Question from Kukaahi

How do I get into the blocked rooms of the Poke Mansion?

I've not been able to find any info on this. If anyone has hacked the game or has found a legit way to get around, is there anything beyond those doors at all?

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shinydarkrai98 answered:

There is no way to get past either of the doors on pokemon diamond and pearl, but on pokemon platinum you can fight some maids there.
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Chaet_legend answered:

Nope, nothing beyond them. You can't get through them full stop.
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FrozenTime answered:

There's no way you can get past them. Even if you hack, there's nothing you can do there in D/P. I think on the left door though, you can fight 5 maids in the Platium version.
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britney830 answered:

OK there is no way. I have tried so hard but some say if you put youre clock to 5 am or pm one of the maids take a break. I want to go in so badly but I only got in once... IN MY DREAMS litterally
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globsnob answered:

There is no way/
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DanteEdahs answered:

Sorry, but there is no way to get into the rooms.
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Rukario1 answered:

there is no way into the rooms. Even if you hack, you won't even hear a boom....
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