Question from mattlorrigan

Asked: 6 years ago

How do you get a water stone?

I have looked everywhere for one. I can't find one underground (despite finding 10+ thunderstones and firestones) and I can't be bovvered to look everywhere for one again. Please help.

Accepted Answer

From: th3l3fty 6 years ago

Because whatever you find is as random as it can be, you're just having a lot of bad luck - sometimes items just don't show up, no matter what the percentages are (just because an item has a 20% drop rate doesn't mean you'll get it exactly 20% of the time).

Just keep on trying, and you'll be sure to find one eventually.

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Submitted Answers


by going underground is the way i got mine... the anyyoying thing is the watter stone is REALY hard to find but once you find one they come up a little more in the same area of underground... i would give exact locatin of were i got mine but the game dosent exactly have a good graphic longatude latadue set up... :\

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