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Where can i get a Ditto?

I need 1 please tell me please

pokemonlover1 provided additional details:

Where can i get poke radar?

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shinydarkrai98 answered:

*SIGHS* There have been like 5 people asking where ditto is. To get it you need the Pokeradar which you can get from Profeesor Rowan in Sandgem town after you see all the pokemon in the Regional Pokedex. Then go to route 218 and go to the middle of the patch of grass there. Use the pokeradar and go for the sparkly patches of grass. Eventually you will get a ditto. Otherwise you can trade one over from fire red and leaf green.
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Odydg answered:

You need to use Poke Radar on route 218.

Hope it helps.
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YoshiLord06 answered:

The PokeRadar is a key item obtained from Professor Rowan in Sandgem town after you complete the Regional Pokedex.
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narutoman999 answered:

You need the pokeradar obtained after getting the national dex. You can't catch ditto with out the national dex anyway and if you have 1 you have the other.
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