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Are rare candies good or bad?

I can't get a straight answer from anyone. If i EV train and then level up with rare candies is that ok, will they still be gaining stats?

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FrozenTime answered:

It's bad to use rare candies on a Pokemon w/ no EVs sometimes. As long as you don't boost Pokemon w/ no EVs all the way to LV. 100, It's fine. They're really good once you've finished EV training all 510 EVs. It' makes leveling up a lot faster.

To sum it up, once you've finished EV training, using Rare Candies is just like leveling up normally, and gaining the sames stats they would have gained normally through battling, so it's all right.
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Achantion answered:

One of the guides I redad stated theye aren't bad , so I gues notthing is wrong ;)
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SwordmasterXIII answered:

Yes if u plan on EV training.However if u have max EVs, no they arent
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