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How do I evolve porygon?

I want a Porygon2.

Accepted Answer

Rukario1 answered:

Name: Porygon
Type: Normal
Evolve from: ---
Evolve to: Porygon2 (Trade w/ Upgrade)
Look here for more info
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FrozenTime answered:

You can evolve Porygon by trading it while it is holding an Upgrade. You can get the Upgrade from Professor Oak (In a house near the bottom of Eterna City) after you get the National Pokedex. You can either trade a trusty person, and trade back, or if you have 2 DS and 2 games, then you can trade between them. If you can't, you can use the GTS evolving glitch, but it's more risky that you will lose Porygon. You can get a Porygon-Z the same way, except make Porygon2 Dubious Disk (Route 225, north of electricians house, surf across the lake).
For more info on GTS evolving glitch, go to:
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