Question from RSGirl90

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the key in Veilstone City, where the plant of Team Galactic?

I'm stuck on this, I tried talking to one and he won't give the key to the lock of the plant.

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From: Topher65 6 years ago

You have to talk to the guy in front of the headquarters in Veilstone. he will be crazy and run away dropping a poke ball. pick it up and it is the key. (This is if you are pretty close to beating the game.) I have no idea what those other guys are thinking about, but whatever it is, DO NOT listen to them. They are CRAZY.

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You have to go to veilsone city goto the gym a boy or girl will be there figt the bule guys go thought the werehouse grab the poke pall bam the key.

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Lol getting the key does not include pokepalls at all. Here is what you should do:

1 - Go to the Veilstone gym and talk to your friend.
2 - He/She will ask you to help beat some team galactic goons.
3 - After you beat them you can go in the ware house and the key is there if I remember correctly.

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but,in the veilstone galactic hideout,It may not be the key,but,if you see the cashier,beside it is a plant right?face the plant ,make it infront of you then press a then you find something

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