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How to get Feebas?

I've searched Feebas in Mt.Coronet, and i just can't find it. Where is it anyway?

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Orphen89 answered:

To catch Feebas, travel west of Celestic City and enter Mt. Coronet. From there, use strength on the boulder directly above you, and follow the path into the next room. When you get to the lake area, use surf and start checking each tile for Feebas.
Feebas can only be caught by using the Super Rod, and on a tile that it can be found on, there is a 50% chance of encountering it.

However, compared to R/S/E, it is MUCH more difficult to encounter a Feebas - there are far more tiles to search for it in Mt. Coronet, it only appears on 4 tiles instead of 6, and to make matters worse the tiles randomize each day, meaning that if you happened to find a Feebas on a tile one day it most likely will not be there the next.

You'd be much better off trading for a Feebas over the GTS or uploading from R/S/E instead of wasting your time searching for it in Mt. Coronet...
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MetaKnight39 answered:

It's very hard to catch ,it's in the river on corenet the big one,u have to fish in every square with an old rod ,and only 50% it will appear,i've seen 1 but had no pokeballs(stupid me)
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legendhunter999 answered:

I have a few extra. I can get you one through wifi. It will know ice beam (I was planning on evolving it)
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legendhunter999 answered:

Really, why waste time when you can get it from someone else. I got my first feebas on the gts in exchange for a gyrados
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Kyaken01 answered:

Hacking, or Wi-Fi is the easiest way, in fact Wi-Fi is how I got mine.
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Topher65 answered:

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Bowlord answered:

Trading with someone ,who have it ^_^
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