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Where can I find a TM Hypnosis?

I really want a Tm Hypnosis! It's supposed to put the foe to sleep. I heard it coul help on catching pokemon. Where can I find it please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FrozenTime answered:

Hypnosis is not a TM. It doesn't exist.
Hypnosis isn't the only move that puts Pokemon to sleep though.
Grasswhistle, Lovely Kiss, Dark Void, Sing, Sleep Powder, Spore, and Yawn.
Grasswhistle and Sing only have 55 accuracy, so you'd have to get lucky.
Sleep Powder, Lovely Kiss (only Jynx), and Hypnosis have 75, so you still depend on luck.
Dark Void has 85 accuracy and hits all, but it can only be learned by Darkrai.
Spore has 100 accuracy, but It can only be learned by Shroomish, Paras, and Parasect.
Yawn doesn't miss, but it works on the following turn.
Serebii has a list of every Pokemon that can learn Hypnosis by leveling or as an egg move:
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pokemonlover1 answered:

You can catch a Hypno or Drowzee
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