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What is the best pokemon to use Hidden Power on?

I heard that it's like one of the best moves if you give it to a certain pokemon or something? Is this true?

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RaikouTGC answered:

Problem there is no answer possible.

Hidden Power differs in type and Attack Power based on the INDIVIDUAL Pokemon it is learned by.
So one Pikachu could have Water type 60 Atk, a different Pikachu could have Dragon type 100 Atk

In game there is no way of knowing what it will result in until you experiment with it

Here is more Info
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BadgermanOfDoom answered:

Technically, the person you heard this from is right. It can be a great move depending on what Pokemon you give it to. The issue is that "certain pokemon" means any single individual Pokemon. As detailed above, Hidden Power can be any type (except Normal) or power (between 30-70), but this differs between individual Pokemon, not species. It all depends on the Pokemon's IVs.
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