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Asked: 6 years ago

A good Lucario moveset?

I need a Lucario moveset that is not from as I tested all the movesets from smogon. I need a moveset so I can test it and see if it is good. I have no time to make my own, as I am busy with a lot of stuff so can anyone help me?

Accepted Answer

From: FrozenTime 6 years ago

Since Lucario has such a big movepool and good ATK and STK, I would have a mix.
This is a set I came up with, I'm not sure if it will work competitively.

Lucario @ Life orb
Naughty / Rash nature
128 Atk, 128 Stk, 252 Spd
~Close Combat / Aura Sphere
~Psychic / Earthquake
~Dark Pulse / Shadow ball
~Extremespeed / Me First

This set is pretty much just to have fun with. I put more than one move so you get more options. I would use the 1st moves though. I made him a mix, so if you find a Defense wall, or a Special Defense wall, then hopefully, you'll be fine. Anyways, it's just a fun set.

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Well i know aura spere is a good move he learns it at like i think it is beetween 35-50.

You should give him the move flash cannon it is a good steel move.

Try and get a good fighting move for him to like drain punch.

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Well I think lucario is a fairly good pokemon because it has both high attack and sp. attack but its sp. attack is higher so 4 moves that would be good with it I guess would be...

aura sphere - level 37
psychic - tm
dragon pulse - level 47
shadow ball - tm

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