliant special attack + speed.

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I don't know which pokemon but take plenty of leppa bearies to restore pp (or ether either works but either is limited).

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oh. all those are good. i have two that are really good partners. one is a lvl 67 Haunter named Shade. she has moves like Night Shade, Hypnoisis, Confuse Ray and Dream Eater. the other one is a lvl 66 Kadabra named Rahu who has high spec attack and speed. with just these two i can take out 4 of the elite 4 but i have to use another good partner to take out Cythnia. hes a lvl65 Empoleon named Zhivago.

a haunter is a great ally to have, you dont need to evolve her to be Gengar i think she looks better as a Haunter.

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Cool, you have a Garchomp, you can use it to beat Cynthia's Garchomp, only if it has a very powerful Dragon move. And you might evolve your Luxio to a Luxray and your Roselia to a Roserade. And you need to teach your Pokemon some cool and powerful moves.

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i agree with StrangerDust, having a haunter is a good idea. if you could make it a gengar though, it would be more useful. i would pick weavile, it's got good attack and speed.

This is what i use for my gengar:

Gengar@Spell tag
-focus blast
-shadow ball

and as for a weavile i would suggest using:

-ice punch
-night slash
-brick break
- any attack you want here

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