Question from Tiny75

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I use the Odd Keystone?

I am trying to get spirtitomb and i got the odd keystone. When i go the Hallowed tower it doesnt ask me if i want to put it in. What am i doing wrong?

Accepted Answer

From: TotalPotato 6 years ago

If it's called the Hallowed Tower and not just a pile of rocks, you must have already put an Odd Keystone in, meaning the one you have in your inventory is a spare.

You have to talk to 32 other trainers underground before Spiritomb will appear. Note that the game will count the same trainer again if they leave the Underground, then come back. So a quick way of talking to 32 trainers is to wait outside someone else's Secret Base, and have them enter the Secret Base, leave, greet you, and enter the Secret Base again. Repeat this until the game has registered you as having spoken to 32 trainers underground.

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It should ask you if you want to put it in. Try talking with the people underground if you haven't already done that. I doubt it'll work, though.

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You need to "introduce yourself" to people underground 32 times. Once you have done this, return to the Hallowed Tower. You can then place the Odd Keystone and battle Spiritomb. These must be actual people. The hikers don't count!

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