Question from gameplayyer888

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the HM Rock Climb?

I need to find rock climb. Im at mt coronet near the end. I just set free the three pokemon from the galactic hq. but u need to rock climb a wall and i cant find the HM to climb it. i beat the leader so i can use it but i cant find it. can someone please help me?

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From: Vidwald 6 years ago

The HM Rock climb is on route 217. There is a house on the left of the route. The man inside says he lost The HM Rock climb. I will be visible when you leave his house. I'm pretty sure he gives you something for finding the HM.

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I found it about eight spaces up and three right of the house. But I found it before I talked to the hiker, but he will always give you an Icicle Plate

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