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What is the best type of pokemon for each type?

I know I need a fighting, a flying, a grass, a water, a fire, an electric, and an other type, but what pokemon for each type?

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That "other" type I was talking about is usually psychic,ghost,bug,or poison for me.

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No legendaries please! Pokemon that are actually EASY to catch!

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For that fighting type, I'm using an Onix. Is that ok?

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Abidon answered:

All of the pokemon can be good, but it depends on what you want.

If your looking for an in-game pokemon to get though the storyline, then Starly, rosila, Ponyta, Pikachu and maybe a gastly might suit your needs when there fully evolved...though ANYTHING will help you in game for the storyline. Note that unless you picked chimchar, you'll only have access to a ponyta in game.

if your looking for pokemon to battle competitively,you'll half to look into your own tastes.

Also, note that onix is a rock type,not a fighting type.
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Mugiwara_Flam answered:

There is no "best", since everything serves a different purpose. I can tell you one of the best fore each type, though (in order from what you asked). Lucario, Gyarados, Breloom, Suicune, Infernape, Zapdos, Alakazam, Gengar, Scizor, and...Tentacruel?
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ginothebest answered:

I think that you should use a psychic like a Bronzong(as a wall)or a Mewtwo.
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Topher65 answered:

I know that. That is why I asked if it was ok.
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Abidon answered:

Ah,sorry Topher. I got a bit confused. Well, Onix is a good pokemon,and as it's in game i'm certain it would be ok. I'm still very noobish at this game myself.
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Topher65 answered:

That is ok.
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Evstarrmie answered:

I would say a Machamp,Staraptor,Roserade,Gyarados,Rapidash, Luxray
A Gengar is a good "other" type Pokemon.
They all have excellent stats and widely used in competitive battling.
Machamp, Staraptor, Rapidash, Luxray have high ATK
Roserade and Gengar have high Sp. ATK
All are respectable sweepers and easily found in D/P actually they are all in the Sinnoh Dex so you don't even need a National Dex to make these powerful pokemon.
They CAN be the best if you EV them right and use them right...
Good luck to you hope this set helps :]
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