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How do I get to sunyshore city!?

all the other answers did not help me please be spicific with your answer help me please i can get to Sunyshore City!!

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I have 7 badges and i cant get to sunyshore city and i let go the three legendery pokemon now what do I do?

ella10049 provided additional details:

By the way can someone tell me where spear pillar is? please? :( XD me and my pleases

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Snoopy44291 answered:

Spear Pillar is in the top of Mt. Coronet. Enter by the Oreburgh City entrance (go to the route 207 and at the far right side will be a hole in the wall).I will guide you room by room.

1- Go to the top f the room , use Surf, then Rock Climb, follow the stairs.
2- Go up, turn left, go down,left again and follow the stairs.Up, take the bridge and follow the path to the door.
3-Take the stairs.
4-Go up the stairs and follow the path to the door.
5- Go right and go up, use Rock Climb in the wall. At the right you will see a hole (its the secret Dratini hole, they appear after you get the national pokedex, in the little cave inside), dont enter and go left through the grass and enter the door.
6-Use Rock Climb ands Follow the road, enter the door.
7-Take the stairs (you will see a hole in the wall, there is an item---after half hour of Rock Climbing---in a rock) and use Rock Climb in the left wall.Go to the far left side of that floor and enter the door.
8-Follow the path.
10-...And again.....
11-Well, you reached Spear Pillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-You will fight some Galactic members and Dialga. Ready your Master Ball(if you like).At the end of everything, there is an item, in the bottom of the room.

Use the dowsing machine app to find secret items in all the way.There are galactic grunts all the way up there.And many annoying pokemon too.After that you will be able to go to Sunnyshore City.

Good luck!!
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worm1748 answered:

Go to Mt. Coronet by Oreburg city and climb up some stairs then you will be in a place with snow after that go in one of those tunnel things and keep going after that you will have to battle Saturn , Mars and Cyrus then you can catch Palkia in Perl or Dialga in Diamond.
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