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Why is Wobbuffet non-uber?

Any particular reason why the overrated Smogon made it OU now? It's just ridiculous.

Matty_G33 provided additional details:

Ah yeah, he is pretty much set-up fodder (saw Ice's friend's warstory how Wobby did one mere encore to win a match).

Ok, ty guys.

Accepted Answer

Ruesap answered:

Wobbuffet was moved back to uber; it was originally believed that Wobbuffet would be acceptable in OU because of new ways of dealing with Wobbuffet this gen (i.e. the Shed Shell item which allows Pokemon to switch out of Shadow Tag, and that when two Shadow Tag users face each other, they are each able to switch out.) Smogon tested Wobb extensively for a few months in OU but many of the top players were discontent with the new metagame created that was centralized around Wobb, so it was moved back to uber.
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Crazymaori answered:

I don't knwo exactly why, but because it cannot physically attack is a reason. It can only counter-attack.
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trustful answered:

I'm assuming it's because as good a wall as Wobbuffet is, he still requires a set up (He must use Encore so he can predict the opponent's move). Despite his ability Shadow Tag (which prevents the pokemon from leaving battle), and his use of Encore, the pokemon it's battling will always get one free turn ahead of time assuming Wobbuffet uses Encore for a set up. It's also worth noting that Wobbuffet still takes damage from attacks even though he reflects them, so it's not like he's invincible.
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skybro answered:

They moved it back to uber. I think they moved it to OU in the first place is because he can OHKO with the right reflecting move, but two attacks will kill him. He can even get OHKO in ubers, and if the wobb user uses the wrong reflect move, bye bye Wobbuffet.
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OmegaX5 answered:

They were testing him in OU to see if he would or would not over centralize the tier, but they found he was too good so they moved him back up to Uber.
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DoomtheGrav answered:

Most likely because he has a set moveset, so he isn't very versatile. Although he does have a lot of health and is a good wall, so I don't really know why he got moved down...
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Kironide answered:

Well, he can really only take down one pokemon if you know what you're doing. Additionally, he's basically setup fodder and is basically a free Calm Mind/Swords Dance/etc. for other pokemon.
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bumblebeeflower answered:

Wobb is uber
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vaati000 answered:

mjc, that's a relatively stupid answer. You can play it however you want, but since the questioner was asking about tiers, he obviously has at least knowledge of tournament rulings. You can't impose your own rules when you're at tournaments.
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RevanExile answered:

smogon made him uber again. It was a test, and it failed to prove not to be broken.
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cladenstine answered:

Don't listen to what smogon tells you, they are not the official pokemon tier list. If you think it is uber, don't use it outside of ubesr and tell your opponent you are battling you believe that. Say you think it isn't uber (though it is), make sure you tell your opponent that.
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