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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find an vulpix / nintails?

Do I need one of the old gba games in slot 2 to find one?

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From: FrozenTime 6 years ago

To find a Vulpix you can migrate them over from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or Leaf Green by using Pal Park. In R/S/E, you find Vulpix at Mt. Pyre in the grass. For LG, you can find one at Route 7 and Route 8.
If you want to find it in Diamond or Pearl you have to have Leaf Green in Slot 2. While you have LG in your other slot, you have an 8% chance of finding one at Route 208 or Route 214.
To get a Nintails, you have to evolve your Vulpix by using a Fire Stone on it.

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If im not mistaken you need to transfer them from other gba cartidges.

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Well... Unfortunately, yes, you have to send it from an old game. I did this and I have a couple extras if you want one. I could trade you a lv. 99 vulpix holding the fire stone. e-mail if you're interested anyone.

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My e-mail is

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You have to go to a route ( I am not sure what route it is sorry) with pokemon firered inserted in slot 2.

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