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AR teleport code?

I need some help: big time. You see, my cousin got me stuck in the Mystery Zone, and I need to know if there's a code I can put into an Action Replay to teleport me out. What my cousin did was use a

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Sorry, but the rest of the text somehow didn't make it. Continuing on, it should say:
"Walk-through walls code to talk to the person standing behind the counter from behind. The game then made me walk into the Mystery Zone and sent me to into the Union Room from there. My cousin did a trade there, and the game saved while I was in the mystery zone. Now, whenever I start my file, the game sends me into the mystery zone. I can see the upper room of the Pokemon Center, however, I cannot interact with anything: I cannot use the escalator, I cannot walk through the doors to get out. Also, the people that are normally there aren't there, and I'm invisible (except when I get on my bike, get off my bike, or use my poketch, my character's sprite only appears onscreen for a split second). The only way I can go somewhere else is if I use the Wireless App on my poketch: it sends me back to the Union Room, but when I leave, I am stuck in the Mystery Zone once again. I was thinking that, since with the help of a Gameshark I could teleport in the Gen 3 games, I could do the same using the Action Replay or another cheating device. If anyone knows of any way to escape the Mystery Zone, please help.

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There isn't any code to get you out.

There are warnings about getting stuck in the Mystery Zone and using walk through walls code. Only way to undo what was done is to start a new game.

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Aww, man...

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Made this code just for you.
Press L + R and you will be teleported and land in front of the Pokemon Center is Canalave City.

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i bet he deleted it already O___O

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