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Asked: 6 years ago

Easy leveling up?

What is an easy way to level up or a fast way to level up to prepare for the elite four?

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From: wiz0_0 6 years ago

If you have a lucky egg, then by all means put it on your pokemon. Experience Share will work well too.

The Victory Road would probably be your best option for fast leveling, otherwise you might have to look for some strong trainers to fight bby using the VS Seeker.

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Victory road or for the weak Pokemon Exp.share

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Do it the old fashioned way thats what im doin.

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Get a variety of pokemon also it will help you a lot!!

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If the pokemon is going to be fighting directly to level up, then have it hold a Lucky Egg which boosts the amount of experience you receive. Lucky Eggs can be found on Wild Chansey.
If its a low level pokemon, have it hold an EXP. Share which gives it a portion of the experience earned in a fight. Then place your strongest pokemon at the front of your party and fight other pokemon in Victory Road.
If you want to level 2 pokemon at the same time, have the one thats fighting hold a Lucky Egg and have another pokemon hold an EXP. Share.

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Rare Candy xD

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Rare candies are energy chared pieces of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They give you no stat gains worth noting.

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LordGamingtonV, that may be true, but if you have the money to buy stat boosters like Iron and Carbos etc. then Rare Candies are the way to go (assuming you have some)

I don't even use mine, I save them all.

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Personally, i buy all the hyper potions, and revives i can so i can waste money, then keep goin through the elite four w/o using the items, so u might level up and u will have the items if you REALLY need it

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